“Sharbing” – How to Make Money from Betting Shops

The name “sharbing” is a portmanteau of two words, “shop” and “arbing”, the latter being an abbreviation of the phrase “arbitrage betting.”

Essentially, sharbing refers to the tactic of placing a bet in a batting shop, and laying a matching bet online usually with a betting exchange such as Betfair.

So why would you want to do this?

Before we explain this, we will briefly review what arbitrage betting is all about and why it has become so popular with online betters. If you are already familiar with conventional online betting you can skip the next section and jump to the section heads Sharbing.

Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is a betting strategy based on placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event in such a way that you can guarantee a profit whatever the outcome of the event. The term “arbitrage” comes from market trading; it is when you buy an asset on one market and simultaneously sell it on a different market at a higher price, making a guaranteed profit from the price difference.

In sports betting, discovering an opportunity for an arbitrage bet requires that you find different bookmakers offering different odds on the outcome of the event. You then bet different amounts with the two bookmakers. Here is a simple example. Consider a sport such as boxing with two possible outcomes – the red corner wins or the blue corner wins (we will ignore the possibility of a tie). The odds offered by two bookmakers are:

Bookmaker 1     1/4 (1.25) (Blue corner wins)                       3/1 (4.0) (Red corner wins)

Bookmaker 2     2/5 (1.4) (Blue corner wins)                         3/2 (2.5) (Red corner wins)

You now need to calculate how much you should bet to guarantee a win. There are various online calculators the will help you with this, but as an example: if you bet £100 on the red corner with bookmaker 1, then to maximise your profit you need to bet £100 x (4/1.4) = £286 on the blue corner with bookmaker 2.

Whatever the outcome, you will win £14.30. While that is only a return of 1.04%, it is guaranteed. Arbitrage bets usually involve many events, can become complicated and require that you bet a large amount for a small guaranteed return. But be warned, they can go wrong.

Note also that arbing is an excellent way of playing through sign up bonuses offered by online bookmakers. 

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As we have said, sharbing stands for shop arbing. It is most commonly used on football betting coupons. As the odds on these frequently change, often there is a lag between the odds offered on printed coupons and those offered online.

The first step is to get a printed coupon from the bookmakers. Next you compare the odds with those offered online seeking out sharbing opportunities.

Once you have identified an opportunity, you place your bet in the shop and as soon as you are able place the other bet online. While you could do this in the shop on your phone, doing so might alert the bookmaker to your sharbing activity and you might find your bets are cancelled; you might even be banned. There is nothing illegal about sharbing, but understandably it isn’t going to make you popular with the bookmakers. 

The problem with sharbing is that, although a win is guaranteed, the return us usually very low, typically 1% to 4% of your total stake. That means you should be prepared invest significant sums. Making such high bets regularly is likely to alert the bookmaker who may well limit (gub) your account or even refuse to accept your bets.

However, there are some great opportunities to use the techniques outlined in Accumulator Generator to make regular profits of up to £100-200 per month from sharbing. 

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