Should You Play Free Slots Before Playing for Real Money?

If you are new to online video slot machines, you might not realise there are two ways in which you can play: you can play for real money and enjoy the thrill of trying land that big jackpot, or you can play for fun at many top casino sites.

But is worth playing for free before trying your luck with real cash?

In the old days, when you could only play traditional slot machines in bars, clubs, hotels and arcades, the only way you could learn to play was by pumping real cash into a machine. It could take a while – and a fair bit of money – to understand every aspect of the game. But the arrival of internet-based games has changed all that and you can now play many games for free.



The benefits of playing free online slots

Free online slots are sometimes referred to as demo or practice games. And it is the word practice that is key here. Whatever game you play, your chances of winning will be improved through practice. You won’t become luckier, but by understanding the rules of any game, you will be more likely to avoid making mistakes that could cost you. And when there is money involved, this is vital.

Playing for free can help you to understand a slot game, the kind of bonuses you may encounter and the strategy required to have the best chance of winning. There is no point landing multipliers, free spins and scatter or wild symbols if you do not know what they mean or how they can be used to best effect.

More ways to learn to play

Whatever game you play, you should seek out a demo version first and take it for a spin. Even then it is always worth watching a video tutorial on playing for real before you actually part with any cash. Some areas of the real game may be restricted when you play for fun, especially on jackpot slots. So it makes sense to use every tool you can to get fully up to speed with the gameplay.

Where to play free online slots

You can find free online slot games on your desktop browser and also on your mobile, either as a flash-powered game or in downloadable form. The sites that host these games are often the same ones that offer real money games. Many will give you the choice to play the demo or the real version of the game.

You still need luck to be a winner

Remember, no matter how well you know a game, you still need some luck to be a winner. Learning a game inside out will help you avoid mistakes, but the odds are still tilted towards the house. Whether you are playing in a casino or online, the trick is to give yourself the best chance of winning while minimising the amount you lose. And of course, the house has to lose sometimes. And in those situations, somebody gets lucky.






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