SJP Golf Tips

SJP Golf Tips – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of SJP Golf Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +122 points
Strike Rate:   14%
Bank Growth:   61%
ROI:   31%
Average number of bets:   8 per week
Cost:   Free for first 14 days then £29.99/month, £79.99/quarter or £299.99/year


You can view full results here.


SJP Golf Tips – Full Review


SJP Golf Tips is a golf tipping service provided by a professional golfer Stuart J Priestley and is hosted on the Sports Betting Stars platform. 

We undertook an extended six-month trial of the service, as with most golf services you need a good period of time to get a proper look at performance. One winner or a long losing run can distort results over a shorter period. 

Our chief reviewer Dan also followed the tips in a personal capacity for about a year before this review started so we can vouch for the results over a pretty lengthy period now. 

And what results they have been! 

Over the course of our six-month trial SJP racked up an excellent 122 points of profit at a superb return on investment of 31%. 

There were some great winners during our trial, including:-

  • – Bubba Watson at the Travelers at 33/1
  • – Ryan Fox to be 1st round Leader at the Irish Open at 66/1
  • – Brooks Koepka for the PGA at 20/1
  • – Brandt Snedeker to win the Wyndham at 22/1 and to be 1st rd Leader at 40/1
  • – Matt Wallace for the Made in Denmark at 33/1
  • – Jordan Smith to be 1st rd leader at the DP Champs at 66/1 (dead heated)
  • – Belgium to win the World Cup at 11/1

In addition there were also a plethora of placed finishes to keep the bank ticking over. 

Here are the results for the trial in graph format:

As is fairly typical for golf services, things did fluctuate around a bit but it was always in profit and was punctuated with some nice winners throughout. 

So together with the 100 or so points made in the year prior to our review that we were following the tips, this has to go down as one of the best golf tipsters we have ever come across and a definite PASSED rating.

One to undoubtedly consider adding to the portfolio. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: A pretty easy service to follow with just eight bets per week on average, usually sent on Wednesday morning. Quite a few of the tips are in the first round leader market which is a little unusual but those bets have been a big part of the profits so are clearly worth including. 

Availability of prices: We didn’t experience any problems getting the advised prices. As with most golf services, you can generally beat the win part of the bet by using the exchanges but get worse for the place part. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 14% (including placed selections), which is fairly standard for a golf service and as ever does mean a good amount of patience and a decent-sized betting bank are required.  

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point bank is advised for following the service, which seems reasonable given the largest drawdown to date is around 100 points. If you wanted to be really safe then a 250-300 point bank could be used though. 

Subscription costs: The subscription fees are FREE for the first 14 days then £29.99/month, £79.99/quarter or £299.99/year.



It’s been a fantastic trial for SJP Golf Tips with 122 points profit made at a return on investment of 31%. We have no hesitation in awarding it a PASSED rating. 

SJP is someone who clearly benefits from the inside knowledge of being a professional golfer himself and that comes through in his selections – and more importantly his results.

As we always say, golf services require a bigger betting bank and more patience than most other sports, but it can pay off in a big way if you do have those things and certainly it has for followers of SJP Golf Tips so far.

One of the best golf services we have seen and a superstar tipster in the making. 

And the great news is you can now get a free trial for 14 days here. 



* 2020 Update:– Just a note to say that after completing this review, it came to our attention that SJP had copied some write-ups for his tips from other golf websites.

Having contacted Sports Betting Stars who run the SJP Golf Tips service, they said that SJP’s response is that: 

The tips themselves are and have always have been is own, he simply types his selections into google on the Wednesday morning and searches for write ups for them and if they can’t be found he gives a little or no write-up…as writing is not his strong point.

Whilst we obviously cannot verify or deny SJP’s claims either way as to whether the tips originally were his own and he was just copying the explanations from other sites, it is rather worrying that he chose to copy write-ups verbatim from other websites.

Interestingly the tips have still been profitable historically and have continued to be so since our review ended, so whatever the route to finding them, the selections have made money overall. Having tracked the tips since noticing this infringement, we also feel that SJP is now providing his own tips and write-ups. 

So we are content to maintain our original rating for this service, with the slight caveat that it was a shame for some of the write-ups to have been copied for a period and we hope this doesn’t happen again. 





SJP Golf Tips – Results Update

29th November 2018

It’s been a good month for SJP Golf Tips, with 37 points profit made since our last update towards the end of October. 

That means for our trial overall SJP is an excellent 148 points up.

You can view full results here.

Highlights over the last month include Jordan Smith to be first round leader at the DP World Tour Championship at 66/1, which dead-heated for the win, Belgium winning the World Cup of Golf last week at 11/1 and quite a few placed finishes too.

We have another month left in our sixth-month trial of this service but suffice to say it is heading for a resounding passed rating.







SJP Golf Tips – Results Update

25th October 2018

There’s been quite a significant correction for SJP Golf Tips lately, with a loss of 43 points since our last update a month ago. 

However, with excellent results earlier in our trial, he is still 111 points up overall.

You can view full results here.

As ever, this is the way with golf tipsters – losing runs of 50 or 100 points are not uncommon. It is difficult to know exactly what the right bank is for following a golf service like this. They recommend a 200 point bank but we wonder whether a 300 or 400 point would be more appropriate to be on the safe side.

This service’s worst losing run to date is around 70 points, so a 200 point bank seems reasonable, but you never know when things can go badly wrong so you may want to err a little higher. 

In any event, the trial overall has still gone very well so hopefully a winner isn’t too far around the corner. 






SJP Golf Tips – Results Update

24th September 2018

More profits to report for SJP Golf Tips, with a further 7 points made in the right direction since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 154 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Recent winners include Matt Wallace at 33/1 at the Made in Denmark and a few placed finishes have helped results also. 

With the Ryder Cup this week it should be interesting to see how they get on and can hopefully land us some more profits for the big event. 






SJP Golf Tips – Results Update

22nd August 2018

The excellent form continues for SJP Golf Tips, with another 74 points profit added since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 147 points up for the trial overall, which is superb going.

You can view full results here.

The recent winners include Brooks Koepka for the USPGA at 20/1 and Brandt Snedeker for the Wyndham Championship at 22/1 and to be First Round Leader at 40/1. 

So this is looking like a top quality service based on what we have seen and long may it continue. 








SJP Golf Tips – Results Update

24th July 2018

It’s been an excellent start to our trial of SJP Golf Tips, with a profit of 73 points made so far after one month.

You can view full results here.

The strong start is down in large part to Bubba Watson winning the Travelers Championship at 33/1 and then Ryan Fox leading after the first round of the Irish Open at 66/1. 

It could have been even better though, as they also tipped Fox to win the tournament outright at 80/1. In case you missed it, he was very unlucky not to win, with Russel Knox holing a couple of massive 40-foot putts on the last hole and then in the playoff to deny Fox the title.

Those are kind of once-in-a-lifetime events that most golfers never get to experience, so Fox and his backers can count themselves very unfortunate.

Even so, 73 points of profit made so far is superb stuff and long may it continue. 






SJP Golf Tips – New Review

21st June 2018

We don’t get to review many golf betting services here at Honest Betting Reviews – partly because there aren’t that many of them out there.

So when we get a chance to review a promising new service we are always quite keen to take up the opportunity. 

We were approached recently to take a look at a service called SJP Golf Tips and this is one we did not want to miss out on.

The interesting thing about SJP Golf tips is that the service is provided by someone who is a professional golfer themselves – namely Stuart J Priestley (initials SJP). 

Using his vast knowledge and golfing experience, SJP Golf Tips has generated large profits over the past two years and boasts an excellent return on investment (ROI) of 38%.

Since starting up in January 2015 the service has made a superb 1100 points profit, which works out an average monthly profit of £275 to £10 stakes. 

Being a professional golfer himself Stuart obviously follows the game very closely and knows the players strengths and weaknesses very well. Each week you get a nice summary of the tournaments, courses and fields taking part. 

As well as outright tips Stuart also supplies tips on things like first round leader, where he has picked a few long-odds winners over the years. 

Although we are starting an official review today, our chief reviewer Dan has been a member of the service since back in August so we can proof the tips from back then.

Golf betting can inevitably be very up and down with a 100/1 winner wiping out months of previous losses, so it is good to be able to do a long-term review.

Anyway, without further ado we will kick off the official trial and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out SJP Golf Tips here.







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