Tennis Goldmine

Tennis Goldmine – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Tennis Goldmine and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +28 points
Strike Rate:   52%
Bank Growth:   37%
ROI:   10%
Average number of bets:   1-2 per day
Cost:   £97+VAT


You can view full results here.


Tennis Goldmine – Full Review


Tennis Goldmine is a betting system from renowned tennis expert Patrick Ross.

It is a system where you find the selections yourself each day according to a set of rules. It involves laying players and uses a Fibonacci staking system, which is a kind of loss-recovery system with a staking sequence of placing 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34 points per bet until you win, then you revert back to the beginning again.

You can of course use level staking if you like, although we used the recommended Fibonacci staking for the purposes of the review.

The criteria for selections is very simple and it should only take you a few minutes each day to find the selections and place the lay bets. 

We followed the system for around six months, although there was a break of around a month between the end of the previous tennis season and the start of the new one. 

We are pleased to report that the system performed well during our trial, delivering 28 points profit to the advised staking. 

The strike rate was good at 52% and the return on investment a respectable 10%. 

Using the Fibonacci staking can be quite a roller-coaster ride however and at one point we had a 7-bet losing streak and had to stake 13 points on the next selection – which thankfully won. 

You can see that roller-coaster ride portrayed in the profit graph for the trial below:-

So having a big enough bank to withstand a potential 10-bet losing streak or two is crucial. 

Of course if you’re of a more cautious temperament then you may wish to back at level stakes and on that basis the system also made a good profit of 15 points.

So whichever way you approach it the system performed well during our trial and we award Tennis Goldmine a PASSED rating. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  As stated above you need to find the selections yourself but the rules are very simple so it should only take a few minutes per day to place the bets. 

Availability of prices: Not an issue as there aren’t any “tips” as such and you place all bets at Betfair (or your exchange of choice). 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 52%, so a good proportion of bets were winners. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 150 point bank is advised for following the service if you are using the Fibonacci staking, which seems somewhat on the low side to us. A full 10-bet losing run would set you back approximately 70 points so we think the bank should allow for at least two such occurrences and be 150-200 points. If you are using level staking then a 50-100 point bank should be sufficient.  

Subscription costs: The cost of the service is very reasonable at a one-off payment of £97+VAT, which now comes with Patrick’s betting and trading tips aswell. 



Tennis Goldmine is a simple betting system you can use on Betfair. It performed very well during our trial, making 28 points profit using the advised loss-recovery staking or 15 points using level staking. 

In some ways the system is so simple we are surprised it has worked so well but at the end of the day you can’t argue with the results and we are therefore pleased to award it a PASSED rating.

The recent addition of using Patrick’s tips (which come free when you buy the system) to streamline selections down should help the profitability further and means you are getting excellent value with the Tennis Goldmine package. 






Tennis Goldmine – Results Update

17th January 2019

Not much change for Tennis Goldmine since our last update, with just one point of profit added. 

That means we are now 18 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Now when you purchase Tennis Goldmine you also get Patrick’s betting and trading tips included aswell at no extra cost, which have both shown good long-term profits. 

When one of the daily tips clashes with a possible lay bet on Goldmine, you don’t place the lay bet on Goldmine. Patrick has back tested it and says it will reduce losing streaks and increase overall profit.

That seems like a sensible addition to us and now makes the Tennis Goldmine very attractive when you consider everything that’s included. 





Tennis Goldmine – Results Update

29th October 2018

Overall it’s been a good run lately for Tennis Goldmine, with a further 4 points profit made since our last update a month ago.

That means we are now 17 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

However, it’s been quite a rollercoaster ride, as at one point we had a losing run of six bets, which meant by the seventh bet we were staking 13 points. 

Thankfully that bet won, but it shows that with the Fibonacci staking system this method uses things can get a bit hairy at times.

So you need to make sure you have a plentiful bank and a solid nerve to see out the losing runs. It’s crucial that you don’t over-stake and risk blowing out your betting funds if you do hit the dreaded losing run of nine in a row. A 155 point bank is recommended with the system but we would say a 200 point bank or higher could be used to be on the safe side. 

Just a quick word on staking – we had originally been using a 2 point system but it was causing some confusion so we have reverted to using 1 point system. So with the Fibonacci staking the system uses, that’s a staking sequence of  1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34 points per bet until you win, then you revert back to the beginning again.

Anyway, overall we are well ahead for the trial so that is good to see. 





Tennis Goldmine – Results Update

26th September 2018

It’s been a very good start to our trial of Tennis Goldmine, a betting system from tennis expert Patrick Ross.

So far after one month we are 13 points up. 

You can view full results here.

This is a system where you find the selections yourself from pre-defined rules, so everyone’s results will differ somewhat depending on what time they go on Betfair and so on.

We have had to limit the information on our results spreadsheet so that we don’t give away the system, but you can see the important info such as profit and loss and the running total.

It’s a very simple system to operate, just a couple of minutes per day and so far has been moving along rather serenely, which is good.

Hopefully we’ll have more of the same going forward.






Tennis Goldmine – New Review

5th September 2018

We’ve remarked here before about the lack of good tennis tipsters and betting systems out there, with only one or two having made the grade here at Honest Betting Reviews over the years. 

Well today we have something that we think could join that exclusive list and it is called Tennis Goldmine.

It comes from Patrick Ross, the man behind one of the successful tennis systems we have reviewed here, Spartan Trading Tips.

Patrick is a renowned tennis trader and bettor, having run the respected Tennis Trading League website for a number of years.

So when we were contacted by Patrick to test out his new system we were certainly keen to do so.

Tennis Goldmine is a betting system with pre-defined rules where you find the selections yourself each day on Betfair (or your betting exchange of choice).

Without giving too much away, it involves laying players (i.e. betting on them to lose).

The results we have seen so far look very impressive, with over 75 points profit made in just over three months.

It’s very simple to operate and only takes a few minutes per day to find the selections. It’s “set and forget” so once you have placed the lays, that is it you can just leave it and come back and check the results later.

We plan on conducting a standard three month trial of Tennis Goldmine to get a good sense of how will it works. We have actually been testing it since 19th August and things have been progressing serenely since then, which is encouraging.

But obviously will need to see a bigger body of results before we can make any judgements, so please check back here for updates on how the trial is going.

In the meantime you can check out Tennis Goldmine here.