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Goal Profits – Final Review

It’s been over four years since we originally reviewed football trading service Goal Profits and they’ve added a whole host of new features since then so we thought it was high time for an update.

After having to take a break for coronavirus which disrupted our trial, we have been able to get back in the swing of things and complete our review. 

So here we are with our thoughts on Goal Profits having taken a look at all the new features they’ve added since our original review back in 2016. 


Goal Profits – Opening Thoughts

When we started the re-review process, we had wanted to produce some results for our trial, much like we do for the other reviews we do here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

However, having looked at the platform and discussing it with the Goal Profits team, it became apparent that the tools and approaches available to members are so varied and wide-ranging that for us to give results would be pretty much meaningless, as they would be completely different to the results of any other member. Everyone will be using the platform to find different trades in different matches and leagues so a comparison wouldn’t be very meaningful.

And that really leads on to a more general point regarding what Goal Profits is all about – and what it is not. 

In essence Goal Profits is a platform for people to learn how to trade football matches and to then provide them with the tools to find potential trades. It is an educational resource rather than a “tipping” platform in the traditional sense of churning out selections for you to copy.

You have to take the initiative and do some work yourself. Those who are prepared to do so clearly derive a great deal of benefit from the platform – hence all the awards Goal Profits has won, including our very own Best Football Service 2019 as voted for by our members. 

If on the other hand you have limited time to learn how to trade and just want bets or trades sent to you, this probably isn’t the service for you. So it’s important to bear that in mind heading in, but now let’s take a look at the various features of the Goal Profits platform. 


Goal Profits Members’ Area

After you have signed up to Goal Profits and logged in, you enter the Members’ Area which looks like this: 

You have the latest news which covers any additions or changes to the platform, new leagues they may have added and upcoming games. 

There is also an update on Chat Room Trades, telling you when professional traders Kevin and Steve will next be trading in the chat room. Finally there are e-mail addresses for you to request support, something Goal Profits is very strong on and are always on hand to offer help and assistance whatever your query. 


Getting Started – Launchpad

OK so you’ve signed in and taken a look around. The next place to go to really get started is the Launchpad. This is a training guide where they go through all the essentials of how to trade, discuss the tools on the Goal Profits platform including the Live Stats Module, Custom Shortlist Pro, Team Stats and introduce you to their trading strategies. 

It’s a good idea to take a good deal of time going through the Launchpad – whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader. Understanding exactly what’s on offer and how to use it is crucial to getting the most out of the service. 

The Launchpad is broken up into the following sections:

  1. 1. Trading Basics
  2. 2. Trading for Beginners
  3. 3. Intermediate Trading
  4. 4. Advanced Trading

As you can see in the example of Trading Basics below, you simply click to get started and are then taken through everything step-by-step:

There’s quite a lot of info in here on trading mindset and discipline as well, which is a key part of becoming a successful trader and is well worth reading. 

Click here to get access to the Launchpad.


Trading Strategies

Next up is the nuts and bolts of the platform – the trading strategies. These are the foundation of everything really as they are how you make use of the vast stats databases and other info in the site.

The trading strategies are covered in the Launchpad section but are also explained in great depth in this section, with any potential trades for the day indicated by the software, a full strategy guide and then an example video at the end. What more could you ask for really! 

There are currently 14 trading strategies included on the platform and without giving too much away most of them revolve around correct scores, trading certain parts of a game if given criteria are met, laying the draw in a particular half if conditions are right and so on. There are also some more advanced strategies involving tactics like going against the crowd and utilising the Asian handicap markets.   

Here’s an example of what the CS3 strategy looks like on the platform: 


Most of these strategies don’t involve having to sit in front of your PC for the whole game – in the main they are either strategies just for a specific part of a game or involve closing out a position once a certain score is hit. So you don’t have to worry that it will take up 90 minutes plus for each trade. 


Team Stats

OK, so you’ve gone through all the manuals in Launchpad, learned the trading strategies and now you want to start trading. 

Well the place to start is to look at the fantastic stats databases Goal Profits provide. They have made major additions and improvements to these databases as well as adding whole new ones since our original review in 2016 and these are a considerable improvement in our view. They now cover over 60 leagues worldwide. 

First up you have the Team Stats database, which is the overall guide to the day’s fixtures and all the stats on them you could need.

So for example for today we have a fixture coming up between Inter Zaprešić and Dinamo Zagreb. Clicking on the game presents us with a whole host of stats, including:-

  • – Percentage of games for each team with over 0.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals etc
  • – Matches where the teams scored at least one goal
  • – Average goals scored and conceded per match
  • – Goals per half
  • – Matches ending with a target score of the strategy CS3 referred to above
  • – And much more

So from that you could easily start finding games you want to trade if they have stand-out stats that show a very strong trend on one of these parameters that isn’t reflected in the odds. 

Click here to get access to all these stats 


Custom Shortlist Pro

Following on from Team Stats is Custom Shortlist Pro. This is where you can filter matches by a range of different criteria and build your potential trades from there.

So for example you might want to know matches today where the home team has won the first half at least 50% of the time and the away team has failed to score in the first half more than 50% of the time. 

You can enter these criteria and then the tool will find any matches that meet these specifications:


The great thing about it is you can add rows to create additional filters and sort by a whole range of different criteria. It really is a great way of narrowing down your potential trades for the day and saving a lot of time compared to sorting through all the stats manually.  

There’s so much else in the stats section too, including:

  • Compare Teams – pick any two teams and compare them as per the team stats section above
  • Database – the overall numbers analysing over 200,000 matches to give average stats on scores, over/unders, home wins etc
  • Form and trends – by last 5, 10 or 15 games
  • Tim’s Shortlist – GP member Tim’s picks for the day according to his own shortlist filters

So it’s really a treasure trove of info and a real geek’s heaven! 

Convinced? Click here to get your £1 trial


League Tables

This is one of our favourite features of Goal Profits and really sets it apart from most of the other footy offerings out there. 

It shows you league tables based on a range of factors you can choose from and then shows you that table, with each team compared to their position in the actual league table.

So for example you might want to know how teams tend to do when going 1-0 up in games. Well you can sort the table by exactly that – here’s the Premier League for example:-

So as you can see from the table, Crystal Palace for example are 6 places above their normal league position in terms of their results when going 1-0 at home, where as Leicester are 4 places worse off and Chelsea 6. 

This is great info for those in-running trades where you might want to take a contra position to the market if you think a team is a weak 1-0 leader in a game and will probably concede. 

You can get league tables by criteria such as results vs bottom half,  home attack v away defence, when level at HT and much more – amazing!

Get access to the League Tables and much more here.


Live Stats Module

Most of what we have seen so far concerns looking at stats from completed matches to get a sense of how matches may go. But what stats from matches in-play? 

Well Goal Profits have that covered as well! 

They have a Live Stats Module which provides in-running stats on games including shots, corners, possession etc and even alerts when it’s a good time to enter a trade based on the stats.

This is similar to some other in-play trading scanners but to have it included as part of Goal Profits in addition to everything else you get is very impressive. 

Click here to try Goal Profits for £1.


Chat Room

Finally on to perhaps the most important part of the platform in terms of where you can really learn – the Chat Room. This is where you can follow along with the professional traders Kevin and Steve. As mentioned above, they normally mention on the home page when they will next be trading so you can schedule when to be in the room.

Once in the chat room, they say which strategy they are following for a match and any moves they make during a game. Other members also chip in with comments and ideas and it’s also a chance to ask any questions you may have. 

This is where you can see the trading strategies in action and how the pro traders trade them, so as we say it’s a great way to learn and improve your own skills along the way. 



As you can see then the Goal Profits platform is incredibly comprehensive and we haven’t even covered everything here – there are also calculators, a forum, FAQs, Team Twitter lists and more! You would need to write a book really to do it justice. 

Given all the improvements they have made since our original review and the vast offering that’s available to Goal Profits members, we have no hesitation in upgrading this to a PASSED rating. For anyone contemplating becoming a serious football trader, this is the place to start. 

As stated at the outset of this review, this is a service for those who want to put in the time and effort and learn how to become a better trader. It provides you with the education, tools and guidance to do so, but how you use all of that is up to you. Those who put in the work and understand what is on offer clearly love the platform – hence all the awards Goal Profits has won. Its members really value everything they are provided with and derive great benefit from it. 

The only thing we would like to see added is perhaps some alerts sent through Telegram (like Trade On Sports), for those who don’t have the time to study the platform, learn everything and follow matches in-running. That is just our own personal preference and others may argue that is not what Goal Profits is all about. 

Either way though what you can’t argue with is the quality and depth of everything on offer from Goal Profits. It’s the most comprehensive football trading platform out there and has set the benchmark for others to follow.  

And the great news is you can get a 7 day trial for just £1 here. 







Goal Profits – Re-Review

19th November 2019

It’s now nearly four years since we reviewed football trading service Goal Profits (see below) when we awarded it a neutral rating.

In that time the service has changed almost beyond recognition, with a whole host of new features and tools added. In addition they have also won numerous awards since our original review, including our very own “Best Football Service 2018” award voted for by you, our members!

So we thought it was only fair to the Goal Profits team that we had another look at the service and checked out all the new features they’ve added to see if we should reevaluate our original rating.

There is no doubt this is the most popular football trading service on the internet and the community seems to absolutely love the offering, so we are really looking forward to getting stuck in and testing it out.

Today then we are launching a “re-review” of Goal Profits and will report back soon on our findings. There is an awful lot to get through so it may take some time but hopefully it will be worth it and we’ll be able to provide some decent insights into what the service is all about and whether it can make you some profits.  






Goal Profits – Final Review

4th February 2016

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Goal Profits and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +12 points   
Strike Rate:    33%
Bank Growth:    30%
Cost:   £37 + VAT per month 
ROI:   6%
Average number of tips:    5 per week


You can view full results here.


Goal Profits Full Review


We have completed our trial of the much-heralded Goal Profits, a suite of systems for trading football matches on the exchanges such as Betfair.

We have to confess to being slightly underwhelmed at the results after three months of testing.

Following the trades of Steve (who runs the service) exactly for 3 months has yielded just 12 points profit over the course of 63 matches traded. 

So that would be nearly 100 hours of trading time to make 12 points profit, which at £10 per point doesn’t quite cover the subscription fees.

Now of course it wouldn’t quite have been 100 hours of trading because you would have been out of some matches before the 90-minute mark, but you get a good idea that lots of time needs to be invested here.

And for that amount of investment, we would like to have seen better results to make it worthwhile.

Here you can see the results for the trial in graph format – a good start followed by a long period of steady decline and then a big jump at the end.

Goal Profits Profit Graph


What do you get with Goal Profits?

As we said previously in our results update, there are essentially three different types of trading system included in the Goal Profits package:

  • Lay the Draw strategies
  • “Matrix” systems
  • Correct score strategies

In total you are given 28 potential strategies to trade with Goal Profits.

There are some bold claims made on the Goal Profits website that people trade these systems full-time for a living.

That may very well be true, but for us there needs to be much clearer direction given before we are convinced that anyone who joins can make such profits – or even just good profits.

We would expect there to be very clear instructions given for live trades. For example, an e-mail sent out prior to kick-off saying:

“Lay HT Draw in Liverpool v Chelsea at 2.4 for 1 point”

Then another e-mail after a goal saying:

“Trade out of Liverpool v Chelsea HT Draw market for 0.6 pts profit.”

If they did this across say at least half a dozen systems and these averaged a decent profit of around 5-6 points profit per month each, then we would be more convinced that following their systems can deliver a solid profit each month.

But as is, you can follow Steve’s trades in the forum for the most part and some of Kevin’s, but not the kind of clear, testable service outlined above we would like to see.

So the subscriber is left to test all these other systems for themselves and see what they can achieve.

For us there wasn’t anything in their 28 systems that jumped out as having a clear edge. And some of them are available elsewhere on line for free.

The “Lay the draw” system is well covered for free on the internet and we have our own strategy laid out here.

Plus we detail the “lay the draw at half time” strategy in our Football Betting Secrets manual which is available here.

So for us, whilst this made a profit over the trial, it wasn’t enough to merit a recommended rating and that is likely to remain the case for us unless they set up the kind of service we outlined above.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: This is a heavy workload service to say the least. You will have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to firstly learning the systems and how they work and then to trading them. 

Availability of prices: The prices Steve records for his systems are generally readily available. The correct score market is the main market you will trade following his methods and it has very good liquidity. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 33%, which is good and you shouldn’t have too many losing trades in a row here.

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 40 point bank for following Steve’s trades which we felt with a fairly good strike rate and 3.2 points risked per trade, would be comfortable and that proved the cae here. However, for each system that you trade you will need either a separate bank (recommended) or to increase the overall size of your bank if using one for all systems. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £37 + VAT per month, which are a little on the high side and there is no introductory offer for people to try for a period (e.g. 1 week or 14 days). 



Overall we can see that a lot of work has gone in to creating a suite of trading strategies here and the owners of the service, Steve and Kevin, are dedicated to their cause.

We would not deride any system that can turn a profit and Steve has managed to do that with his correct score trades, gaining 12 points over the course of our trial.

However, we feel that there is not enough here to give this a passed rating. 

There are 28 systems provided, but excluding the correct score systems, we could not see that the other systems would guarantee a profit over the long term.

If there was a more systematic approach to providing live trading advice for those systems and they proved profitable, we could well be persuaded to change our view on this.

But until then, this goes into the neutral list for us. 






Goal Profits – Results Update

11th January 2016

It has taken a little longer than normal to get our first update done on Goal Profits and we apologise for that if you have been waiting for it.

This one has been trickier to review than most systems we trial here at Honest Betting Reviews as there is an awful lot of information to take in – including a number of manuals to read, lots of videos to watch and about 30 potential systems to trade!

So that is probably the first thing to warn you about – if you do sign up to Goal Profits, be prepared to devote quite a lot of time getting to grips with it.

What is Goal Profits actually all about then?

Well Goal Profits is a set of systems for trading football matches on the exchanges such as Betfair. There are essentially three different types of trading system included:

  • Lay the Draw strategies
  • “Matrix” systems
  • Correct score strategies

In terms of the lay the draw strategies, these are widely available for free online – in fact we have done our own guide to lay the draw for your perusal here! 

Looking at the Matrix systems, we had a look through each system but struggled to find anything that either wasn’t available for free elsewhere or had a clearly identifiable “edge” as such.  Why would they make you money? That is the question we always ask with a trading system. There wasn’t an obvious answer for us when looking at those systems.

So that leaves us with the correct score strategies. These are probably the mainstay of Goal Profits and what the service is really about.

There are different methods for trading the correct score markets outlined, but basically they all centre on hitting certain “target scores” where you make a profit if a game finishes in certain scores like 2-3, 3-2, 3-1, 2-2, etc but a loss if it finishes 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1.

We have recorded the results for the main “Batman and Robin” trades that Steve, who runs the service, uses for his own trading.

You can view full results here.

After two months of trading and 50 matches traded, we are 4 points up overall.

Given the amount of time invested in having to be at the computer for the duration of those 50 matches, 4 points seems like quite a low return.

Plus, those are the official results if you have traded just like Steve and got exactly the same results as him. We have not managed to get as good results as these, but have been learning and are getting closer now.

It does take a bit of getting used to and knowing what you should do in each situation when a goal is scored.

So in summary the verdict so far is that the jury is still out on Goal Profits. We have struggled to make a profit after two months and a huge amount of time invested – and even following Steve’s trades exactly you would only be 4 points up.

We have a month to go in the trial so will be interesting to see how things turn out and if we can extract some more profit from this. 

Will be back in a month with our final review. 




Goal Profits – New Review

3rd November 2015

Today we are commencing a review of Goal Profits, a popular football trading product that focuses mainly on the correct score markets on Betfair. 

This is a sister product to Value Football Betting, a service we have reviewed and originally gave a passed rating to but downgraded to a neutral rating after a disappointing run of results.

There are some fairly bold claims made on the sales page of Goal Profits – such as that they can “turn beginners into full-time professionals” and that some of their members “now work part-time because their trading profits provide enough income.”

The guy who runs the service, Steve Brown, also claims that “my correct score trading strategies and exclusive Team Statistics software have changed the way football matches are researched and traded for profit.”

Well that is perhaps the boldest claim of all, because it is one thing to say people make a living out of trading systems and another thing to say you have changed way the market is traded, particularly with a massive worldwide website such as Betfair!

Their claims appear to be backed up by something though, as they have won a number of awards for being the best trading product in their field.

Goal Profits

So we are intrigued to find out what all the fuss is about and whether they can live up to their bold claims. At the end of the day, when you strip away all the hype and layers of theory and padding, any system ultimately comes down to results. 

A lot of trading systems we have come across rely on either unrealistic amounts needed to trade on markets without enough liquidity, are so ridiculously complicated that it would take a degree in trading to comprehend them, or rely on super-fast trading out.

Hopefully that won’t be the case here and trading strategies will be more sensible.

Anyway, the key question is can they produce consistent profits month-in month-out. Well our trial will endeavour to find out. 

In the meantime you can check out Goal Profits here.




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