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Top Tennis Tipster – Final Review

We seem to be saying this quite a lot lately – but unfortunately the Top Tennis Tipster service has been discontinued. It hadn’t been going long so a shame to see it go so quickly, particularly as results weren’t too bad. 

But there you are, the world of tipping as ever is a very tough one and consistent profits are needed to maintain a membership base.

Anyway, it’s into the failed/defunct pile for this one we’re afraid and time to move onto the next review…




Top Tennis Tipster – Results Update

22nd December 2018

Not much change for Top Tennis Tipster since our last update a month ago, with 5 points lost in that time. 

Overall that means they are 10 points down for our trial so far. 

You can view full results here.

They have continued tipping through the off season with bets in challenger and lesser events, which can be a little trappy. However with the main season getting underway in under a couple of weeks hopefully that will help things to pick up. 





Top Tennis Tipster – Results Update

18th November 2018

It’s been a slow start to our trial of Top Tennis Tipster, with a loss of 5 points made so far. 

You can view full results here.

The bets come in quite a variety of tournaments, from the top ones down to Challenger events so you have to do a little bit of shopping around sometimes to find the best odds in the more obscure events. 

With the tennis season effectively ending today, there may not be a huge number of bets over the next few weeks but we will see if they provide selections in some of the end of season stuff.  





Top Tennis Tipster – New Review

25th October 2018

They say that things often come in threes and in the case of exciting new tennis betting services, that certainly seems to be the case for us.

We have recently started trials of Tennis Goldmine and Ace Tennis Previews, both of which look like they could be successful services.

Well today we have another one and it is rather appropriately called Top Tennis Tipster.

Apparently it is run by someone who is a full-time, professional tennis bettor standing by to share his personal bets and experience with you.

They cover match winners and correct score bets on action all around the world.

The results so far look pretty strong, with over 50 points profit made since June at a return on investment of over 9%, which represents a more than doubling of the bank in just a few short months.

Bets come in a variety of different markets including Challenger events and doubles matches as well as the more established ATP and WTA events. 

There is quite a high volume of bets, with around 80-100 per month, but that should be manageable for most punters to place a few bets per day. 

So we now have three promising tennis betting services to get stuck into and it will be interesting to see which, if any, of them, emerge as winners. 

We will post results here periodically during the trial so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Top Tennis Tipster here. 






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