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Understanding Vegas and its Casinos

Las Vegas is a land of contrasts. The famous Strip is all neon lights and excitement, studded with glittering casinos.

Then once you exit the city, you will find a desert filled with stark scenery, including rocky mountain ranges and vast canyons. Together they have helped to make Vegas a perennially popular destination for travelers from all parts of the world.

Of course the casinos are the primary attraction and the thing that the city is known for above all else. Few people go to Vegas without some interest in experiencing them during their stay.

Read on to learn everything you will need to understand about the casinos of Las Vegas

The Best Vegas Casinos and Their Games

First of all let us look at what the best casinos are out of the many to be found on the Strip.

Aria Resort and Casino

Found right in the heart of the Strip, this is one of the newer casinos in Vegas. It opened in 2009 and has become known as the top one for slots games.

They are the main focus and its slot machine floor is among the biggest of any Vegas casinos. It has close to 2000 games, so if you have developed a passion for slots like Lucky Lady Charm at online sites, you won’t want to miss out on it.

Aria boasts a slot tournament that is held multiple times each year as well as a high-limit slot room called SPIN.


The Bellagio is famous for the fountains at its front that have featured in Hollywood movies like Ocean’s Eleven. However, it is also well-known for having one of the finest poker rooms in Vegas.

This room has 40 poker tables and the games include Omaha and both no-limit and limit Texas Hold’em. If you play here you can take breaks from the games for everything from refreshments to neck or back massages.

The really high stakes poker is played in Bobby’s Room, at the back.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is on Fremont Street and is considered to have the most varied selection of table games. It is the place where new games often debut, such as the blackjack variant known as Free Bet.

That makes it a good choice if you want variety and adventure from your Vegas casino gambling.

MGM Grand

It is easy to forget that the actual gaming floors are only one part of the fun in the big Vegas casinos. They are multi-purpose entertainment complexes and the MGM Grand is the best one for all-round enjoyment.

You will find it on Las Vegas Boulevard and it is home to the Garden Arena, a concert venue that hosts the hottest live music and sports events in the world. Then there is the Level Up arcade, which has billiards, pop-a-shot and beer pong, plus CBS Television City. If you have ever wanted to be part of a focus group and give your opinion on the latest television pilots, here you can sign up to do just that.

How to Approach Vegas Casino Gambling

Now you know which casinos are the best for each type of game. There are some things that new players should bear in mind though.

Learn the Ropes

Whether you want to play the slot games or a table game, you will need to know how they work before beginning to bet. Practice in a low-stress environment before making your trip.

Know Your Limits

Playing at the Las Vegas casinos is a lot of fun. That makes it particularly important to set a betting limit before you start and resist any urge to go beyond it.

After all, you want to be able to experience the other attractions in the casino and the wider city, which means having some money left.

Take Advantage of Free Offers

If you play online casino, you will have some familiarity with free offers, but they are part of the Vegas casino experience too. All of them have rewards programs that can earn you bonus gaming chips, free food and accommodation, so if the rules seem reasonable, why not sign up for them?

The casinos also provide free drinks and snacks for players in their gaming rooms that make longer play sessions more enjoyable.

The House Edge

Every game has an edge in favor of the casino: that is how they make their money. Some games have a higher house edge than others though, e.g. American Roulette.

Making your biggest bets on those games where the house edge is lowest will be the best strategy to counteract it and keep your bankroll intact for longer.

Gambling at the Las Vegas casinos is a memorable experience that everyone should have, as long as they understand the rules.





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