Wadster Winners – Results Update

It’s been a tough start to our trial of tennis tipster Wadster Winners, with a loss of 20 points made so far after one month. 

You can view full results here. 

Just to note that with the main tennis season coming to an end shortly it will mean fewer tips for a little while until the new season gets underway. 





Wadster Winners – New Review

13th October 2022

It’s been a while since we reviewed a tennis tipster here at Honest Betting Reviews so we are pleased to be starting one today. 

This service is called Wadster Winners (formerly Wadster Tips) and the tips come from a guy called Aidan Wardle. 

Aidan says his approach “has always been largely based on an intuitive understanding of tennis and the factors that are important in winning a match. I know how to then apply relevant data to solidify my opinions on betting ideas and to create value bets to make profits.”

The approach appears to have worked very well, with 197 points profit made since starting up in 2019, according to the results on the website. These tips have been proofed to the pyckio website as well as the SBC so have some solid verification behind them. 

The returns have been achieved with a return on investment of just over 8% which is very respectable in tennis terms. 

Each of the last three years has produced over 40 points profit which is a strong level of consistency. 

The tips are provided via a betting bot on Telegram, which is increasingly becoming tipsters’ modus operandi these days. 

The service works on a “pay as you win” model, whereby subscribers only pay for tips if Aidan make profits for them, and they purchase these in the form of credits/points at a cost of £5 per point.

That’s fair enough really and it’s surprising in some ways that more tipsters don’t operate in this way. 

In any event, this looks like an impressive all-round service and one of the better tennis tipsters we have come across so we are looking forward to getting the trial underway. Results will be updated here as we go along as usual. 

In the meantime you can check out Wadster Winners for yourself here.




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