Win a Year’s Free Membership to Top Tipster!

One of our top recommended horse racing tipsters, Loves Racing, has got a special offer running today. 

They are offering the chance to win a YEAR’S FREE MEMBERSHIP to the service. 

This is a service that we originally reviewed back in 2019 when it made 84 points profit in our live trial.

It has gone on to rack up impressive gains since then, with nearly 500 points profit added since our review ended.

In total they have now made over £39,200 profit to £50 stakes (and £30 stakes for the festival bets).

That’s well over 800 points profit in total since the service started in 2017.

And members of Loves Racing have been enjoying a great time lately.

They have had some huge priced winners recently, including

  • Sine Nomine at 14/1 (BSP 11.5)
  • Look Back Smiling at 11/1 (BSP 12)
  • Mr Professor at 33/1 (BSP 50)
  • El Jefe at 66/1 (BSP 94.27!)
  • Washington Heights at 33/1 (BSP 48)

You don’t need many winners like that in a month to make big profits and that’s what Brett Love, the man behind Loves Racing, is all about.

And as he gets geared up for the main flat season he wants to give one lucky follower all his selections FREE for a full year.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of picking up that prize worth £599 just visit this page and add your name.





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