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Accumulator Generator – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Accumulator Generator and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +£618 
Strike Rate:    100%
Bank Growth:    +62%
Cost:   £149.99 + VAT 
ROI:   5%*
Average number of bets:    Depends


You can view full results here.

*ROI figure based on average total outlay per accumulator.


Accumulator Generator Full Review


We have reviewed three Mike Cruickshank products so far here at Honest Betting Reviews and all have received approved ratings. So how does Accumulator Generator measure up?

Well we are pleased to say it is another excellent product from Mike.

Basically this is a system that allows you to take advantage of the bookies’ free bets on football accumulators.

Most of the bookies now have an offer such that if one leg of your acca loses, then you get your stake refunded as a free bet, up to a maximum of £50.

What Accumulator Generator does is set things up so that you can guarantee yourself a profit whatever happens from these accumulator bets.

As with most of Mike’s products, it takes a bit of time to watch all the videos, understand how it works and get used to using it.

Once you have done that though, it is pretty straightforward to use and it should take no more than 10-15 minutes per day to set up your accumulators.

The main thing you need to do is remember to lay each leg of your accumulator between matches. 

Sometimes that can be the next day, but sometimes you will have matches on the same day so will need to log back into the system on the same day.

As long as you remember to do that though, you should be able to make an average of £10 per accumulator, which quickly adds up.

Doing just one acca per day would make £70 per week, or £300 per month.

Doing two per day would be £140 per week or £600 per month – and so on.   

Not bad for just 15 minutes work per day is it?

So overall we are happy to give Accumulator Generator an approved rating and add it to the list of top notch recommended products from Mike Cruickshank. 

Great news! You can now get a 14-day trial of Accumulator Generator for just £1 by clicking here.


Does it work?

Yes, this definitely works – the logic is sound and as ever, Mike has done all the work for you so just need to enter the amounts into the calculator and place the bets.

How does it work?

Accumulator Generator basically takes advantage of the accumulator offers provided by the bookmakers.

So for example, if you place a £25 bet on a five-fold accumulator and one leg loses, then you will get £25 refunded as a free bet. There are currently about 20 bookies offering this type of accumulator refund.

What Accumulator Generator does is to create value from these offers so as to maximise profits. As usual with Mike Cruickshank products, there are extensive and very helpful training videos, as well as a tool for finding the bets and a betting calculator.

So you have everything you need to firstly place the accumulators with the bookies and then to lay them off with the exchanges. 

Here is a look at what the main “acca matcher” page looks like, where you can find the offers:

Acca Matcher Page


On the left in the red boxes are the “estimated values” of the offers – i.e. how much you can expect to make from each one. Then you have information including how long until the acca will be completed, the bookie the offer is with, the odds to back and lay and then you click on the purple box on the right to go through to the calculator to set up and place the acca.

As you can see, there are over 34 pages of offers – so a massive amount to choose from! 

Here is a look at the calculator screen:

Betting Calculator Screen

The calculator basically works out at each leg how much you need to put on the next match and tells you how much you will win depending on what the overall outcome of the acca is.

Once you have got the hang of things, it really is very simple to use. 

The good thing about having so many offers is that it should mean the members of the service are not all doing the same offers and therefore hopefully there shouldn’t be any red flags raised with the bookies.

What if I have two losers?

Now at first we wondered whether this system would work if you had more than one loser in your accumulator, as the bookies only give you a refund if you have one loser.

But as ever, Mike has all bases covered and sets things up in such a way that you cannot lose. Essentially once one leg of the acca loses, you are laying against the potential refund so are still “using” the free bet so to speak.

There are different ways you can play the offers:-

  1. Bet/lay and hope – basically place your acca with the bookies and lay it off with the exchanges. You are hoping one leg loses so that you get the full refund (which can be up to £50). If no legs lose or more than one does, you make a small loss.
  2. Bonuses – you lay off each section of the acca as you go along, making progressively more money the further through the acca you go before you hit a loser. 
  3. Lock in a profit – you lay off each section of the acca as you go, but in such a way as that you make pretty much the same profit whatever happens. This is normally about £10 profit for a £25 or £50 bet.
  4. Advantage play – you just play the offers and accept some will lose but you should win overall as you have an edge over the bookmaker (although we are not quite sure why you need Accumulator Generator for this method!)

Of the approaches above, we definitely prefer 3 – locking in the profits and that is the one we used pretty much exclusively over the second half of the trial.

How much money can I make?

To this we would give our standard response for Mike Cruickshank products – it depends how much work you put in. As we say above, if you use the lock in profits method then you are talking about £10 per accumulator.

However, some of the better accas will bring in £12 or even £15, although on other occasions it will be just £1 or £2 if the odds on the later matches change against you.

Then it is a question of how many you can do per week. Most of the bookies have a limit on how many of the offers you can do per week or month – for most of them its once per day but some are as little as 4 times in total.

There are plenty of options available – so for the “once a day” bookies you could do the offers a few times per week. Some days there just won’t be enough matches to make it work and then a lot of the accas take 4 or 5 days to play out. But with a bit of work we would estimate you could do about 10 offers per week without too much trouble. 

Are there any drawbacks to Accumulator Generator?

The main drawback is time – if you are using the bonus or profit lock-in versions, then you will have to go back in and lay each leg of the acca as it goes along, sometimes over 4 or 5 days. So firstly, you have to remember to do that! And secondly it is a little time consuming. 

However, we would think if you place a lot of similar accas at the same time with different bookies, then it should help to reduce the time and chances of missing a leg, as you can do them all at once when you go to lay a leg.

The other potential drawback, as with all of Mike’s products, is of your bookie accounts being limited or shut down. As ever, the advice is to use “mug bets” and don’t overdo the offers – don’t take the p*ss basically and you should be ok!

Our feeling is also that bookies generally love punters who place lots of accumulators, so you would be at less risk of bookie account closures than with some other forms of matched betting, as long as you don’t overdo it of course.

Please note that Accumulator Generator may not work outside the UK and Ireland – please check with Mike Cruickshank via to check the situation in your country.



Experienced matched bettors will probably be familiar with the excellent quality of Mike Cruickshank’s betting products and Accumulator Generator is no exception to this.

The software that finds the accumulators really is a great bit of kit and gives you so many potential accas to use – sometimes literally hundreds at any one time!

The main thing to be aware of is the need to lay each leg of your accas between matches – sometimes you can do that all at once and be done within 10 minutes per day, but on other occasions you will need to go back in and lay the next leg on the same day.

Other than that, we really can’t see any downsides to Accumulator Generator and strongly recommend it as part of your matched betting portfolio.

Doing just one acca per day would average you around £300 per month and two per day would average you £600 per month.

Can’t really say fairer than that now can we?!

Highly recommended.

And now you can get a 14-day trial for just £1 so you can try it our for yourself! 






Accumulator Generator – Results Update

23rd January 2016

We have been testing Accumulator Generator for two months and are really getting into a groove with it now. 

We are £387 in profit so far, but to be honest it could be much better than that as it has taken a little time to get to grips with it and find the best strategy.

But now we have settled on using the guaranteed profit method and are just spending 5-10 mins per day and making a nice £10 or so on each acca.

You can view full results here.

It is so easy, just go to the “reminders” page each day where all your current accas are saved and then lay the next leg, click update and you are done. Simples!

Sometimes you will need to lay more than leg per day, but you just have to set yourself a reminder to lay the next leg between matches.

The software really is fantastic in finding all the best value accas and working everything out for you.

Sadly the “Lay All” option didn’t turn out quite as good as expected as there are only a few of them worth doing each week.

But just sticking to the guaranteed profit option is the way forward for us and now we will put the peddle to the metal as it were over the last month of the trial to really crank out the profits.

Accumulator Generator really is a top notch product from Mike Cruickshank again and definitely gets a big thumbs up from us. 





Accumulator Generator – Results Update

27th December 2015

We now have some results to update for Accumulator Generator and are pleased to report that it has made £254 so far after a month of testing.

You can view full results here.

We have taken the approach of guaranteeing approximately the same profits whatever the outcome rather than the variable profit approach.

Our thoughts are generally the same as stated in our previous update below – this is a very good product and certainly does “work”-  but does require quite a bit of effort to operate successfully.

And importantly you have to remember to update your acca after each leg. I forgot on one of mine – but fortunately the accumulator came in so I made a tidy profit! 🙂

But really that was a mistake and you shouldn’t allow it to happen because it defeats the purpose of the product.

I haven’t “maxed” this out as much as I could have done – you could certainly do more offers and make more money than I have over the course of a month, but you would also run the risk of the bookies limiting if you did, so I think spreading the offers around and not overdoing it is a good idea.

We will probably wrap up this review in a couple of weeks as there isn’t much to add to what we have said already and you can see from the results that you generally make around a tenner from each of the offers, so that isn’t going to change (unless the bookies change their offers of course).


Just a quick update to say that Mike has added a new method for placing the accas which means you can now “set and forget” – just place them and then leave them, you don’t need to go back in and lay each leg.

This is a big improvement for us and means we really are talking about a top product here.

Basically for the set and forget accas the odds for the acca overall need to be around 2.0 – 2.5 and each leg needs to be around 1.2.

You make more money the more legs that lose – if 3 legs lose you win over £100 and if all 6 lose then over £300! Ok that’s unlikely but still it is very possible that 2 legs can lose and that wins over £30 – completely risk-free.

The good news is that I have just checked the site and there are plenty of these “set and forget” accas available – over 40 at last count. 

So Mike has now ironed out one of the key issues we had with the product, which was the time it was taking, so we now think it is a definite big thumbs up.

We will test out the “set and forget” accas of course and include the results in our next update on Accumulator Generator, but all looks good to us.



I have had a go at the “lay all” option but unfortunately it is not quite as good as I at first thought. 

I tried a couple of accas, but on one of them only one leg of the acca failed to win, but I still made a loss overall.

I contacted Mike about this and it seems there are only around 3-5 per week of these “set and forget” accas that are worth doing. For the others, you won’t make a profit or will only break even.

So perhaps not quite as good as I first thought in terms of doing all your accumulators like this, but still another option that is there to choose from.





Accumulator Generator – Early Thoughts

23rd November 2015

We have had a few enquiries about Accumulator Generator and so thought we would give a quick update on what we have found so far.

We don’t have any results to report so far, as I have been getting to grips with how it works and also I didn’t have all the bookie accounts needed to take advantage of the offers. However, I can provide my thoughts on the product as a whole.

Summary of Initial Thoughts  

So there you have it, our initial thoughts are that Accumulator Generator is another good product from Mike Cruickshank. It certainly works and provides you with a great suite of tools to turn the bookies’ acca offers into risk-free profit.

However, it is a little time-consuming and you have to remember to lay off each leg of the accumulator as it goes along if you want risk-free profit. 

Plus there is the risk of accounts being closed or limited, although you can mitigate that risk to some extent with pre-emptive action.

We will provide details of our results in a couple of weeks hopefully now that our reviewer is set up and ready to go, which should give you a bit more of an idea of how much money you can make with this. 

In the meantime, drop us a line at if you have any questions.




Accumulator Generator – New Review

31st October 2015

Accumulator Generator is the latest product from Mike Cruickshank, the king of exploiting bookies’ bonuses and free bets.

We have been very impressed with Mike’ other products we have reviewed, including Bonus Bagging which we gave an approved rating to and Profit Maximiser, which we are currently reviewing and have found to be pretty awesome so far.

So the question is whether Accumulator Generator can live up the very high bar Mike has set with his other betting products.

The system – as the name suggests – is about exploiting the accumulator offers that bookies offer. 

For example, a number of bookies now offer free bets if you bet on an acca and all the legs come in apart from one. They vary in terms of how many legs you need in the accumulator – some as little as four, some five and some six or more.

But those of you who know Mike’s products will know that when there’s a bookie offer of some kind, there will also be Mike with a way to set it up as a risk-free (or virtually risk-free) opportunity. 

So how does he do it here? Well we are commencing a trial to find out.

We are always interested in these angles because as any gambler knows, whilst we all like to win our bets, having a few risk-free opportunities to top up our betting accounts is very welcome.

We will report back soon on our initial findings on this one.


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