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The Rolling Aces – Results Update

Yet more gains for tennis tipster The Rolling Aces, with another 12 points profit made since our last update at advised staking. That means they are now 106 points up for our trial overall at advised staking. You can view full results here. This service uses an unusual “rolling accumulator” staking system. In essence this means […]

Sure Favs – Results Update

A small move in the wrong direction lately for horse racing system Sure Favs, with 7 points lost since our last update. That means it is now 27 points down for our trial overall. You can view full results here. Just a reminder this is an automated strategy that places bets automatically on your Betfair account using […]

Easiest Football Bets to Win

Making a profit on the football is a hard task and only a few manage to do it in the long run. In order to do so, it is worth thinking about what the easiest football bets to win are.  Some bet types and markets are easier to win on than others, providing low-risk, high-strike […]

Single Bet vs Multiple Bet

One of the most common debates in betting circles is regarding which is better – single bets or multiple bets.  Many punters swear by their preferred bet type and reject the other out of hand.  This could be because they are used to betting in a certain way by habit or have had a big […]