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Euro Football Punter – Results Update

It’s been a tough time lately for football tipster the Euro Football Punter unfortunately, with a loss of 14 points made since our last update. That means they are now 40 points down for our trial overall.  You can view full results here. Hopefully they can get things back on track soon and start to make […]

Racing Consultants – Results Update

More positive results for horse racing tipster Racing Consultants, with 14 points profit made at advised prices since our last update. That means they are now 20 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. You can view full results here. The results at Betfair SP continue to lag quite a way behind the advised […]

Tipster of the Month – August

Well Summer has officially come to an end as August closes sadly but there is still much to celebrate as we announce our “Tipster of the Month” award for August. This is where we look at the top tipsters – both those we have reviewed in the past and those we are currently reviewing – […]

The Snap – New Review

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we are always on the lookout for services in sports beyond the “big three” of horse racing, football and golf. In particular we are keen to seek out services covering US sports, which we see getting more coverage from tipsters now that gambling is legal in many US states.  The […]

Correct Score Trading – A Guide

One of the most widely favored markets for trading in the realm of football is the correct score market. In the following sections, we’ll delve into an examination of how this market operates, explore the pros and cons of trading within it, and introduce a variety of strategies that you might consider implementing in your […]

Goal Line Bet Explained

The goal line bet is a straightforward and popular betting option commonly available on most online sports betting platforms today. It allows you to wager on the anticipated number of goals scored in a football match without having to predict the outcome in terms of which team wins or loses. This type of bet is […]

Revealed: How To Stop Losing And Start Winning…

Have you ever wondered why pretty much every betting system or service you’ve used actually lost you money?… You’d think at least some of them would make a decent profit, right? … Well, today we’re getting to the bottom of this mystery with the help of our long-standing friends over at Lucrative Racing… Michael and his […]