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Best Online Casino UK

Selecting the best UK casinos is always a bit of a gamble as there are so many criteria to go on. There are many factors to consider including the games offered, the welcome bonus and ongoing offers, quality of the website, reliability, transparency and more.  The great news is that these days there are so […]

Ultimate Golf Tips – Results Update

After a difficult August, the tough run continued in September for Ultimate Golf Tips unfortunately, with 31 points lost since our last update just over a month ago. That means that after going 95 points up for the trial at one point, they are now pretty much back where they started at just 2 points […]

Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Results Update

It has now been almost two years since we started following the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service and what a two years it has been! Their total stock picks combined are now up an amazing 1569% since we started following them in November 2016.  You can view full results here. (Please note on the results […]

Football Advisor Lays – Results Update

No change for Football Advisor Lays since our last update, with no points won or lost over the last month. That means they are still 12 points up for our trial overall.  You can view full results here. [Please note there are two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for their two separate systems […]

Golf Trading Strategies

Golf is one of the most popular sports to bet on and attracts large amounts of interest particularly around major championships and big events like the Ryder Cup.  However, whilst vast amounts of information has been written about trading other sports like football, horse racing and tennis, there is very little guidance available online about […]