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Trade On Sports – Results Update

It’s been an excellent month for Trade On Sports’ HT Overs Bot, with another 9 point profit made since our last update. That means they are now 43 points up for our trial overall (or £4,280 up at £100 stakes).  You can view full results for this here. These results are based on odds of […]

Football Hawk – Results Update

It’s been a quiet start to our trial of Football Hawk, with 3 points profit made so far after 6 weeks of our trial. You can view full results here. It’s been a little up and down so far, with things going well early as they went 29 points up at one stage, before falling […]

The Biggest Payouts in Slots History

In the 21st century, it has became very hard to keep stress levels under control. Fast living and longer working hours combined with unhealthy fast food is not helping with reducing stress. While some people have taken up fishing, hiking, watching or playing sports, others have decided to have a go at slot machines. We […]

Top Horse Trainers

When it comes to horse trainers, we probably all have our favourites. Many of our bets are highly influenced by a horse’s training history.  Here is a short profile of some horse trainers who we think stand out from the rest. If we have missed your favourite, then apologies. Let us know, and we will […]