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Members’ Choice Awards – Best Football Service 2020

During December we gave you the chance to vote for your favourite betting systems of the year in our “Members Choice Awards 2020.”

Our first award up is the Best Football Service and this year there was a runaway winner with the top choice getting more than twice as many votes as the runner-up!

Looking at the podium places first, in third place was JK Diego’s Draw Betting System, a service that has had a bit of a roller-coaster year but continues to deliver the long-term profits to its dedicated following. 

In second place was a service we have just finished a review of recently, Predictology. It’s best described as a kind of stats engine and systems builder for football. You can generate your own strategies or use their existing ones. We did the latter during our trial and made a healthy 38 points profit.

Best Football Service 2020

But which service grabbed the top spot?

Well the service in question has won quite a few other awards (including this award the last two years) so it’s probably not too much of a surprise that it landed the hat-trick, to use footy parlance. 

Yes, the winner was the hugely popular football trading service…


Goal Profits!

They seem to pick up awards for fun and have done it yet again, as we say with more than twice as many votes as the second place finisher. 

Here is confirmation of the top three then in the category of “Best Football Service 2020” as voted for by you, the members of Honest Betting Reviews:

1. Goal Profits
2. Predictology
3. JK Diego’s Draw Betting System

A huge congratulations then to Goal Profits on sweeping yet another award and it was well deserved judging by all the feedback we have had on the service over the years.

It’s a service we did a re-review of this year and gave a resounding PASSED rating to and an award of 4.5 stars. With a whole host of new features and tools added since our original review a few years ago, Goal Profits really is the premiere football trading service out there right now. 

And the really great news is they are currently offering a 7 day trial for just £1 which you can access here.

Here is what Steve Brown of Goal Profits had to say on receiving news of the award:

“Thank you Dan, this is fantastic! And thank you to all your members whose votes won us this award for the third year in a row. 2020 has been a real challenge, so to complete the hat trick is particularly good news.

When the lockdown hit and we were left with just the Belarusians playing football, it was a bit scary! The first thing we did was give all our members a few months of free membership to ease any financial pressure. We then had a lot of extra time on our hands, so we set about developing new research and trading tools.

One of our new additions, the Team Stats Database, currently contains stats for 222,300 historical fixtures and that number grows weekly. We can ask it for all sorts of stats, for example how many games which were 0-0 after 70 minutes ended scoreless. We’re then able to add many more conditions, such as the home team being in the top third of the table or the home team having scored in at least 80% of their home games during the current season. There are hundreds of combinations and the calculations are carried out in seconds.

We’ve also added new features to our Live Stats Module, such as ‘Projections’. This calculates the percentage likelihood of a home win, draw, away win, over and under 2.5 goals. Each Projection is updated inplay every minute so that the figures are correct according to time decay and goals scored. Just a couple of weeks ago, we launched new substitution data too. The Live Stats Module tells us when substitutions are made and whether they’re attacking, defensive or like-for-like. This is a fantastic indicator which shows us which teams are going for a late win and which are protecting a lead (or a point).

We were looking forward to running at least one free trading workshop again this year but, because of the ongoing pandemic, we had to cancel all our plans. We will get going again once it is safe to do so.

It’s been a tough year, but we have focused on the positives and used our extra time wisely. Goal Profits membership is now better value than ever before and we have plenty more ideas for new tools and features. We’re very excited about 2021!

Thank you again to everyone who voted for us and stay safe!”

So it is just left for us to say well done once again to Goal Profits on being voted Best Football Service of 2020 and we hope for continued success from them next year and beyond.

If you aren’t already a member you can get a week’s trial of Goal Profits for just £1 here. 





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