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Best Football Stat Sites

There are a plethora of football stats sites on the web, some are free, and some charge a fee. There is so much data you can risk drowning in it, and each site seems to handle data in slightly different ways. To help you negotiate the landscape, here are what we think are the best football stats sites to help you make better football betting decisions.


Free Football Stat Sites

Here are the sites to look at if you are interested in free soccer stats:-


For an in-depth view of football statistics, WhoScored is a great place to start. It’s useful for live scores, match previews, comparing players, possession percentages, red and yellow cards, passing statistics, aerial duels, tackles per game, and very much more.  One great feature is the Statistical Best XI, which you can order by multiple parameters.


Although the website might appear a little basic, it provides a fast way to access the data you are looking for without any clutter getting in the way. There is a massive amount of information which you can quickly sift through. It includes stats from just about every league in the world, including professional, amateur and regional. You can select your favourite leagues up to a maximum of 16.


If you are more interested in the English and Scottish football leagues, then FootStats might be the best site for you. As well as an in-depth look at the UK football scene, it has also been updated recently to provide stats on the major European and World leagues. Typical stats include shots per game, shot percentages, goals, fouls, corners, red and yellow cards and more.


Statbunker is a fundamental archive of vital football stats but despite its somewhat austere appearance, there is a wealth of information which you can quickly access. The major sections are competitions, upcoming, live and full time; all-time stats from major European leagues, and manager stats including match results, goals and other useful information such as average points per match.

Premium/Paid For Football Stat Sites

For those slightly more serious about their football statistics and looking to use them for professional betting, there are the following sites:-


This is probably the best site for live football scores and statistics analysis. The website is powered by AI which it claims provides the best football prediction tool to help you find the best bets in time. Each week it processes 2,100 football games and each day 95% of live games are covered. For anyone serious about football betting, this could be an excellent choice. There is a free seven-day trial followed by three membership levels: basic (£17 a month), deluxe (£37 a month) and Platinum (£77 a month). It includes a mobile app which provides alerts of value bets on the go.


If you want to take your football stats research to the next level and you are willing to fork out nearly £200 a year (the top-level subscription is £999 a year), then Wyscout is the ultimate professional site. It provides what is probably the best football video archive in the world. The website adds 2,000 games a week and includes 400 million plays, all with in-depth analysis and stats. If you are involved with football professionally, or you are determined to take your football betting to the next level, it’s worth looking. There is a 15-day free trial. 

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