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Best Football Predictions

One of the most common questions we are asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “what are the best football predictions?”

Finding some winning football tips can make a huge difference to your bank balance, plus of course it can be great fun to watch a football match when you have a few quid riding on the game.

We have spent a huge amount of time looking at hundreds of football tipsters to find the ones who provide the most accurate predictions and can make you the most profit.

Certainly betting on the beautiful game is not easy – the fact is that the vast majority of people lose (98% in fact).

So it is no easy task finding some good footy predictions.

But here is a list of the best ones we have found and why we think they deserve a place in our list of the best football predictions:-


Top Six Best Football Predictions

Here is our list from extensive research of the best football predictions we have found.

The Sports Guru


One of the very best football tipsters we have come across is The Sports Guru from the Betting Gods stable.

Since starting tipping in June 2015, he has made over £4,500 profit to just £10 stakes, which is exceptional stuff. That has been achieved with a strike rate of over 40%, meaning there are lots of winners and losing steaks are kept to a minimum. Indeed whilst the longest winning run has been 11 bets, the longest losing run has been just 10 bets.

The Sports Guru tips in other sports in addition to football, but his bets in the footy are really his forte and where most of his profits come from. Bets come in a variety of leagues, including the main English Football Leagues and Premiership, as well as from European leagues such as Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and the Spanish Primeira Liga. There are also tips in the Champions League and Europa League.

With a superb record achieved over a sustained period of time, The Sports Guru has proved that they produce some of the best football predictions anywhere on the internet.


Pro Footy Tips


Also from the Betting Gods stable comes Pro Footy Tips, which hasn’t been going as long as The Sports Guru, but has achieved a very impressive record as well.

Having been a professional gambler since the 1980s, this guy really knows his stuff and spends a great deal of time selecting each pick for his service. And the results certainly bear out the fruitfulness of his approach, with over £1,000 profit made to just £10 stakes so far.

This has been achieved with a return on investment of over 20%, which is quite remarkable in football and is rarely seen. Normally with football betting, anything over 10% is seen as impressive and even 5% is enough for some people to make a living from betting on the game.


Banker Bets

Banker Bets

One of the first services we reviewed here at Honest Betting Review was Banker Bets and we have now been following them for over 18 months now.

Overall since 2014, the service has made over 270% profit for its members. That means if you had started with a bank of £5,000, it would now be worth over £18,500.

As the name suggests, Banker Bets is based around picking very short-odds selections, with the average odds of 1.25. So these are those kinds of matches where you are backing strong favourites. And the great thing is that the strike rate of Banker Bets is over 80%, meaning the vast majority of the bets are winners.

So the losing streaks tend to be nice and short and there have been some fantastic winning streaks as well, with even a 21-bet and 20-bet winning streak! So you can just sit back and watch the winners roll in one after the other.

Not many people can make a profit from backing short-odds favourites, so John who runs the service has clearly developed a niche here whereby he can identify value in these kinds of matches. He has demonstrated he is very good at it too, so we recommend Banker Bets as a top football prediction service.


Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator

Although not specifically producing football predictions, Accumulator Generator is a piece of software for football betting that produces excellent results.

Imagine if you could win every footy accumulator you place…Well this is what Accumulator Generator allows you to do.

By utilising the bookies’ acca insurance offers, it sets things up in such a way that you cannot lose. You just need to enter the acca into the software and it tells you how much to place on each leg – easy-peasey really. Then you can sit back and see how much you’ve won!

You should make around £10 per acca that you place, so if you do just two per day then you can make £140 per week, or over £500 per month. And all that with no risk! It’s a great piece of software for placing footy accumulators and one we highly recommend.


Betting Bias (Football)


Although tipping in a number of sports including golf, horse racing, cricket and tennis, we have included the tips of Betting Bias here as they have been very successful in their football tipping.

Providing selections mainly in the Premiership and Champions League, they have produced a very consistent record of success over a number of years. They are particularly good with their ante-post tips, with winners including Harry Kane to be top Premiership goalscorer at 14/1 and Aston Villa to be the lowest scoring team at 7/1.

Having averaged a return on investment of 20% over a period of 5 years, Betting Bias comes highly recommended. And the best news is it’s completely FREE!



Thomo’s Tips


During our three month trial of Thomo’s Tips, they made an excellent return of over 2300 points profit. That came at a return on investment of over 20%, which as we say above, is very impressive for football betting.

At the same time, Thomo achieved a strike rate of 42%, which is pretty handy. Most bets are in the Premier League and top European leagues, with some bets in the English Football League, plus internationals. 

A very good service providing some of the best football predictions, we highly recommend Thomo’s Tips.



So there you have it, a list of some of the best football predictions out there, all services we have reviewed ourselves and found to be top notch. Have a try of one or more of them for yourself and see if they can make you some very handy profits.

Or if you are interested in some free football tips, you can check out our full guide here. 




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