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Best Free Football Tips

Football is the most gambled-on sport in the world, with an estimated $500 billion wagered on the game globally each year.

For those who enjoy placing bets on their favorite teams, football can be an exciting and profitable experience.

With such a huge amount being bet on the game, there are no shortage of free football tips out there to choose from.

However, winning big in football betting requires more than just luck. It takes strategy, knowledge, and skill to come out on top. That’s where some really good tips come in. 

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we have tested out hundreds of football tipsters, both paid and free.

We recently did an article looking at free racing tips, providing a list of the best ones we have found from across the internet and we received lots of positive feedback from our community.

So we thought it would be a good idea to also look at the best free football tips we have found over the last eight years of testing.

Now with so many free tips out there, you would think there would be plenty of good ones to choose from.

The truth is that only a few of them are actually any good though and make a long-term profit.

The rest are mainly average or poor sadly. You wouldn’t want to risk any of your hard-earned cash on poor quality tips, even if they are free.

At the same time, just because tips are free, you shouldn’t dismiss them as rubbish. There are some very good ones out there and they can make their revenue through other means such as advertising so don’t need to charge a subscription – which is good news for us punters.

So below we take a look at the best free football tips we have found through our extensive research and testing. Please let us know in the comments below if there are any we have missed off this list that you think should be on there!


Top 10 Free Football Tips

Below is our list of the top 10 free football tips we have found through our extensive research and testing, with details of their profit achieved and how you can access the tips. There is a table summarising all the tips at the end of the list.


     1. Betting Gods

Football player attempting to shoot at goal

The best free footy tips we have come across are from the tipster platform Betting Gods, who provide free selections to people who sign up to receive the tips. 

They have a great collection of tipsters who provide tips across a range of sports, including football. Their current roster of football tipsters includes three tipsters, who rotate in providing the tips. 

These three tipsters have superb records and combined together represent an excellent trio. Here are their individual records:

 – CH Footy Tips:- a football tipster specialising in the Asian handicap market and on double bets, they have a strike rate on their bets of over 36%.  

Super Sports Capper:- has made over 290 points profit since September 2020, which equates to over £200 per month on average to just £10 stakes. A very impressive strike rate of over 61% means a high proportion of winning bets. They tip are on multiple sports, of which football is one.

 – AJ Sports Tipster:- has made over £680 to £10 stakes since starting in April 2021, at a return on investment of over 5% and a high strike rate of over 53%. Covers a number of sports including football. 

So three excellent tipsters there and the advantage of signing up to receive free tips from them is that you get their combined wisdom, skills and experience, rather than just relying on one tipster. You can sit back and let them do all the hard work of studying form, statistics, team news and so on and just wait for the tips to be sent through.

If you are looking for some free football tips then, we think you can’t do much better than Betting Gods.

You can get the free tips from Betting Gods here. 


     2. Tipstrr

A similar service to Betting Gods is Tipstrr and you can also sign up to receive free daily tips from their collection of high quality tipsters.

They have a range of high quality football tipsters, including:-

 – Footballer Tips:- over £5,000 profit made at £25/point since starting in December 2020. A win rate of 45% and a return on investment of over 14%.

 – Zenith:– over £6,500 profit made at £25/point since starting in September 2019. A win rate of 47% and a return on investment of just under 10%.

 – Lemonado:- over £5,000 profit made at £25/point since starting in January 2021. A win rate of 47% and a return on investment of 12%.

So some very good tipsters there and you will receive tips from a variety  of other sports tipsters as well.

Tipstrr have a free tips page where you can check out their “Betting tip of the day” provided by one of their professional tipsters like those above. There are also free football tipsters you can test out in addition to getting free daily tips from their panel of experts.

With all these free tips available from Tipstrr you are getting the benefit of a huge range of talent and knowledge all sent to your inbox daily for free!


     3. Bets for Today VIP Tips

A service that offers excellent free tips is a website called Bets for Today. They have been providing free tips since all the way back in 2016 and their results since then have been very impressive.

They provide a free daily double football bet as part of their VIP Free membership. This daily double has made a total profit of £3,748 to £20 stakes since 2016, which is one of the best totals we have seen from free tips over such a long period.

Most of the doubles are simple win bets in the match odds market, combining major teams from the top European leagues, although there are some over/under bets as well.

The VIP Free membership also comes with a free horse racing each-way double as a little bonus, which have made an additional £371 profit.

So Bets for Today VIP Tips are well worth checking out for some of the top-performing free tips we have come across.


     4. Freesupertips

Freesupertips is a popular service that provides free tips via its website. They provide football tips in a range of markets including Both Teams to Score (BTS), Both Teams to Score and Win, traditional accumulators, correct score and double bets.

There is also a regular £10 to £1,000 Challenge, which as you may have guessed, is a daily bet that attempts to turn a £10 starting bank into £1,000. A we understand it, this has been successful on a number of occasions. In fact, one of them succeeded during our trial of Freesupertips.

There are also tips on other sports such as MLB, NFL, NBA, golf and tennis. They often promote their winning tips with pictures of winning betting slips, which always tends to be motivating! 

If you are going to follow Freesupertips then it is worth deciding which of the various different types you want to follow, which could of course be all of them! 


     5. Racing Post

The Racing Post has been a staple of the tipping world for decades. Although better known for their racing tips and the likes of Pricewise, they also have a dedicated football section providing free football tips.

Now technically of course if you buy a paper copy of the Racing Post then his tips are not quite free, although you can also find the tips on the online football tips page of their website. 

For many years the Racing Post footy team was headed by Kevin Pullein, a renowned figure in the tipping world. Pullein is an ardent follower of statistics and in his regular series of betting articles in the Guardian (which sadly no longer run), he would use stats to disprove some long-held fallacies that have grown into urban myths over the years.

A number of these theories and others were developed into greater depth in Pullein’s 2009 book “The Definitive Guide to Betting on Football,” also published by the Racing Post.

Nowadays Mr Pullein seems to have taken more of a backseat role and Mark Langdon has taken over providing the tips, assisted by Dan Childs. They do so in singles and accas for the week’s big games – primarily in the Premier League.

They cover a variety of markets including match odds, both teams to score, Asian handicap and more. A large majority of the week’s Premier League fixtures are covered meaning lots of potential action if you choose to follow all the tips. There is also a regular podcast – Mark Langdon’s Bets Club – if you want to get even more in-depth analysis of the tips.

With such a broad offering to get stuck into, the Racing Post’s football tips are well worth considering if you are looking for some free soccer tips.  


     6. Sporting Life

Sporting Life

Alongside the Racing Post, the other of the UK’s longest running and best known tipping resources is of course the Sporting Life. Much like the Racing Post they are generally better known for their horse racing tips, but they also supply footy tips as part of their online service.

The tipping section of the website used to be known as the Betting Zone but has recently reverted to being known as just the Sporting Life. The tips are provided in a team of experts including Tom Carnduff, , and others. They tips were previously supplied by Ben Linfoot who now concentrates on horse racing.

The football tips are available for free via the Sporting Life website and come in the form of both regular tips for matches in the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, internationals and more. 

One of their more notable tips was Athletico Madrid each way to win the 2014 Champions League at 40/1, which came so close to winning until a last minute equaliser from Sergio Ramos. Still, the place part of the bet came in at a nice price.

With a whole team of experts now they have taken the Sporting Life’s football tipping on to new heights and is a strong service to consider for your free soccer tips. 


    7. Predictology

One of the more innovative free football tipping sites is Predictology, which is a database of resources and statistics for football betting, allowing you to quickly and easily build your own profitable football betting systems or use those developed by the team.

With over 200,000 football matches in the database and an AI-powered prediction engine which crunches all that data, Predictology is one of the most powerful pieces of football betting software we have come across.

Although the main service with Predictology is a paid service, you can sign up to receive free tips as well.

These free tips are then sent direct to your inbox each day in the “Daily Digest” which provides some of the best hand-picked selections from the Predictology team.

We ran our own review of the main Predictology selections and they made an impressive 38 points profit, which came at a strike rate of 52%, meaning over half the bets were winners.

So if you’re looking for something a bit different in your football tips and powered by a huge database as well as AI technology, Predictology should be right up your street.



     8. Betting Bias

Betting Bias Screenshot

Run by a team of professional gamblers, Betting Bias is a website that provides completely free tips across a range of sports, including football. 

They provide tips mainly in the English Premier League (EPL), with some tips in the Champions League, Europa League and international matches.

Their primary speciality and where a good deal of their profits have come from is in ante-post bets. These include excellent winners such as Harry Kane to be top Premier League goalscorer at 20/1, Bournemouth to finish in the top half of the Premier League at 9/1, Brighton to win the Championship (each-way) and many more.

The overall record of Betting Bias is exceptional, with over 1500 points profit made since they began in 2011, at a return on investment of over 16%.

And the really nice thing is that you don’t even need to sign-up to receive the tips, you just visit the website and check the tips each day.  



     9. Goal King

The Goal King is a service that has amassed over 250 points profit since starting in May 2020. The tips come in the major European leagues, mainly in the English Premier League with some bets from the Championship too.

As the name suggests, the Goal King is primarily focused on the goals markets – the over/under markets and both teams to score. They have studied goals markets for many years to develop a tried and tested strategy to profit from these markets.

We conducted a live trial of the service for a full year and it performed well, making a clear profit and maintaining a consistent strike rate.

Now it is important to note that the main Goal King is a paid service, although you can get access to free tips as well (the free tips option will come up as you go to exit the page on the Goal King website).


     10. Betfair Football Tips


Next up on our list are the free tips from Betfair. The betting exchange has a group of betting professionals who provide free selections throughout the year on a variety of leagues and markets. these experts include:-

 – Paul Robinson:- a sports and betting writer who has been contributing towards the website since 2011. Provides lay bets for the majority of his tips and lists football as his number one sport, although Cheltenham is his favourite event.

 – Tobias Gorlay:– an expert primarily in Spanish football who has also spent some time analysing Italian soccer as well. Lives in North London and contributes regularly to the Betfair footy tips.

 – Andrew Hughes:– combines a multitude of talents including professional gambling, writing and cricket and regularly provides tips for the betfair betting section. Picked “You’re Special” at 80/1 in the Cheltenham Festival.

Each of the tips comes with a full write-up from the expert providing the tip and the odds advised for it. Betfair clearly look far and wide to find betting talent and it shows in the quality of their content and the tipping pages.

Always worth checking out their opinion before placing your bets for a match. 


Table of How to Access Your Free Football Tips

Below is a table summarising the free tips listed above and how you can access them:





Betting Gods  Sign up to free tips e-mail Click here
Tipstrr Sign up to free tips e-mail Click here
Bets for Today VIP Tips Sign up to free tips e-mail Click here
Freesupertips Visit website Click here
Racing Post Buy Racing Post/visit website   Click here
Sporting Life Visit website Click here
Sign up to free tips e-mail Click here
Betting Bias Visit website Click here
Goal King
Sign up to free tips e-mail
Click here
Betfair Tips Visit website Click here


Things to Avoid with Free Football Tips


We have listed above the best free footy tips we have come across through our extensive research and testing. However, at the same time there are some things to be careful of when looking at free tips and it is worth bearing these in mind if you look around for your own free tips.

 – Always look for a proofed long-term record:– often a tipping site will fail to publish its full results, meaning you can’t tell whether it makes a long term profit or not. Or if it does publish results, those results haven’t been independently verified by another website such as this one. So you don’t know if the results are real or not. You shouldn’t throw your hard-earned cash at following tips if you don’t know for sure that they are good and have an established, verified record.

  – Don’t Fall for Marketing Hype:– some sites will promise to make you rich overnight with pictures of Ferraris, scantily-clad women and tropical islands. It may seem obvious to avoid these sites but they can be surprisingly seductive.

The pictures are usually accompanied with tales of some lucky chap who used to do a normal, boring job before he discovered a betting secret and is now filthy rich, happily enjoying life without having to work. We have looked at dozens of systems and not a single one of these over-hyped types ever works.  Again, stick to a verified long-term record.

– Free tips can be good:- Just because tips are free, it doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. There are lots on the list above that make a good profit. Bear in mind that the tipster may well be making money from other sources such as advertising so doesn’t need to charge a subscription fee for the tips.

– Use a proper betting bank:- One of the biggest mistakes people make is to bet more than they can afford, or not have a large enough bank to withstand the inevitable draw-downs. Make sure that you have a clear plan and record all your results, staking a fixed percentage of your bank on each selection. This will help you to stay on track and not bet erratically.

– Adopt a Long-Term Approach to your betting: – when following tips, it can be tempting to concentrate on very short time periods, like how the tips have done over the last week or so. But all tipsters will have ups and downs, it is part of betting.

Have a look at the record of the tips over a much longer period like six months or a year. Have they made a decent profit over that time period? Does the tipster have an edge over the market? These things are more important than short-term swings.


Growing Your Returns Over Time – The Beauty of Compounding

Albert Einstein once said that compounding was the eighth wonder of the world and he was right – its power is generally greatly underestimated and misunderstood. That applies as much in betting as anything else.

If you take a bank (and as we say above, make sure your bank is big enough to cover losing runs and draw-downs) and double it every year, you might think it wouldn’t grow that dramatically over time. But that is where you would be wrong.

Imagine a £1,000 starting bank that you managed to double every year. In ten years, guess how much you would have?

You wouldn’t have £10,000. No. You wouldn’t even have £100,000, which would be pretty awesome in itself.

No, you would have over a million pounds.

That’s from a starting bank of just £1,000. Pretty incredible stuff.

Now of course there will be difficulties along the way, like your bank may not double every year – some years it may grow more than that, some less and some years your bank may even decrease.

And once you are getting up towards a million, your staking would be getting very high, so you may struggle to get your bets on if they are not in mainstream markets, or you may shirk at putting on a stake of tens of thousands of pounds or more.

But you can see the potential anyway. A service like Banker Bets has managed a very consistent bank growth over a number of years and those who were in from the start and used compound staking have done extremely well. 

So if you are following free tips or even paid tips, think about using compound investing and its potential to grow your winnings exponentially. 




There are some great free footy tips out there in amongst the hundreds of tipsters that are out there. Thankfully we have done all the work for you, so you don’t have to spend hours looking around but can use the list we have compiled above.

Make sure you take a careful approach though and avoid the pitfalls of following tips, which can bring you down. 

Take a long term approach to your betting and consider the potential of compound investing to grow your winnings.

Finally, please gamble responsibly and only risk what you can afford to lose.





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