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Best Free Horse Racing Tips

Are you looking for some top free racing tips to make you some extra cash but don’t know which ones to go for? We may be able to help.

There are so many options out there in terms of free racing tips, most of which aren’t very good and will end up losing you money.

On the other hand, there are a few “diamonds in the rough” that have proved profitable over the long term and could be worth following. Just because they are free, doesn’t mean they aren’t also good!

Some of the best racing tips are actually free, but often there are some caveats…which we will look at in greater detail below.

We have tested literally hundreds of tipsters in our time and know which ones are good and which ones aren’t.

So below we have a look at the best free horse racing tips…and some of those you are probably best off avoiding. 

We hope this proves helpful – please drop us a line in the comments if you have any suggestions of ones we may have missed!


Top 10 Free Horse Racing Tips

Below is our list of the top 10 free horse racing tips we have tested, with details of their profit levels and how you can get hold of the free tips. 


     1. Betting Gods

Horse Racing

Betting Gods is a network of tipsters that provide daily free racing tips for people who subscribe to their newsletter. The quality of their tipsters is superb and undoubtedly one of the best we have come across in all our trials and reviews.

What you receive when you sign up is a daily e-mail with some tips for the day from one of their resident tipsters. Some of these tipsters have fantastic records, such as:

 – Quentin Franks: Over 1300 points profit since July 2014, averaging over £210 per month to just £10 stakes

 – Horse Network Tipster: Over 500 points profit since April 2018 at a return on investment of over 11%

 – QF Value Tips: Over 500 points profit since March 2017, ROI of 20% and bank growth of over 250%. 

 – The Bookies Enemy: Over 400 points profit since July 2017 and a return on investment of over 10%. 

 – Vision Racing: Nearly 300 points profit since October 2018 – that’s over £170 per month to just £10 stakes.

So a very impressive list as you can see and there are a number of other quality tipsters at Betting Gods as well. You get free tips from these tipsters on rotation every day, although if you want to sign up to an individual tipster you do have to pay (from £1.99 for the first 30 days).

With such a strong group of tipsters sending you free tips each day, there is great potential to make a profit from those tips. Certainly what you are getting is the benefit of hours of research, form study and race-watching, combined with years of experience to find you the best value tips for the day.

One of the advantages to this combined approach is that you are getting a range of wisdom and skills, rather than just relying on one tipster for all of your tips. There are also excellent blog articles and previews of big upcoming sporting events.

So all in all if you are looking for some top quality free racing tips, we can highly recommend Betting Gods.


       2. Tipstrr

Another tipster platform offering top quality tips from professional gamblers is Tipstrr. Their list of luminaries is almost as impressive as Betting Gods, with a host of top quality names including:-

365 Tips – An excellent £7500 profit to £10 stakes at a return on investment of over 20%, this tipster is rightly known as one of the best in the business.

Flying Horse Stars – Over £5,000 profit to £10 stakes at a return on investment of over 13%, with a strike rate of over 20%.

AG Tips – More than £2,900 profit to £10 stakes at a return on investment of just under 20% and very consistent monthly performance.

Tipstrr have a free tips page where you can check out their “Betting tip of the day” provided by one of their professional tipsters like those above. There are also free trials available of some of their top tipsters so you can try them out first to see if they suit your style. All in all Tipstrr is one of the most trusted tipster platforms out there and have some excellent free racing tips. 

You can get free tips from Tipstrr here. 


     3. Bet Alchemist

Bet Alchemist Logo

Bet Alchemist is a top racing service that has had 15 profitable months out of the last 18 at the time of writing and that has made over 750 points profit since 2011. That would equate to over £7,500 at just £10 stakes and £18,750 at £25 stakes. We reviewed the service back in 2016 and it did very well during our trial – and has continued to perform formidably since. 

Although the main service is paid, they offer a free tips service via e-mail. As part of that service you receive weekly free tips from their resident tipsters Nicky Doyle and Owen Healy.

Nicky Doyle concentrates on the big Saturday handicap and large field handicaps with sixteen or more runners. He has landed some great winners including Hoof It at 22/1, Harry Hurricane at 14/1, Pete the Feat at 28/1 and Gabrial at 16/1.

Owen Healy has been a keen racing enthusiast since he was a youngster and concentrates on form and breeding. He graduated from University College Dublin Business School and has worked for Racing Post Ireland. Owen has landed some great winners including ​Carlingford Lough at 20/1, Perfect Pasture at 16/1, Educate at 18/1 and Brave Anna at 16/1. 

All in all the Bet Alchemist is a top racing service and by signing up to their free horse racing tips you will be getting the advice of two proven industry experts with superb betting records. 


     4. Tipsters Empire


Much in the same mold as Betting Gods, Tipsters Empire is a platform with a host of different tipsters on the site, many of them with very impressive records.

By signing up to receive their free tips, you will get receive a daily e-mail at between 7am and 11am (UK time) with picks from their stable of expert tipsters. 

Their pool of tipping talent includes:

 – MJ Racing: over 250 points profit since June 2020, with a 15% return on investment and received a passed rating in our very own review of the service.

 – CD Racing: over 270 points profit since January 2018, with a 10% return on investment and a 25% strike rate.

 – Cotswold Racing: over 100 points profit since February 2020, with a 25% return on investment and 10% strike rate.

 – Ed Culham: over 100 points profit since July 2019 specialising in festivals and the big races at weekends.

So some very impressive results there and you can access all this as part of their free tips package, where you will be sent tips from one of their experts each day. 

Much as with Betting Gods, this gives you a wide spectrum of skills and experience to draw on and you should expect plenty of winners from their free racing tips.

You can sign up to Tipsters Empire’s free tips here. 


     5. Ben Linfoot’s Value Tips

Ben Linfoot

Ben Linfoot is a columnist in the Sporting Life (formerly the Betting Zone) and he has established an impressive record over the years, providing free horse racing tips for the big festivals and weekend races.

He has one of the best reputations in the business, exemplified by his efforts at Royal Ascot in 2015 where he landed winners at 9/1, 14/1 and 28/1. His overall record is impressive, having amassed over 300 points profit just from betting at festivals and big race meetings. 

Now Ben also provides daily tips in the form of his Daily Nap – which is also free – so you can benefit further from his expertise and potentially make more profits. One of the benefits of Ben Linfoot is that the prices of his tips don’t tend to suffer the same downward pressure as the likes of Hugh Taylor and Tom Segal (Pricewise), although they do still get backed in a fair bit.

The benefit of the Sportinglife’s tips is you can get lots of other free tips too, such as their golf tips from the likes of David John and Ben Coley, who have very impressive records as well.


    6. Tipster Street

Tipster Street Platform

In a similar style to Betting Gods and Betfan is the Tipster Street Group, who also offer free tips from a team of expert professional gamblers, who take it in turn to provide free tips for the day. You can also sign up to any of the paid tipsters individually from £3.79 per month. 

Their free tips made an exceptional £402 per month on average to just £10 stakes in 2016, which is quite phenomenal for a free tips service.  The quality of their professional tipsters is very high which perhaps explains the strong returns for the free tips. The tipsters include:

 – All Weather Profits: over 200 points profit since February 2013, specialising in all-weather racing.

 – Value Favs: over 280 points profit since December 2015 from betting on favourites, which is quite amazing considering how difficult that normally is. Strike rate of 40%

 – Jumping For Profit: a service with over 160 points profit since May 2016, specialising in jumps racing and with a strike rate of over 33%.

 – Racing Gold: over 500 points profit since February 2013 and a strike rate of over 35%. Numerous days with massive-odds accumulators.

So as you can see, they have an amazing array of talent providing you with free tips everyday as a subscriber to Tipster Street. You can sit back and let them do the hard work, study the form, crunch the stats and work out the value odds. Then all you have to do is open your e-mail and check the tips – simples!

If you are looking for some free racing selections, then you could certainly do a lot worse than signing up to the Tipster Street’s free horse racing tips.


     7. Freeracingtips

FreeRacingTips Screenshot

A service – as you may have guessed – offering free racing tips, this is a long running and successful offering which provides two tips, seven days per week.

As part of their free service you get a range of additional items, including: in-depth analysis of all big races, with all the contenders considered and graded; weekly competitions and giveaways with prizes such as Cheltenham tickets, Sky packages and free bets; and a high strike rate with a strong track record for over five years.

So if you are looking for a solid all-round package with your free racing tips, Freeracingtips is a good option. 


     8. Hugh Taylor – Attheraces

Hugh Taylor AtTheRaces

Hugh Taylor is the tipster-in-chief at Attheraces and provides free tips each day for the races, usually just one or two tips.

It may surprise some that Hugh Taylor isn’t higher on this list, given his almost unparalleled record. In ten years of tipping, Taylor has amassed an astonishing 2,976 points of profit, which is truly outstanding and pretty much unmatched anywhere in the industry. 

However, there is one snag with following the tips…and that is their popularity. You see, as we found out in our review of Hugh Taylor, it is very difficult to actually make a profit from following his tips. With such amazing results, the service has a huge following as you can imagine. As soon as Hugh releases the tips, the odds get slashed dramatically and the value disappears, meaning the vast majority of punters have to accept a price much worse than that which Hugh has advised.

It may also be that the bookies cut their prices when they see the tips as well, in anticipation of the deluge of money that is about to come. Either way it means it is a tough challenge to make a profit from Mr Taylor’s tips.

In any event, with such exceptional results we thought it would be remiss not to include Hugh Taylor’s free tips on here. There may be a few people out there who are quick enough to get the advised prices and if so, they are no doubt doing very well indeed… 


     9. Pricewise (Tom Segal)

Tom Segal of PriceWise

Following hot on the heels of Hugh Taylor is another tipster who is mighty popular with the punters – Tom Segal, aka Pricewise. 

Segal is most famous for a run of ten winning Saturdays in a row in 2005 which cost the bookies – and made punters – millions of pounds. The run included winners at 20/1, 14/1, 12/1, 13/2, 10/1 and 8/1 as well as a number of other good prices. If you had compounded your winnings over that run…well, it would have been pretty incredible! With runs like that and regular good priced winners inbetween, you can see why Segal is so popular. 

It perhaps isn’t quite true to say the tips are completely “free” as you do need to purchase a copy of the Racing Post (£2.30) to view Pricewise’s tips, although of course if you are in the bookies you can have a look at the copy on the wall or if you are at the races there will probably be copies posted around as well.  

In any event, Tom Segal has established himself as one of the most famous names in horse racing tipping with his regular Pricewise column that tends to focus on big races and weekend meetings. Like his predecessors at Pricewise Mark Coton and Mel Collier, Segal’s success has mainly come from taking unusual, unexpected approaches to judging horse races. Unlike many other tipsters who devote a great deal of time to form reading and developing ratings based on speed, pace or other factors, Tom concentrates more on the personal angle of jockeys and trainers and their specialities in certain disciplines.

It is an approach that has served Pricewise well over the years and leads to a deserving place on this list of top free racing tips – well, almost free in this case.  


     10. Betting Bias

BettingBias Screenshot

Perhaps not quite as well known as the two above, but Betting Bias offers excellent free tips from a team of professional gamblers.

Since starting in 2011, they have taken an excellent 1500 points profit off the bookies at a return on investment of 16%. Whilst this has been across a range of sports, horse racing is a key part of their portfolio. 

Their horse racing expert uses a range of tools including form study, speed ratings and pace analysis to derive his selections, drawing on watching replays of past races to find an edge. This hard work and dedication has led to a number of good winners over the years, including at prices of 33/1, 28/1 and 25/1 – which of course have tended to be much higher at Betfair SP.

The nice thing about the service is that the tips are completely free – you don’t even need to sign up to a newsletter or anything. Just check the website each day and you will see the tips. There are generally one or two horse racing tips per day, so it is a fairly selective service with a focus on value. And watch out for their golf tips as well, which have an excellent long term record.

So if you fancy some completely free tips that have made over 1500 points profit in six years, you can check out Betting Bias here. 





Table of How to Access Your Free Racing Tips

Below is a table summarising the free tips listed above and how you can access them:


Betting Gods  Sign up to free tips via e-mail Click here
Bet Alchemist Sign up to free tips via e-mail Click here
Tipsters Empire Sign up to free tips via e-mail Click here
Ben Linfoot  Visit website Click here
Freeracingtips  Sign up to free tips via e-mail Click here
Tipster Street Sign up to free tips via e-mail Click here
Hugh Taylor Visit website Click here
Pricewise Buy Racing Post/visit website   Click here
Betting Bias Visit website Click here
Tipstrr Visit website Click here



Free Racing Tips To Avoid and What Not To Do

Above we have listed some of the best free horse racing tips based on our extensive research and testing. At the same time, we want to make sure you don’t fall victim to some of the free tips out there that aren’t so good. 

Here is our guide of things to watch out for when you are looking at free tips:

  • – Avoid newspaper tipsters – generally speaking, the tipsters you see in your daily newspaper do not make a long-term profit. They are obliged to tip in every race as part of their job, but no-one makes a profit betting in every race and it is practically impossible. They tend to just tip the favourite so they can talk about all the “winners” they have had.
  • – Avoid looking at the tables of newspaper tipsters – following on from the point above, you have probably seen the composite tables of all the newspaper tipsters’ tips in the Racing Post or elsewhere. Whilst it may be tempting to think that if lots of tipsters are tipping the same horse it must be good, again in most instances they are just tipping the favourite or the obvious horse. Lots of losing tipsters tipping a horse doesn’t turn them all into winners.
  • – Always check if the tipster in question has a proofed long-term record. A lot of tipsters will claim great results or maybe even just list a load of winners without full results, but if there isn’t independent testing of it then you should be skeptical of any results that look too good to be true.
  • – Don’t always presume however that just because a tipster is providing free tips they can’t be any good. As the list above demonstrates, there are a number of excellent ones out there. Remember, they or their publication may well be making good money through advertising or in selling more editions, so they may not need to charge for their tips.
  • – Make sure you have a sufficient bank to follow the tips. This means having enough to cover losing runs and drawdowns. There is nothing worse than staking too high and blowing all your cash when a tipster has a losing run, only to then see them go on and rack up a string of winners after you can no longer afford to follow them.
  • – Take a long term approach to following tips – any tipster can have up and down periods, but if you give up on them every time they have a down period you will never do well and will just end up jumping from tipster to tipster.  



The One Possible Exception to Newspaper Tipsters

We have warned above about the dangers of following newspaper tipsters and that most of them have long-term losing records. But there may be just one or two exceptions to the rule.

2 Horses RacingThe Sun’s resident tipster, Steve Jones, aka “Templegate” could be one of those. Styling himself as “Britain’s number one tipster,” Jones is not short of bravado. Now that might be a bit of a stretch, particularly given the others on this list and our best horse racing tipsters list, but on the other hand we shouldn’t discount Jones’s record entirely.

Over the course of two years of having his tips proofed, Templegate made over 200 points profit on his naps, which is no mean feat.  Our own review of Templegate’s tips gave him a neutral rating after he made a small loss on our three month trial, but certainly it was no disaster and we may have just been unfortunate and hit him at a bad time. As we say, his previous record is pretty good for a newspaper tipster.

In any event, Templegate’s tips can be found on the Sun website and also in the Sun newspaper. He may be the one newspaper tipster whose tips are worth following, if concentrating on his naps.



There are some great free horse racing tips out there and we have listed out top 10 based on extensive testing and research.

If you are off to the races for a day or looking for a free tipster to follow to make you some regular profit, you could do much worse than using one or more of the tipsters we recommend above.

If you do intend to follow one of the tipsters, make sure you have a sufficient bank and take a long-term approach.

And of course, as always please gamble responsibly and bet what you can afford to lose.




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  1. Brian Hickling
    Brian Hickling says:

    A solid list but I’d also add Andy Holding from Oddschecker as he is the best I’ve come across. I tracked his tips for over 2 years and the ROI is well above 15% at the advised prices.


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