Who Is the Best Greyhound Tipster in 2024?

The world of greyhound racing is filled with excitement, adrenaline, and of course, the thrill of the race.

But for those who want to make some money from this exhilarating sport, finding the right greyhound tipster can make all the difference.

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. That’s where we come in.

We’ve scoured the industry and looked at dozens of greyhound tipsters to bring you the ultimate guide to the best greyhound tipsters out there.

From those who have a proven track record to the up-and-comers who are making waves, we’ve got everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

So, get ready to place your bets and join us as we countdown the top greyhound tipsters in the industry today.


What Makes a Good Greyhound Tipster?

Before we dive into the top greyhound tipsters in the industry, it’s important to understand what makes a good tipster.

At its core, greyhound racing is all about predicting the outcome of a race. A good tipster should be able to do this consistently and accurately.

But that’s not all. A good greyhound tipster should also have a deep understanding of the sport, including the different tracks, weather conditions, and the dogs themselves.

Another important factor to consider is the tipster’s track record. A good greyhound tipster should have a proven record of success over a sustained period of time.

This means that they should be able to consistently deliver profitable tips and demonstrate a deep understanding of the industry.

Finally, a good greyhound tipster should be transparent and honest. They should be upfront about their successes and failures and provide their tips with clear reasoning and analysis.

A Few Things to Note About Betting on Greyhounds

Prior to delving into our list of the finest greyhound tipsters, it is worth considering a few key points that distinguish greyhound betting from horse racing, offering a distinct betting experience:

  1. Small Field Sizes: Greyhound races typically feature a maximum of six runners, leading to lower odds compared to horse racing events with larger fields, such as handicaps with 20+ runners. This condensed field size simplifies the task of identifying potential winners and analyzing races with fewer contenders to consider.
  2. Limited Liquidity, Especially Early on: Greyhound racing exhibits significantly lower liquidity than horse racing, particularly in the early stages. Even a modest surge of interest in a particular dog can swiftly impact prices at bookmakers. Therefore, it can prove beneficial to hold accounts with multiple bookmakers, allowing you to spread your bets across different platforms.
  3. Betfair as an Alternative: If you lack bookmaker accounts, betting on Betfair can be a viable alternative. However, it is essential to note that liquidity remains scarce until a few minutes prior to the race. Consequently, opportunities for early-day betting on Betfair are limited. Opting for Betfair SP is a popular choice among punters, enabling them to place bets earlier in the day without monitoring the live market. Although long-term profitability typically favors betting with the bookmakers, especially when Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) is available, it is still possible to generate satisfactory profits using Betfair exclusively.

These points serve as a reminder when engaging in greyhound betting. With some effort, you should be able to secure favorable odds for your wagers, whether through Betfair, bookmakers, or a combination of both platforms.


Best Greyhound Tipsters

OK, without further ado we will take a look at our list of the top greyhound tips out there. This is our choice of the Top Five after a great deal of searching, research and testing of tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews.


 1. Premier Greyhound Tips

At the pinnacle of our rankings resides Premier Greyhound Tips, a renowned service that has been operational since 2014.

Impressively, it has generated profits exceeding £12,000 with just £10 per point stakes during its tenure.

The consistency displayed by this service is truly remarkable, boasting a steady return on investment of 13% and a 27% strike rate. Out of the 70 months since its inception, 52 have yielded profits, exemplifying the kind of reliability we highly value.

The service has exhibited exceptional capital growth, with the bank expanding by over 700% since its tipping activities commenced.

This phenomenal growth surpasses the returns achieved by the majority of tipsters or investment schemes. To illustrate, if one had initially invested £5,000, the current value would exceed £50,000—a truly impressive feat.

Tips are conveniently provided in the morning (UK time), and the average daily volume typically ranges between 1 to 2 bets, ensuring ease of following.

We conducted an initial review of Premier Greyhound Tips during the 2015-16 period and have continued to monitor its progress since then, awarding it a PASSED rating.

With over six years of sustained success, this service has demonstrated a clear advantage over bookmakers, consistently generating exceptional returns for its members.

Based on its outstanding track record, we take great pleasure in recognizing Premier Greyhound Tips as the foremost greyhound tipster on our esteemed list.


2. Greyhound Maestro

Making a significant impact on our list is Greyhound Maestro, an immensely successful tipster hailing from the Bet Hub tipster platform. This professional gambler possesses an unwavering passion for greyhounds, frequently offering expert insights during live TV meetings.

The results attained by Greyhound Maestro seamlessly align with his dedication, having accumulated over 1000 points in profits since commencing tipping activities in 2018.

This translates to an impressive £10,000 profit based on £10-per-point stakes.

Notably, these remarkable returns have been accompanied by an exceptional return on investment of 21%, exemplifying the tipster’s astute selection process. Moreover, the strike rate stands at just under 30%, further enhancing the appeal of this service.

To substantiate its credibility, we conducted a live trial of Greyhound Maestro’s tips during 2019-2020, during which they generated a commendable 73 points in profit with a return on investment of 17%. Such exceptional performance undoubtedly warranted a resounding PASSED rating from our team.

Given these stellar outcomes, it comes as no surprise to witness Greyhound Maestro securing a prominent position towards the upper echelons of our esteemed list.


3. Mad Dog Man Tips

Mad Dog Man Tips, although relatively new compared to the previously mentioned tipsters on this list, has already demonstrated an impressive track record of success within the time they have been active.

Although exclusively available on Twitter at the moment, Mad Dog Man Tips has managed to cultivate a dedicated following since commencing their tipping activities.

Their overall performance since entering the tipping scene is remarkable, having generated over £4,700 in profits based on £10-per-point stakes. This impressive feat is accompanied by an outstanding return on investment (ROI) of 30%.

As a result, the average monthly profit amounts to a useful £297, providing a valuable additional income stream.

Tips are conveniently delivered through the Telegram messenger app, with the added benefit of offering separate subscriptions for tips exclusively tailored to the Betfair exchange. This enables individuals facing bookmaker restrictions to still access the tips and capitalize on the recommended selections.

Taking into account these robust achievements, Mad Dog Man Tips unquestionably merits a prominent position on this list due to their substantial accomplishments thus far.



4. The Greyhound Punter

Continuing down our list of noteworthy greyhound tipsters, we encounter the Greyhound Punter, currently exclusively available on Twitter. Despite its relatively recent establishment in early 2020, this service has already demonstrated commendable profitability.

The Greyhound Punter operates two distinct groups, namely the Sportsbook group and the Betfair SP group, both conveniently accessible through Telegram. The Sportsbook group has yielded an impressive profit of over 175 points thus far, while the Betfair SP group has amassed over 70 points in profit.

Although the Greyhound Punter’s journey is still in its early stages, we are closely monitoring its progress due to the highly encouraging results observed thus far. This service exhibits promising potential, with the capacity to develop into a truly commendable tipster offering.


5. Sporting Life Greyhound Tips


Concluding our list, we have the Sporting Life’s Greyhound Tips. Recognized as one of the most esteemed names in the betting industry, Sporting Life offers tips covering various sports, including greyhound racing.

The greyhound tipster affiliated with Sporting Life typically presents a best bet, next best, and a treble selection for the day’s racing, ensuring ample options for punters to consider. Additionally, they provide comprehensive analysis for their key selections, along with a complete list of predictions for the day’s events.

While Sporting Life boasts an excellent overall record across its various tipsters, it is worth noting that they do not provide a specific breakdown of their greyhound betting results. Therefore, it would be prudent to monitor their performance before committing any funds to their tips, allowing for a more informed decision regarding their reliability in the greyhound racing domain.


Get to Know Your Greyhound Racing Terminology

Before you start betting on greyhound racing, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the terminology used in the industry. Some of the key terms you should be familiar with include:

– Trap: The starting gate that the dogs start from

– Handicap: A race where the dogs carry different weights based on their past performance

– Derby: A prestigious greyhound racing event

– Sprint: A shorter race, usually under 400 meters

By understanding these terms and others, you can better understand the sport and make more informed bets.


Conclusion – Finding a Top Greyhound Tipster

We have previously looked at the best horse racing and football tipsters, so we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at the best greyhound tipsters. 

Greyhound racing is something of a niche when it comes to betting, certainly compared to its more illustrious neighbour of horse racing. 

However, that means there are some great opportunities to profit from markets where most punters and professionals are not focused. Whilst there aren’t a huge number of greyhound tipsters out there, there are some very good ones who have demonstrated an ability to consistently beat the bookies and churn out an excellent profit for their members. 

We have listed our top 5 above from all those we have come across, but if there are any you think should be on this list that we haven’t covered, please let us know.

As ever, if you are betting on the dogs or any other sport, please gamble responsibly and only risk money you can afford to lose. 





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