Who Is the Best Greyhound Tipster?

We have previously looked at the best horse racing and football tipsters, so we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at the best greyhound tipsters. 

Greyhound racing is a popular sport but often lives in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbour of horse racing. However, the fact it is a little more niche means there are more angles to potentially be exploited and profits can certainly be made. 

In fact, there are a number of very good greyhound tipsters out there who go somewhat “under the radar” as there is not as much focus and hype given to them as successful tipsters in other sports. Following them can deliver very good profits however, and has done so for their members over the last few years.

We have reviewed a number of greyhound tipsters over the years here at Honest Betting Reviews and although there aren’t as many to choose from compared to horse racing and football for example, we have still managed to find a few “hidden gems.”

Even if you are not a fan of dog racing yourself, it is well worth checking these tipsters out because they have delivered excellent results and all you need to do is copy their selections, you don’t need to know anything about greyhound racing itself. Just place the bets and then sit back and (hopefully) enjoy the profits!


A Few Things to Note About Betting on Greyhounds

Before we get onto our list of the best greyhound tipsters, it is worth bearing in mind a few points when betting on greyhounds as it has a slightly different feel to it to horse racing from a betting point of view.

  • 1. Small fields – most greyhound races have a maximum of six runners, meaning that the odds don’t tend to be as high as in horse racing where you have 20+ runner fields in big handicaps etc. It also makes it simpler to focus on potential winners and to analyse races with fewer runners to consider. 
  • 2. Low liquidity, especially early – the liquidity in greyhound racing is much, much lower than in horse racing. Particularly earlier in the day, even a small gamble on a dog can move prices dramatically at the bookies. So it can be worth having a few bookie accounts to choose from and spreading bets around if you can. 
  • 3. Betfair a viable option – betting at Betfair can be a viable option if you don’t have bookie accounts. However, as mentioned there is very little liquidity right up until just a few minutes before the race, so there isn’t much scope for betting earlier in the day on Betfair. You can of course use Betfair SP and this is an option many punters go for as you can place the bet earlier in the day and not have to follow the live market. Although in the long run you will tend to do better at the bookies, particularly if you have access to BOG (best odds guaranteed), you can still make good profits using Betfair alone.  

So just a few points to keep in mind if you are betting on the greyhounds. All in all with a bit of effort you should be able to achieve decent prices on your bets, whether you are using Betfair, the bookies, or a combination of both.


Best Greyhound Tips

OK, without further ado we will take a look at our list of the top greyhound tips out there. This is our choice of the Top Five after a great deal of searching, research and testing of tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews.


 1. Premier Greyhound Tips

Top of our list is Premier Greyhound Tips. This is a service that has been running since 2014 and has made over £7,000 profit to just £10 per point stakes in that time. They have been remarkably consistent, amassing those profits with a steady return on investment of 10% and a strike rate of 27%. Out of 70 months since the service began, 52 have been profitable. That’s the type of consistency we really like to see!

The bank has grown by over 700% since they started tipping, which is superb capital growth and smashes the returns of most tipsters or investment schemes. So if you’d started with a bank of £5,000 it would now be worth over £35,000! 

The tips are provided in the morning (UK time) and there are normally just 1-2 bets per day on average, making it a simple service to follow. We originally reviewed Premier Greyhound Tips back in 2015-16 and have continued following it since then, giving it a PASSED rating. The service has stood the test of time, proving it has a clear edge over the bookies for over six years now and producing sterling returns for its members. 

We are happy therefore to award Premier Greyhound Tips a place at the top of this list of the best greyhound tipsters. 


2. Greyhound Maestro

Next up on our list is a very successful tipster from the Bet Hub tipster platform called Greyhound Maestro. The tips are  provided by a professional gambler. The tipster in question apparently lives and breathes greyhounds and can often be found giving his expert opinions on live TV meetings.

The results match his enthusiasm with over 400 points profit made since he started tipping in 2018. That would be over £4,000 profit to just £10/point stakes and has been achieved with a superb return on investment of 21%. The strike rate has been very good too at just under 30%.

We ran a live trial of the service in 2019-2020 and they made an impressive 73 points profit at a return on investment of 17%, warranting a clear PASSED rating from us. 

With these stellar results it is no surprise to see Greyhound Maestro right towards the top of this list.


3. Mad Dog Man Tips

A greyhound tipster who hasn’t been around as long as the two above them in this list but who has still produced a very noteworthy record of success in the time they have been running is Mad Dog Man Tips.

This tipster is currently only available on Twitter but has established quite a loyal following since starting tipping in 

Their overall results since starting tipping are impressive, with over £4,500 profit made to £10 per point at an excellent return on investment (ROI) of 28%. That equates to an average monthly profit of £297 which is a handy little extra income to have.

The tips are provided via the Telegram messenger app and they also provide tips solely for the Betfair exchange (as a separate subscription) for those who may be restricted by the bookies. 

All in all then Mad Dog Man Tips has produced very strong results so far and is well worth a place high on this list. 



4. The Greyhound Punter

Next on our list of top greyhound tipsters we have the Greyhound Punter. Currently also only available on Twitter, this service nevertheless has produced decent profits since starting up in early 2020. 

They run two groups, a Sportsbook group and a Betfair SP group, both provided via Telegram. The Sportsbook group has made over 175 points profit to date and the Betfair SP group over 70 points profit. 

Although it’s early days with this tipster, we are keeping an eye on it as the results look very encouraging and it has the makings of a very decent service. 


5. Sporting Life Greyhound Tips

Finally to wrap up our list we have the Sporting Life’s Greyhound Tips. The Sporting Life is one of the most renowned names in the betting world and they provide tips across a range of sports, including greyhounds. 

The Sporting Life’s greyhound tipster normally provides a best bet, next best and treble for the day’s action so there is plenty to go at. They also provide a full analysis for the main selections as well as a full list of their predictions for the day.   

The overall record of the Sporting Life’s tipsters is excellent, although they don’t provide a breakdown of the results of their greyhound bets so it might be best to monitor them first before risking any money on the tips. 



Conclusion – Finding a Top Greyhound Tipster

Greyhound racing is something of a niche when it comes to betting, certainly compared to its more illustrious neighbour of horse racing. 

However, that means there are some great opportunities to profit from markets where most punters and professionals are not focused. Whilst there aren’t a huge number of greyhound tipsters out there, there are some very good ones who have demonstrated an ability to consistently beat the bookies and churn out an excellent profit for their members. 

We have listed our top 5 above from all those we have come across, but if there are any you think should be on this list that we haven’t covered, please let us know.

As ever, if you are betting on the dogs or any other sport, please gamble responsibly and only risk money you can afford to lose. 





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