Premier Greyhound Tips – Three Year Update

It is now close to three years since we started following Premier Greyhound Tips and we thought it was high time for an update on how things have been going as this has been somewhat of a neglected service.

Originally we awarded this a neutral rating after it made a profit of 31 points during our three month trial, but since our original review it has done extremely well and notched up some impressive profits.

Since our original review – two and a half years ago – Premier Greyhound Tips has gone on to make an additional 300 points profit and has done so in a very consistent fashion.

Of the 31 months since our trial ended, 21 have been profitable, so approximately two thirds, which is very good going over such a long period.

That has been achieved with a healthy return on investment of over 12% and a solid win rate of over 25%.

It’s quite a simple service to follow with just 2-3 bets per day and you can even place the bets at Betfair SP if you like.

Amazingly though, even with results like those the service only costs £10 per month to join (after a 10 day trial for £1).

That makes it one of the cheapest tipsters we have come across and certainly you won’t find many cheaper with results as good as those.

So all in all we are pleased to upgrade Premier Greyhound Tips to a PASSED rating after almost three years of proofing the tips. 


This is well worth adding to your portfolio and at just £10 per month is a bit of a steal to be honest.

You can check out Premier Greyhound Tips here.







Premier Greyhound Tips – Final Review

31st January 2016

We have completed our three month trial of Premier Greyhound Tips and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +31 points 
Strike Rate:    26% 
Bank Growth:    21%
Cost:   Free 14 day trial then £39.95/month or £99.95/quarter
ROI:   6%
Average number of tips:    2 per day


You can view full results here.


Premier Greyhound Tips – Full Review


So our first trial of a greyhound tipster here at Honest Betting Reviews has come to an end. 

How did it get on?

Well like all Betting Gods services, it is very efficiently run with an e-mail each day containing the tips with full explanations for the selections and complete results are published on their website.

We can verify that all those results are accurate for our trial period.

So what is our overall view of the service following our trial?

Well, much like our review of All Weather Profits, this has been quite a difficult service to evaluate. 

Whilst on the face of it, profits of 31 points during the trial is a good effort, at the same time that figure is based on average stakes of 2.4 per selection, which actually equates to just 13 points profit to 1 point level stakes.

So after three months of tips, we have the equivalent of 13 points profit at a return on investment of just 6%.

For us that isn’t quite high enough to give this a recommended rating based on the results achieved during our trial.

As you can see from the profit graph for the trial, it was a bit topsy-turvy to say the least!

Premier Greyhound Tips Profit Graph

Although they got off to a bad start going nearly 40 points down early on, they did well to recover to over 30 points up in the end.

The bank growth was just 20% based on a 150 point bank, which again is a bit below what we would normally expect for a passed verdict to be awarded.

Having said that, we were probably quite unlucky with the timing of our trial as it coincided with the worst month the service has had since it started and is one of only two losing months in 16 so far.

So we will certainly be continuing to follow this service and see if they can maintain the consistency achieved over the last year and a half or so.


Advised Prices vs Betfair SP

One issue to be aware of if you are thinking of signing up to Premier Greyhound Tips is that the service does not appear to be profitable to follow at Betfair SP. 

Whilst they achieved 31 points profit at advised prices during our trial, the tips actually made a loss of 42 points at Betfair SP.

This is a big difference and as we say, probably means it is not practical to follow at Betfair SP.

So we looked at how obtainable the advised prices are given that Betfair SP is not really an option here.

We recorded the results during January (barring a couple of days we missed) and as you can see, the prices were generally very much available an hour after the tips were sent out.

You can view full results here.

Basically whilst the advised prices had average odds of 4.59 over the whole of January, an hour after the tips were sent, the best prices available had average odds of 4.54.

So there was very little difference in the prices and you should be able to just about match the published results.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: There are about 2 bets per day on average, making this a low workload service to follow. 

Availability of prices: Generally good – see info above. The only thing to be careful of is that the tips are sent out at various  different times of day, so if you are limited in when you can access the bookies’ websites, this may affect things for you. However, generally there is not huge downward pressure on the prices so you should still be able to get the advised prices in the majority of cases.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 26%, which is just a tiny bit behind the long-term average of 27%. 

Advised Betting Bank: There was no betting bank advised, so with average stakes of 2.4 per bet and a long term strike rate of 27%, we felt a 150 point bank was warranted, which was comfortable and seemed to be the right level for this service.

Subscription costs: As with all Betting Gods’ services, there is a great opportunity to trial the service first, with a 14 day trial followed by just £1 for the first month.

After that the subscription costs are £39.95/per month; £99.95/quarter or £229.95 for life.



We feel like we were a bit unlucky with the timing of the trial as we hit at its worst run so far. 

However, we can only judge a service on what it achieves whilst we are proofing it and during our trial this didn’t quite do well enough to justify a recommended rating.

Growth of 20% in the bank and 31 points profit are solid results, but just slightly below what is required for an approved rating.

Other services like Master Racing Tipster and Racing Gold achieved well over 100% bank growth during their trials, so the standard has been set high in that respect.

We will keep following Premier Greyhound Tips and see if in the longer term they can match the achievements of those services.

For the time being though, it is a neutral rating for the first greyhound tipster reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews.





Premier Greyhound Tips – Results Update

23rd December 2015

Quite a big disparity has opened up for Premier Greyhound Tips between their results at advised prices and results at Betfair SP.

At advised prices, they have made some progress since our last update, making 10 points profit in the last six weeks, taking them to +7 points for the trial overall. 

However, at Betfair SP they have lost 40 points, putting them on -56 points for the trial.

You can view full results here.

On that basis our conclusion would be that this service is not profitable to follow at Betfair SP, as a 63 point difference is far too much to make it practical.

So we will focus more closely now on the availability of the advised prices and whether we can match those prices.

Back soon with more updates.




Premier Greyhound Tips – Results Update

11th November 2015

It has been a bit of a slow start to our trial of Premier Greyhound Tips, the first greyhound tipster we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews.

So far they are 3 points down at advised prices and 16 points down at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

So already a bit of gap opening up between the advised prices and Betfair SP, that is something we will have to keep an eye on, together with the availability of the advised prices.

Still very early days for this one with only a couple of weeks gone so plenty of time for things to pick up and keep up the impressive form shown before our trial started.

Back soon with more results updates.




Premier Greyhound Tips – New Review

25th October 2015

It is something totally new for us today – the first greyhound tipster we have trialed here at Honest Betting Reviews.

When I think of greyhound racing it conjures up memories of cold winter evenings at Wimbledon dog track during my generally misspent youth. Normally the night would end with us all losing money and cursing how the sport was “bent” or “crooked” – unwilling to acknowledge that we were just not very good at reading the form.

Since those days I have tended to stay away betting on this particular variety of four-legged creatures. 

However, we are not ones to turn a blind eye to money making opportunities when they arise and a greyhound tipster of note has recently come to our attention. 

The tipster in question is Premier Greyhound Tips from the Betting Gods stable.

Betting Gods Premier Greyhound Tips

Since the service started tipping a year ago they have amassed 274 points profit at a 13% return on investment.

That has come at a healthy 28% strike rate and using just £10 per point averages out at £211 profit per month.

The last few months have been particularly impressive, with the following totals accumulated using just £10 stakes:

October : £381.30 profit

September : £193.10 profit
August : £10 profit
July : £168.80 profit
June : £197.30 profit
May : £335.30 profit

So hopefully they can keen up those kind of results during our trial and beyond. 

We will run a three month trial as usual and record the results here on the website. 

In the meantime you can check out Premier Greyhound Tips here.



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