Betmarkets – Results Update

More losses for us unfortunately on the Betmarkets platform, with another €50 dropped since our last update.

That means we are now €252 down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Sadly this trial is not going as we had hoped. The platform is a great piece of technology, it just looks like we’ve been a bit unlucky with the tipsters we’ve chosen to follow. 

Interestingly however we’ve seen Jon Roberts of Football Advisor has now joined the platform as a tipster. Jon is a well-respected figure in the industry and we have positively reviewed two of his services – Predictology and Football Advisor Lays – so it is good to see him on Betmarkets. 

We imagine they will continue to add prominent tipsters to their list as the platform grows because it is a great tool for bettors as we say. Just need our own results to turn around soon…





Betmarkets – Results Update

20th February 2021

Betmarkets is a tipster copy platform where you can automatically copy the bets of professional gamblers. It can be thought of as an “Etoro of the betting world.”

Sadly since we joined the platform in December it’s just been steady losses for us, with a further €145 lost since our last update.

That means we are now €202 down for our trial overall from an initial deposit of €1000.

You can view full results here 

Half of the losses so far are down to a bettor called Danny, who it seems went somewhat off the rails. We received an email from Betmarkets on the 3rd February stating:-

“As the subject describes, this email is about Danny’s latest behaviour within our platform. Throughout the weekend, Danny showed signals of tilting / chasing his recent losses after a period of poor performance (although his overall results are still above average): he placed bets straight after losing others and his amount staked per bet increased as well.

This is not the first time this happened with Danny, so we decided to temporarily exclude him from the list of bettors that new users can copy and we recommend you to stop copying him for the time being considering the recent behaviour.”

We took their advice and stopped copying Danny, replacing him with Radek M.

It is obviously disappointing this occurred and it could happen with any tipster, although perhaps if you were following tips manually in the normal way you might have spotted it sooner. 

Anyway, hopefully that is an isolated incident and none of the other bettors will engage in such behaviour. Let’s also hope for a swift turnaround in fortunes for the bettors we are copying. 





Betmarkets – Results Update

22nd January 2021

Betmarkets is a tipster copy platform where you can automatically copy the bets of professional gamblers. It can be thought of as an “Etoro of the betting world.”

It’s been a bit of a slow start to our trial of Betmarkets however, with a loss of €45 made so far after one month of following five bettors on their platform. 

That loss is from a starting bank of €1000, so is “no biggie” as they say, representing just 4.5% of the bank.

You can view full results here.

With a review like this you are kind of looking at two things – one is the performance of the bettors you choose to follow and the other is the platform itself. 

Whilst the performance of the bettors hasn’t been great so far, we have to say the platform itself is excellent and has worked exactly as it should with bets placed automatically and results updated in real time. The information is presented in a very clear, user-friendly way so you can see things like betting history, ROI, open bets etc at the touch of a button.

We do see big potential in Betmarkets in the long run, we just need the bettors we are following to get going and start making some profits.





Betmarkets – New Review

21st December 2020

We are starting a review today of an exciting and innovative new betting product that we think is one of the most disruptive breakthroughs we have seen in the betting world in quite some time. 

The service in question is called Betmarkets and essentially it is a tipster copy platform. It bills itself as the “Etoro for betting” and if you have ever used that service, it is a very apt description. 

Basically you choose from a variety of tipsters across a range of sports, all with verified track records. You choose how much money you want to follow them with and then their bets are replicated automatically on your account. 

Here are Betmarkets explaining the concept themselves:-

As they say, you just pay 20% of any profit a bettor makes you, there are no other fees or subscriptions to pay. 

We really like this idea for a number of reasons:-

  • – It takes the time and effort out of following a group of tipsters as the bets are placed for you automatically
  • – No more missing bets because you didn’t get an e-mail/Telegram message in time
  • – No rushing to get the advised prices before the odds move against you
  • – Being able to select a portfolio of tipsters with verified track records
  • – Use of “sharp” bookmakers as well as exchanges
  • – All bets are tracked in real time so you can see exactly how each tipster is doing

We have been waiting for some technology like this to come along for a while and whilst there have been one or two attempts at it previously, this looks like the real deal and we are very impressed by what we seen of the platform so far. 

So we have deposited €1,000 into Betmarkets and selected five bettors to follow based on their 12-month and overall records. A couple of these names were already familiar to us from other services we follow so we know these are top tipsters. 

We are quite hopeful this can turn into a form of “passive income” for us, producing regular returns on auto-pilot without us having to do anything.

That’s the dream anyway, we will see if it turns into reality during our review! As usual we will provide regular updates on how things are going here.

In the meantime you can check out Betmarkets for yourself here.




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