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Football Trading Webinars – Final Review

——–PLEASE NOTE: The football trading webinars are no longer running. The team behind them have decided instead to focus on APT, which is a platform where you can automatically copy the trades of professional traders. You can read more about it here.————–



Football Trading Webinars – Final Review

19th April 2019

We have come to the end of our six month trial of the Football Trading Webinars and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    +£1,993
Strike Rate:   68%
Bank Growth:   99.6%
ROI:   n/a
Average number of trades:   5 webinars per week
Cost:   Free for first 14 days then £69.99/month


You can view full results here.


Football Trading Webinars – Full Review


With the main football season now over it’s time to wrap up our review of the Football Trading Webinars we have been following for the last six months. 

The webinars were provided by two professional traders, Kev and Steve, with the assistance of their colleague David. Kev is the main trader who runs the strategies and trades live with his screen shared with viewers, whilst Steve is an expert on the markets and how they move. 

At first we found the webinars quite difficult to follow and it took us a few of them to grasp what the trades were all about and what they were aiming to achieve in different scenarios. Eventually we got the hang of it though and after you grasp the trading strategies the whole thing becomes a lot easier to follow. 

Kev uses trading software (e.g. Geeks Toy), so what you see on the webinar is his live trading ladders with Geeks Toy.  You don’t have to use trading software to copy Kev’s trades and for most of them we were able to use Betfair’s normal website quite successfully, but it is recommended you use trading software. 

Most of the trades involved the over/under markets but some also incorporated other markets such as the HT/FT and HT score markets as more trading strategies were introduced. 

Over the course of the trial they made just shy of £2,000 profit on the webinars, which is excellent going indeed. 

They also offered golf trading via the Telegram messenger app, which made a healthy £466 profit during our trial and NFL trading that made £1,006 profit. Those were separate services at an extra cost however.

In addition there were also daily e-mails with tips for bets and trades across the European leagues, although we weren’t able to proof those selections so can’t comment on the results. 

On the basis of our trial we definitely award this a PASSED rating and would say it is the best football trading service we have come across to date.

New Auto-Trading Software

The good news however is that the team behind the webinars are currently beta-testing a completely new form of trading via some auto-trading software.

What this will do is copy the trades of the professional traders automatically to your Betfair account so you don’t have to do anything other than set the software up and let it run. This obviously removes the need to spend hours following the webinars and understanding the strategies yourself.

We have seen this kind of thing before on the forex markets (and indeed are currently testing one such trade-copier with TIG Trading) but have yet to see a trade copier for Betfair so this would be a great innovation if it works. 

The software is still in beta-testing mode but if you would be interested in trying it out, they currently have a paper-trade mode that allows you to see how it works and what kind of profit it can deliver without risking any money, so please let us know if you are interested in that by e-mailing us at


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: As discussed above, the webinars are initially quite difficult to follow and introductory sessions for new members as well as some clarity about what exactly they are doing at each point of the trades we believe would assist people in understanding. 

Availability of prices: As you can see the live screens and follow the trades on Betfair there is no real issue in obtaining the prices. Occasionally Kev may execute a trade you miss just before the market is suspended, but this can work both ways so should even out overall.  

Strike rate: An impressive 68% of the webinars were profitable, which is testament to the quality of the trading.

Advised Betting Bank: We used a £2,000 bank for the trial which we think should be sufficient given the strike rate. Although there were a couple of webinars which lost £150-£200, those were few and far between and losses were quickly recovered each time.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are fairly reasonable given the results achieved with the first 14 days free followed by £69.99/month.



The Football Trading Webinars produced just shy of £2,000 profit during our trial, which was excellent going. Their golf and NFL trading also delivered excellent profits of nearly £1,500 combined.

The webinars were a little difficult to follow at first but we think with a little bit of work those issues can be addressed and those who put in the effort will be richly rewarded

Update 10.10.19 – The webinars will not be in operation for the 2019/20 season as all focus has shifted to Auto Pro Trader, which is now operating a waiting list due to high demand. If you would like to join the waiting list, please drop us a line at








Football Trading Webinars – Results Update

19th April 2019

The Football Trading Webinars have continued to churn out the profits, with another £276 made since our last update.

That means they are now £2,088 up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

The golf also continues to perform very well, with another £127 profit made since our last update and £420 profit generated overall. 

And as mentioned previously, the NFL season finished with over £1,000 profit. 

So on the one hand we can say the results have been superb and our own trading has improved immensely from following the service, but on the other hand we know that a number of you have tried to follow the webinars and found it very difficult and confusing. 

Some improvements have been made recently on that front, with new webinar software “Zoom” making it much easier to see the live trading screens, which were very small on the previous software. 

However, even with the new software it can be very difficult for newbies to follow what is going on and we think the service would benefit greatly from much clearer explanations of the trades, what they are aiming to achieve and how the match will be traded under different scenarios. For someone new joining a webinar the whole thing can seem incomprehensible.

They are planning to release a new piece of software called Auto Pro Trader which will work a bit like a trade copier and mean you don’t need to follow along live, the software will automatically copy the trades for you on Betfair.

That is still being worked on so we will have to wait and see how well it works, but in the meantime those who have managed to stick with it and figure out the live webinars have done very well.

if you would like to check the service out, they are currently offering a 14-day free trial so if you are interested, please drop us an e-mail at and we will send you further details. 







Football Trading Webinars – Results Update

19th March 2019

The profits have continued to accumulate for the Football Trading Webinars we have been following, with another £253 profit made since our last update at the end of January. 

That means we are now £1,812 up for the trial overall from following the live football trading. 

You can view full results here.

There are also Golf and NFL live trading services available and you can see results for those in the other tabs at the bottom of our spreadsheet. 

The Golf trading service is £293 up for our trial overall and the NFL trading service finished the season with a profit of £1,006. 

Please note the Golf and NFL services are now available as separate services to the football, although there are discounts available for signing up to multiple services. 

In summary then they have made very impressive profits and although the football has been a little up and down recently, the results for our trial overall are still excellent and this is now a solid part of our portfolio.

If you want to check any of the services out then please drop us an e-mail at and we will send you further details. 






Football Trading Webinars – Results Update

30th January 2019

The results for the Live Football Trading service have been fantastic so far, with a profit of £1,559 made since we started following the footy trading advice back in November. 

You can view full results here.

The trading comes in two forms primarily – live football webinars for some matches and via the Telegram messenger app for others. 

It takes a little bit of understanding to follow the trading but once you have seen a couple of webinars you should get the hang of it. Mostly the trades revolve around the over/under and correct score markets. You can use trading software for the trading but it’s not essential – everything can be done on the Betfair website with ease. 

We have really been blown away with the quality of this service and the profits generated to date, not just on football but also on the NFL with £1091 profit made so far.

Golf trading is just getting going too and also looks promising (you can see the results for the NFL and golf via the tabs at the bottom of our results spreadsheet).

There are so few good trading services out there and even fewer that actually allow you to follow along with a professional trader like you can here. We feel like this is something of a revelation not just in itself but from what you can learn to improve your own trading (if you do any of course).

If you want to check the service out then please drop us an e-mail at as joining is by invite only at the moment. 

We understand a website is coming soon so will update this page when that becomes available. 








Football Trading Webinars – New Review

17th December 2018

If you’ve been following the site lately you may have seen our review of Rugby Trading Webinars, which have been going very well. 

The same team behind those webinars have also been providing football trading webinars for a few months now. 

They are a team of professional traders and software developers, one of whom provides the Rugby Trading Webinars and another who does the football. 

We have been following the football trading webinars for over a month now and have been very impressed so wanted to set up a formal review of the service.

Essentially the way it works is that when you sign up, you get welcome documents explaining the trading strategies and general info on how to trade.

There is then a schedule for the week setting out which matches will be traded by live webinar. There are also matches traded by messenger app and live shout-outs. 

On the day of a live webinar you get a match preview setting out the professional trader’s thoughts on the game and the strategy he will be trading. 

You then have the live webinar itself in which you can see his live trading screen and he talks through the trades he is making.

It can seem a little complicated at first but after following a couple of the webinars you should get a pretty good idea of how it works. 

Trading via webinar is a new approach to trading – for us at least – and it’s a great way to follow along and learn how a professional trades.

There is currently no website for the service but when ones become available we will update this page. 

In the meantime, if you are interested in joining then please send an e-mail to mentioning that you are interested in joining the Football Trading Webinars and we will forward the details on to you. 

We started following the webinars in late October so will list results from then. We will provide a results update shortly so you can see exactly how things have gone since we signed up.






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