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Betscape – Final Review

We have reached the end of our one month trial of Betscape and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +39 points
Strike Rate:   32%
Bank Growth:   39%
ROI:   16%
Average number of bets:   8 per day
Cost:   3 week free trial then £49.99 per month


You can view full results here.


Betscape – Full Review


Betscape is a piece of software that tracks the movements of the horse racing markets – including where money is being put on – and identifies value selections, to be backed either with the bookies or exchanges.

You can log on to their website to receive selections or alternatively get them via Whatsapp. The system refreshes every hour to provide any new selections, but in reality there don’t tend to be many new selections each time and you can probably gather most selections from just one or two checks per day.

The system is apparently based on mathematics and has been developed over 8 years by the Jolly Lock team. 

We have carried out just a one month review of this one as they are limiting numbers to 300 members, so it is likely it will be full well before the end of our normal three month review period.

During our one month review Betscape performed very well, producing a profit of 39 points at advised bookies prices.

It also made a profit of 49 points at advised exchange prices, which are the prices available at Betfair at the time the selections are generated. And it even made a profit at Betfair SP, generating a healthy 26 points profit during our one month trial.

Here is the profit graph for the advised bookie prices, which as you can see was nice and steady:

So overall Betscape has done very well and although the bet volume is quite high with around 8 bets per day on average, with the option to use exchanges to place the bets the workload is not necessarily too bad.

It would be interesting to learn a little more about how selections are generated, but we can understand if they don’t want to give away their secrets.

Anyway, we are happy to give Betscape a PASSED rating based on our trial and this looks like a very promising system.

Obviously we will need to monitor results for much longer than one month to form a reliable picture of its performance, but it’s so far so good for this one. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  There are an average of 8 bets per day, which is quite high but as we say you can use the exchanges to place the bets which speeds up the bet placement process considerably. 

Availability of prices: Generally speaking the prices were obtainable. We found the occasional one would get pushed in quite considerably, but that was balanced out by a number of others that would drift slightly. Certainly it did not feel like there was a mad rush to get the bets on.  

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 32%, which is solid and means a good proportion of winners to keep things ticking along. 

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 100 point bank for following the service, which seemed sufficient given the 32% strike rate and 1 point level staking.   

Subscription costs: There is a free 3 week trial available, after which the subscription costs are £49.99 per month.



Betscape is a piece of software that tracks the horse racing markets and finds value bets to be backed either with the bookies or at the exchanges.

It performed very well during our trial, notching up 39 points profit in just one month using bookies’ prices and an excellent 49 points profit using exchange odds.

We would want to track results for longer than one month before giving a firm verdict on the service, but based on what we have seen so far this looks very promising and it could well be worth testing out with their free three week trial. 








Betscape – New Review

22nd May 2018

We were recently contacted about a new piece of betting software which looks quite interesting.

It is called Betscape and comes from the same people behind Jolly Lock, a clever piece of kit that allows you to stop the bookies from spying on you and your betting activities whilst you’re online (e.g. when you’re doing things like matched betting, arbing etc that they might not like). 

We liked the original Jolly Lock software so were intrigued to see what their new offering Betscape was all about.

Basically it is a piece of software that tracks the movements of the horse racing markets – including where money is being put on – and identifies value selections, to be backed either with the bookies or exchanges.

It is based on mathematics and advanced algorithms and has been eight years in the making by a guy called Steve Goodings, who studied maths at university. 

To get the bets you have to login into the Betscape system and they are available to view onscreen, or you can receive alerts via Whatsapp.

Betscape’s results so far since going live are as follows:

March 2018:
Advised Odds: +25 points
Betfair SP: +28 points
BOG: +34 points

April 2018:
Advised Odds: +13.65
Betfair SP: +0.35
BOG: +17.49

Running Totals
Advised Odds: +38.65
Betfair SP: +28.35
BOG: +51.49

So results to date look encouraging and it will be interesting to see how it gets on under a live trial.

There is a 3 week free trial available so you can test it out for yourself. 

They are only going to allow 300 people to join in order to protect prices and a good number of those have already been taken. 

So there doesn’t seem much point doing a full three month review here as they are very likely to be full by then. 

But we will conduct a short test over the next few weeks to see how well the Betscape software performs and what exactly is involved in using it. 

In the meantime you can check out Betscape here.










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    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Jeffers,

      We haven’t received any commissions for this and the results recorded for our trial are exactly as generated by the software.

      We can’t comment on anyone else’s results but the results published here are the results achieved during our trial.

      We haven’t been proofing the software since our trial ended but understand recent results have been good too.

      Think there was another system with a similar name that struggled but this is the Jolly Lock one and seems to work well.

      Kind regards,



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