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Betting Exchange Commission Rates

Betting exchanges have become very popular with punters since their introduction around 10-15 years ago. With exchanges, you bet against other people rather than a bookmaker and you can set your own odds as a layer if you wish.

The idea of never having your account limited or closed by betting exchanges, together with better odds, have been big draws with bettors.

But just how much commission do you pay with each of the betting exchanges? We have a look at each one below:


Betfair is the original betting exchange, formed by Andrew Black in 2000. It is also the biggest, with annual revenues of around £400 million. Betfair has always charged a top rate of 5% commission, which reduces the more you bet.


The second major betting exchange to open, Betdaq is also the second biggest betting exchange, with around £75 million of bets matched each week. It was bought out by Ladbrokes in 2013, but the site did not change the way it operated. Betdaq charges a top rate of 5% commission just like Betfair, but likes its main competitor, it also offer the punter the chance to lower that rate the more they bet.


Smarkets is a newer entrant to the exchange market but is growing fast, down in no small part to its flat 2% commission rate for all customers, which it says “we guarantee this will never be increased.” Let’s hope they stick with that!


Matchbook has been around for a few years now and commands a reasonable share of the exchange market. It takes a slightly different approach to commission, charging just 1% commission, but this is charged on both winning and losing bets. So how will that affect you? Well it depends how much you lose? If you win most of your bets then this would be considerably better than betting with Betfair or Betdaq, but if you lose most bets then it could work out worst. Mind you, that would mean losing a lot of bets!

Ladbrokes Exchange

Ladbrokes opened their own exchange in 2013 to rival the big boys of Betfair and Betdaq. Like those sites, Ladbrokes charge a top rate of 5% commission which also reduces the more you bet. 

So there you have it – the commission rates of the top 5 betting exchanges. If you want to get the best value for your bets, it is best to shop around and see if you can get the same price at one of the lower commission exchanges. 

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