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Ladbrokes Exchange

The Ladbrokes Exchange was launched in 2013 as a competitor to Betfair and to expand Labrokes’s range of betting products.

Ladbrokes also bought Betdaq a while back, but they have not merged the two sites and both continue to operate simultaneously.

Here we take a look at some of the key features of the Ladbrokes Exchange, how it compares to the other leading exchanges and give it an overall rating.

Commission Rates

Ladbrokes Exchange charges a top rate of commission of 5% just like Betfair, but this reduces the more you bet with them.

Free bet

There is a £25 free bet with the Ladbrokes Exchange once you have amassed 4 exchange points with them.

Premium Charges

Users will be pleased to learn that there are no premium charges with Ladbrokes Exchange, unlike Betfair where the most successful punters have to pay up to 60% of their winnings back to Betfair.


Liquidity on the main markets is good, with top football matches such as the Premier League and La Liga achieving similar prices to Betfair in-running, but without quite as much volume available to back and lay.

On more specialist markets such as snooker and cricket, the liquidity is not as good as Betfair, but that could be said for most of the other exchanges too.


The website is easy to use and you can find the main markets quite easily without it loading a new page each time. There is also instant market refresh ability which means things do refresh quickly without you having to do it manually.

Overall Verdict

Overall it is a good exchange and it is nice that there are now a few serious players emerging to take on the market dominance of Betfair. There is decent liquidity on the main markets and the site is easy to use. 

It would be better if the commission rates were a little lower, as to really compete with Betfair this is what you need, otherwise people are probably just going to use Betfair for its better liquidity. But you can get lower commission rates the more you use it, as with Betfair of course.

It is certainly worth taking advantage of the £25 free bet though, which comes in handy as a bonus.





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