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Betting Zone

Here we take a look at the Betting Zone, the tipping section of the Sporting Life website.

What is the Betting Zone?

The Betting Zone is a completely free tipping website that offers free tips on everything from horse racing to football, golf, tennis, cricket and even darts and snooker!

They have a team of tipsters who tend to concentrate on one or two sports each and offer tips for just about every sporting event going on.

Having been around for quite a few years now, they have established a strong reputation as one of the top tipping sites around.

Here is their annual record over the last few years:

  • 2012: +347.16
  • 2013: +320.24
  • 2014: -30.67
  • 2015: +33.41
  • TOTAL: +670.14

So after very strong years in 2012 and 2013, things have somewhat stood still for them over the last couple of years. Although their full record before 2012 is not available, they state they have made over 3,000 points profit since the service started in 2003. Not bad going!

Value Bet – Ben Linfoot

One of the premier tipsters at the Betting Zone is Ben Linfoot, who provides his “Value Bet” tipping column, which is based on providing selections mainly for the big races on weekends and at festivals.

From its inception in January 2010 up to the end of 2015, the Value Bet column made +335 points profit. Very impressive stuff for just a few bets per week on average!

Betting Zone Golf

For many years the Betting Zone’s golf tipping was headed by Dave Tindall with assistance from Dave John. These days it is headed up by Ben Coley. Here is their golf tipping record by month since December 2011:


Dec -9.16
Nov 116.12
Oct -45.12
Sep -57
Aug 21.63
Jul -69.76
Jun -27.69
May -3.19
Apr 4.75
Mar 1.5
Feb -58.64
Jan -26
Total -152.56


Dec -12.4
Nov -48
Oct -23.5
Sep 36.18
Aug 17.72
Jul -59.2
Jun -59.8
May -54.5
Apr -35
Mar 196.23
Feb -9.63
Jan -12.78
Total -64.68


Dec 6.75
Nov 61.5
Oct -59.96
Sep 103.35
Aug -40
Jul -41.13
Jun -37
May -40.37
Apr 46
Mar 43.8
Feb 44
Jan -36.5
Total 50.44


Dec -28
Nov 76.5
Oct 98.63
Sep 55.3
Aug 125.08
Jul -56
Jun -39.3
May 31.93
Apr -71.75
Mar -50.23
Feb 111.62
Jan 25.75
Total 279.53


Dec 75.41

Antepost profit since Dec 2011: +26 points

TOTAL OVERALL SINCE DEC 2011: +214 points

So a good return of 214 points profit over the last four years for Betting Zone Golf, but as you can see most of that profit was made in 2012 and it has been a tougher ride for them since then. In particular, 2015 was a difficult year with over 150 points lost. 

As we often say in golf betting, you can have very long losing runs because you are tipping at high odds and you can wait for what seems like an eternity for the next 100/1 winner. 

So perhaps the next big winner is just around the corner for them, but it is probably best to keep an eye on things for now as it has been a couple of years since they made any profit on their golf tipping.

Betting Zone Overall

As you can see, of their 670 points profit over the last four years, 335 points of that has come from Ben Linfoot’s Value Bet and 214 points comes from the golf, making up a combined 549 points profit, or 82% of their profits.

So if you are going to follow the tips, these are probably the two to focus on – although as we said above, the golf has had a tough time over the last couple of years so might be best to tread carefully with that for a while to see if they can establish the form of old. 


Other Betting Zone Features

Market Moves

The site also contains sections on market moves section, which includes information on byoth the top “steamers” (i.e. odds that are reducing in price) and “drifters” (odds that are increasing in price). This can be useful information for those interested in “following the money” and seeing where bets are being placed. Clicking on the various steamers and drifters takes you straight through to the oddschecker market page where you can see the odds in full.

Bet Calculator

There is also a bet calculator for working out a variety of bets including patents, trixies, yankees and all those other exotic bets you might have in mind. You can enter the type of bet, odds and stake and the calculator will tell you your total outlay and potential returns.

Cheeky Punt

A popular column that sadly seems to have ceased, Cheeky Punt was a kind of betting diary-cum-blog of one hopeful punter that often made for amusing reading. Hopefully they will bring it back soon.

News and Previews

In addition, there are also news articles on the latest happenings in the world of betting as well as previews of upcoming sporting events and possible punting angles.



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