Grab Your Place at Golf Betting Bot Q&A

There is an exciting new golf service that has just launched and they are holding a special Live Q&A at 7PM (BST) on Thursday 13th July…

Now this is something totally different to any golf service we have come across. 

It comes from a guy called Ian O’Sullivan and his ‘Golf War’ approach FIXES everything wrong with traditional golf betting, with…

✅ Regular winners…

✅ ALL bets on the Betfair Exchange…

✅ A bot to automate EVERYTHING…

✅ And a 29% ROI over two years!

Find out how it works – and how you can grab your first month of his new Bet Chat-backed service for just £1 – during the +EV Golf Pro Live Q&A at 7PM (BST) on Thursday 13th July

The independently-verified results stack up very well too, with:

  • A 31.45% ROI in 2021…
  • And a 24.19% ROI in 2022…
  • For a total ROI of 29.40% over two years.

The service tackles the main problems with golf betting: 

  1. Long waits between winners – most golf services subscribe to the ‘small stakes, big odds’ mentality, which can definitely work, but means you can go weeks, months, even years – if you’re really unlucky – without a winner! Ian’s approach however goes for volume, by backing 20 or even 30 golfers to win, covering a wider spread of the field and reducing those waits between winners.
  2. Having bookie accounts closed – having a winner on the golf at odds of 100/1 or 200/1 can be a great feeling – but it can also mean your bookie accounts are closed quickly. This services avoids any such worries by placing all bets at the Betfair exchange.
  3. Placing 30 bets per event can be time consuming – this services avoids this by making everything automated – via the Cloudbetbot that places all bets automatically on your Betfair account. 

So this service really foes have all the bases covered and is very innovative. 

We are looking forward to the Q&A on 7PM (BST) on Thursday 13th July and then on testing the service out for ourselves.

To book your place on the Live Q&A, just click here.





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