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Live Casino, Retro Slots and Beyond: Betway Casino Reviewed

Betway was launched in 2006 with the aim of becoming a market leader in first-class online entertainment for consumers who want to experience sports betting, online casino games, and other games like bingo all on the same platform. Since then, the company has earned a 9/10 review from Trustpilot and has firmly established itself as a market leader in the world of online betting whilst building up a comprehensive suite of other iGaming options. The brand has branched out into other technologies, including live casino, and has been at the forefront of one of the upcoming elements of the betting world: eSports.

The brand has been pro-active in pushing itself into the public consciousness, whether through its sponsorship of the ESL Pro League in eSports, or as proud sponsor of former Bundesliga champions Werder Bremen.

Betway may have done well at getting their name out there, but the real question is, of course, whether or not they still offer a broad enough (and good enough) range of games, betting odds, and welcome bonuses to keep consumers loyal. In this review, we’re going to focus on Betway Casino, but will also look at their eSports betting offerings.

Live Casino: A Strong Offering

Live casino is an extremely popular offering from the top online casinos in 2017. This, in part, has helped Playtech, one of the leading gaming software suppliers, to achieve a revenue total of $497.4m during the first half of 2017, a feat in part helped by the launch of the world’s largest live casino studio in Latvia.

Betway offers nine live casino games including the high-definition, immersive Betway Lounge, focusing on traditional favourites such as blackjack and roulette, as well as new, more unusual games like Dream Catcher, offering gamers plenty of choice. The graphics are strong, and the feeling of having your own private table lends the experience an authentic feel. For those who want to experience a land-based casino without leaving their house, this is a great option.

Pick Up and Play: Retro the Name of the Game

For those not tempted by live casino titles, Betway’s range of pick- up-and-play slot games just might. With slot games from recent movies like Jurassic World (with Universal still licensing their products for slots, unlike Marvel and Star Wars, who Disney decided shouldn’t anymore), and games with a retro feel to them from movies like Oceans 7 and Legacy, the Betway slots suite is extensive. Betway’s slots are designed by the folks at Microgaming, so you know that the quality is going to be spot on.


Like many of the leading online iGaming operators, Betway casino allows players to get a feel for the slot games on offer by playing for free. This means that you can feel confident you’ll enjoy the theme, can figure out the wilds and scatters and the other mechanics, and have full knowledge of the jackpots before putting your cash into the game.

eSports: Betting on a Big Outcome

Betway has also joined the likes of PlayStation and the BBC in supporting eSports. They have a dedicated page on their website allowing customers to place a wager on the outcome of professional gamers competing against one another.


With ESPN carrying an eSports section on their website, talk of eSports being a part of the Olympics in 2024, and revenue of $696 million in 2017, it seems like Betway know what they are getting into by trying to capitalise on this sector of gaming. Betway have a wide range of competitions available for bets to be placed on, including League of Legends and CS:GO, and this does seem to be one area where Betway have edged ahead of their rivals.

What About the Classics?

eSports, retro slots, and live casino games are all well and good, but there’s no denying the fact that a lot of gamers are simply looking to emulate greats like Stanford Wong and Tony Bloom, or simply trying to make the most of the latest horseracing systems they have discovered here at Honest Betting Reviews or elsewhere. In this very modern-looking website, are those with classic tastes still catered for?

With poker, blackjack, roulette, and other traditional casino games offered by Betway, and horseracing, football, cricket, golf (and many other live sports) all available to bet on, the answer is, resoundingly, yes. In fact, as of the 28th of August 2017, there were welcome offers of up to £750 for people looking to set up new poker accounts. How’s that for a bonus!


Indeed, with bingo now seen as being bigger in terms of player numbers than the UK’s beloved sport of tennis, even this classic has its own dedicated page, meaning that Betway does provide a one stop shop for pretty much everything except maybe those looking to bet with Bitcoin. For the vast majority of gamers, this site is one that should meet most requirements!




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