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Binary Forex Signals – New Review

You can check out Binary Forex Signals here

Today we are commencing a review of Binary Forex Signals, which as the name suggests provides signals for trading binaries.

It boasts a good record over the last couple of years which is encouraging. 

The service seems very simple to follow, with signals sent out on a Friday and Monday and you can literally just click on the link in their e-mails to take you to page to trade. So you don’t need any prior knowledge of trading binaries to be able to operate this service.

I am new to binary trading myself so this will be something of an education, but it has a positive record so if it makes money, I don’t really mind what the particular market is!

Anyway, we will follow this for three months and see if it can keep up its previous positive record.

You can check out Binary Forex Signals here



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