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BitClub Network – Final Review

We have been invested in the BitClub Network for over 18 months now and to be frank the writing is on the wall: it looks highly unlikely we will make our money back here so it’s time to wrap up the review.

We originally invested $500 in the scheme back in November 2017 and at the time Bitcoin was rocketing in value and cryptocurrency schemes like this were receiving massive hype.

Just to recap, the BitClub Network is a Bitcoin mining scheme where you can buy shares in their mining operation and receive a portion of the profits as a daily payout. 

In the early days it seemed to produce decent daily payouts but over time those payouts have become smaller and smaller. As we have discussed elsewhere, this is primarily due to the fact that as more people enter the mining game, the slice of the cake each one receives gets smaller. And unfortunately a huge number of new operators entered the mining game when cryptocurrency prices took off, leaving a very small slice of the pie for each one. 

So all we have to show for our investment so far is 0.00469 BTC, which at today’s prices is worth about $37.

We have received more than that in mining earnings –  0.02146 BTC (or $171) to be precise – but plowed a large portion of that back into buying more mining shares.

In hindsight that was clearly a mistake and we would have been better served just receiving the earnings and then withdrawing them rather than reinvesting.

Our current daily payout is around $0.05, so with 477 days left on our original contract, we can expect to earn around $24 at today’s prices.

Whichever way you look at it then we are due to suffer a substantial loss from this investment, probably a loss of around $450 from our original $500 investment.

If we hadn’t reinvested in more mining shares then the loss would be around $300, but either way it has been extremely disappointing to say the least. 

So there isn’t much left to say other than that this receives a big FAILED rating from us and is certainly not a scheme we could recommend (nor any other bitcoin mining scheme for that matter). 







BitClub Network – Results Update

20th August 2018

Not much change for our BitClub Network investment, with just 0.01745 Bitcoin earned so far in total, which equals around $112 at current prices.

That means we have earned 0.00207 Bitcoin since our last update six weeks ago, which is the equivalent of around $13.

We are now earning less than $1 per day, which is a little disappointing really.

Also slightly worrying is the fact that we have set our account to use our mining earnings to buy more shares, but we haven’t actually repurchased any shares since January as we haven’t made enough to meet the threshold.

So we are kind of stuck in no-man’s land not able to earn enough to increase our mining earnings and not earning enough as it is to make a profit (or it will be a long time anyway until we make a profit).

The only thing left to hope for then is a big rise in the price of Bitcoin, but that seems a remote prospect at the moment. 





BitClub Network – Results Update

5th July 2018

The BitClub Network is a scheme where you can buy shares in a Bitcoin mining operation and receive daily payouts in Bitcoin in return.

We invested $500 in the scheme back in November last year and so far we have earned 0.01538 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to around $102 at the time of writing.

Since our last update over two months ago we have earned 0.00485 Bitcoin, which is the equivalent of around $32.

So at the current rate of earning about $16 per month, it would take us another two years to make our money back. 

That all depends of course on the price of Bitcoin, which hopefully will start increasing at some point after a rotten first half to the year.

At the moment then this isn’t looking like a great investment but things can all change quickly in the world of cryptocurrencies. 






BitClub Network – Results Update

23rd April 2018

Our investment in the BitClub Network continues to chug along without much fanfare. Since our last update a month ago we have mined another 0.00229 Bitcoin, which is currently the equivalent of about $21. 

That means we have now mined 0.01053 Bitcoin in total, which is the equivalent of around $94 at the time of writing.

That is from a $500 investment back in November. So it is going to take quite a while at the current rate to make back our original investment. Even though we are reinvesting our earnings into more mining shares, things still aren’t really taking off yet. 

Good to see that the price of Bitcoin has picked up over the last week or so though, which of course makes a big difference to the value of our mining earnings. Hopefully the price will continue to rise back up towards the highs we saw before Xmas of $20,000. 





BitClub Network – Results Update

22nd March 2018

The BitClub Network is a scheme where you can invest in shares in their Bitcoin mining operation and then receive daily payouts in Bitcoin in return.

We invested $500 in the scheme back in November last year and so far we have earned 0.00824 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to around $72 at the time of writing.

We have reinvested those earnings back into more mining shares, to increase our return over the long term.

It remains to be seen however how long it will take to recoup our initial investment, which may rest to a large extent on what happens to the Bitcoin price over the coming months and years. We will just have to wait and see on that front. 







BitClub Network – Results Update

22nd February 2018

Our BitClub Network investment continues to move along slowly and steadily.

Just to recap, the BitClub Network is a Bitcoin mining scheme where you can buy shares in their mining operation and receive a portion of the profits. 

Since our last update we have earned another 0.00282 Bitcoin from our mining contract, meaning we have now earned 0.00704 Bitcoin in total, which is the equivalent of around $71 at the time of writing. That is from an investment of $500 back in November.

We have reinvested all of our earnings back into new mining shares, although as stated previously that is a slow process because you have to wait 30 days for your new shares to start mining.

Eventually we hope this investment will make some profit, it may take a year or so but with reinvestment it could become quite lucrative in the long term, particularly if the Bitcoin price started increasing again. 








BitClub Network – Results Update

23rd January 2018

Our mining earnings from the BitClub Network continue to move along fairly slowly, with a further 0.00274 in Bitcoin mined since our last update.

That means we have now mined 0.00422 Bitcoin in total, which equates to about $43 at the time of writing. That is from an initial investment of $500 worth of mining shares on 14th November 2017. 

So in over two months we have earned less than 10% of our investment back, which is pretty slow going if we’re honest.

Unfortunately the BitClub Network have stopped showing the daily updates for how much we’ve mined, so we can’t do an update to our results spreadsheet.

In terms of our efforts to grow our earnings, so far we have made two reinvestments in further mining shares, equivalent to around 5% each of a full share. Just like the main purchases however, you don’t start earning anything from those shares until 30 days has elapsed.

So the whole thing is rather slow going. Hopefully though over time these reinvestments will start piling up and our mining earnings will increase.

Plus of course the Bitcoin price might start moving upwards again and we are still waiting to hear if the BitClub Network are going to be increasing their mining power.

For the time being though, our earnings from the BitClub Network have been pretty unspectacular.







BitClub Network – Results Update

27th December 2017

There has been a bit of a delay in updating the results for the BitClub Network, a Bitcoin mining scheme.

This is because after you purchase a share in one of their mining pools, you have to wait 30 days for them to set up the mining equipment before you start earning any Bitcoin.

So after purchasing a share for $500 on 14th November, nothing happened on our account until 15th December.

We therefore only have 12 days of earnings to report. 

For those 12 days, we have earned 0.00148 bitcoin, which equates to around $24 at the time of writing.

You can view full results here.

Please note that the amount of Bitcoin we have earned is double that on the spreadsheet, as half of our earnings have been reinvested in more mining shares.

At current rates, we would end up with about $750 worth of Bitcoin after a year of mining if we just withdrew all our earnings. Obviously it would be better to just buy Bitcoin and hold it in that scenario.

The $500 of Bitcoin we invested on 14th November would already be worth $1230 if we had just held it rather than investing in the BitClub Network.

That would be more than we will have earned in a year though mining at current rates, so on that basis you could say the BitClub Network hasn’t been a great investment so far.

However, where it can really pay off is if you reinvest all of your earnings for an extended period and allow your mining shares to build up. This can enable your earnings to grow exponentially over time, so that is what we will do.

We have also heard that the BitClub Network will be increasing their mining power and have some other exciting developments planned for 2018, so hopefully we will see things pick up in the near future and some improved earnings.







BitClub Network – Re-Review

14th November 2017

We reported a few months ago that we were discontinuing our review of the BitClub Network as we were concerned it could be a scam.

That was based primarily on a post from 99 Bitcoins which raised certain concerns about the scheme.

So we felt it wasn’t worth risking our money or you potentially following us in.

However, some significant developments have occurred at the BitClub Network recently that have made us reconsider our position. 

These are basically as follows:

– Firstly, there is independent verification that the BitClub Network does indeed own significant Bitcoin mining operations. That can be seen at the blockchain website and is represented in the pie chart below

BitClub Network

As you can see, the BitClub Network owns 2.8% of the Bitcoin mining power available (hashrate), so we know the mining is real and given the exceptional growth in Bitcoin’s value, this mining should be very profitable.

– Secondly, we have seen interviews and footage of the BitClub CEO Russ Medlin, so that adds a degree of assurance when the owner of the scheme is prepared to show their face in public.

– Thirdly, they have made adjustments to the mining pool options so that you can now reinvest as much, or as little, as you want. This provides greater flexibility to the investment proposition offered by the BitClub Network, which is welcomed.

– Fourthly, they are making significant investment in upgrading their hashing power over the next few months, which will mean greater profits from the mining pools (although if more people join the mining pools then this could dilute the earnings somewhat).

All in all then it is looking like a much more credible, flexible and potentially profitable venture than it did previously so we will be making an investment here and doing a full in-depth review of the BitClub Network.

The other concern we had previously was that the returns we had seen from investors didn’t look that much better than if they had just bought Bitcoin and held it.

However, Bitcoin has enjoyed incredible growth over the last couple of years and we are not sure that will be maintained over the next couple of years. We may be wrong of course, but we would expect growth rates to be a little more gradual and not quite so exponential as they have been going forward.

That would make an investment in the BitClub Network more attractive if it turned out to be the case vis-a-vis just buying Bitcoin and holding it. 

We shall see, but either way it seems worth testing out to see how it gets on. So we will run a live trial and will update our results here regularly.

In the meantime you can check out the BitClub Network here. 







BitClub Network – Update

3rd August 2017

We are discontinuing our review of BitClub Network, a service that offers to mine Bitcoin for you and share in the proceeds.

The reason for discontinuing the review is that we have been contacted by people warning this could be a scam.

After investigating a little ourselves, we are not sure either way, but there is enough of a risk that it could be a scam to warrant ending our interest in it.

There is a very good post here on a website called 99 Bitcoins outlining the red flags about the scheme and the possibility that it could be a Ponzi scheme.

Now you may ask why we don’t continue our review to discover if it is a scam or not. 

Well, as pointed out in the post on 99 Bitcoin, the problem with it is that if it is a scam (and again we are not saying it is or it isn’t) then the whole thing could break down very suddenly, with all investors losing their money.

That is what happens with Ponzi schemes – they can keep going for quite a long time as long as money is coming in from new investors to pay off current investors. But if the influx of new investors stops, you can have a problem if there isn’t enough money being generated from the investment scheme itself.

Websites involving Bitcoin have been known to shut down suddenly without warning and with money invested being lost – and obviously with something like this it is not regulated by the FCA or any body like that, so you have no chance of getting your money back. 

So we could run a review for six months, a year, longer even and everything could be running fine, with revenues being generated. At that point we would have to give it a positive rating based on the performance.

But then if things did suddenly collapse and it went bust, it would be too late. It would be no good us turning round and saying “sorry it’s a scam” because your monies would be gone.

So all we can say is have a good look at the post on 99 Bitcoins and see what you think. 

For us, a point that sticks out is that the kind of returns people are reporting in the comments section of that article could have been achieved just by purchasing some Bitcoin and holding it – without needing to be involved with the Bitclub Network and their mining operation.

That for us makes us wonder what the point in being involved with it is and moreover is a little suspicious. 

In any event, as we say either way we cannot be sure if it is a scam. But we feel there are enough doubts raised to make us sound a warning to you so you can make your own mind up.





BitClub Network – New Review

18th July 2017

Over the last few years we have heard a lot about Bitcoin and have often wondered “what the dickens is it all about?”  

There seem to be never-ending news stories about how this “cryptocurrency” is changing the world and all sorts of strange things happening around it.

Like many things when they are new and groundbreaking in the way Bitcoin is, there is also often a lot of confusion about what they actually are.

So we recently decided to do some digging and find out what all the fuss is about.


What is Bitcoin?

Well, first up, let’s start with what it is.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to conduct a transaction directly between themselves without a third party like a bank, Paypal or Western Union.

This has the advantage of meaning the transaction doesn’t have any fees and is direct. 

It also allows people in some parts of the world who don’t have bank accounts but do have the internet to potentially trade. 

There is a fixed amount of Bitcoin that will be created in a fixed timeframe, which gives it a stable base.

It is also not controlled by any bank, government or corporation. 


Why So Much Excitement?

There has been a great deal of excitement around Bitcoin and you may be wondering why. 

Well, in addition to the advantages mentioned above about reducing fees for financial transactions and purchases as well as decentralising currency, Bitcoin has been generating excitement for another reason.

That reason has been it’s skyrocketing value!

Just this year, Bitcoin has gone from being worth $997 at the start of January to $2373 at the time of writing. 

But that’s nothing compared to its rise since May last year, when it was valued at $237 – so that’s a 1000% increase.

Or go back five years and it was worth just $10 – so that’s a 23,000% increase to today!

Or in other words, if you had bought $1,000 worth five years ago it would be worth $230,000 now.

Here are the gains in chart format:

Bitcoin Value Chart

Chart courtesy of

It’s pretty insane and in one sense, you might think that getting in now would mean you’ve “missed the boat” so to speak.

But there are some analysts who say the Bitcoin revolution has only just begun and still has plenty of miles to run, claiming that it could be worth many times its current value in ten or fifteen years’ time.

Obviously no-one can say for sure where the value of Bitcoin is ultimately going to end up, but there are opportunities to be part of the revolution around it whatever happens to its value in the long run. 


What is BitClub Network?

One such opportunity we heard about recently around the Bitcoin phenomenon piqued our interest. 

This is something called the BitClub Network.

As the name suggests, it is a club that is involved with taking advantage of the Bitcoin revolution.

Basically they say that as a member there are a number of advantages: 

You can receive a share of the benefits of their “mining” of Bitcoin (mining is the backbone that allows Bitcoin to function. New Bitcoins are created as a reward for miners who secure & verify payments in the blockchain).

So by receiving a share of the Bitcoin they mine, you should receive considerably more Bitcoin overall then if you just bought some Bitcoin and held on to it.

Secondly, they are starting to mine other cryptocurrencies that you can take advantage of.

And finally they say they are creating their own currency which members will get the benefits of.

It looks like an interesting enough opportunity to test out, so we are going to join and run a trial of this and see how much we make from it.

The beauty of it is that it’s a completely passive investment so once you have joined and paid up you don’t need to do anything.

It costs $99 to become a member and then you have the choice of investing in shares of their mining pool, starting at $500 and going up to $2000.

Anyway, we will update this page periodically during the trial on how things are going.

In the meantime, you can check out the BitClub Network here.




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  1. Tunee
    Tunee says:

    Bitclub network is not for people who want to invest and sit back and enjoy their earnings, it’s more profitable for marketers, if u are not a marketer don’t bother putting your money in.. marketers get paid weekly for signing up investors and investors get very little ROI, I’m speaking from experience, I invested 600$ in 2018 November but to date my earnings is 4.89$, can u believe this?

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi there,

      Yes as we say in the review, mining is no longer profitable and it is definitely not a good idea to invest in it now. As you say probably the only people making money are marketers but we would strongly object to anyone marketing this is a way to make money at the current time.

  2. Esther MUTHEE
    Esther MUTHEE says:

    I invested $2500 and they took all my money been trying to reach them but they keep avoiding all my tickets. They are a scam.

    • luca discaciatti maverick
      luca discaciatti maverick says:

      My story. I lost 10,000USD. They asked me to fund my account again as I thought i was making money and thought I could make more. After paying they left my trades open, then I couldn’t login to close my trades. I lost everything and was told it was my mistake. I almost lost my mind. Thankfully, i have fought for my rights by hiring a recovery expert who got all my money back with damages. A total of 30,000USD
      Anyone in the same limbo should contact Thank me later

  3. Helen
    Helen says:

    I invested my pensions fund into them but when i asked for a withdrawal they refused , With the timely intervention of nicholasatrium @ tuta . io i was able to recover my money from them.

  4. dave lewis
    dave lewis says:

    Please beware there are many fake bitcoin mining/clouding out there, I got scammed twice before I met a hacker who helped retrieve my bitcoin. The whole plan was so smooth I could not doubt it. Bitcoin is actually a great investment option but one thing I discovered over time is that it is not possible to mine bitcoin so don’t be deceived. I invested 35BTC on a particular website called bitcoincloudminer, I monitored the profit yielding but got locked out of the account before I could withdraw. I went online and met this recovery expert fightingscams at aol dot com who helped me retrieve my bitcoins back in few hours. You saved my life and I will forever be grateful. I referred my friends whom we got scammed together right away and they got help too. You can contact fightingscams at Aol dot com. Thank me later!


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