Horse Network Tipster – Final Review

UPDATE: Please note this tipster is no longer operating. 





Horse Network Tipster – Final Review

9th August 2019

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Horse Network Tipster and here are the final results:-

Profit/Loss:   +215 points
Strike Rate:   15%
Bank Growth:   108%
ROI:   18%
Average number of bets:   10 per day
Cost:   £1.99 for 15 days then £27 per month


You can view full results here.


Horse Network Tipster – Full Review


The Horse Network Tipster is a service provided by the Betting Gods tipster network. It is a high volume service, providing around 10 tips per day on average for UK and Irish racing.

Coming into our trial the results looked very impressive, with over £4,200 profit made to £10 stakes over the previous year. 

Quite often we see strong results published for the period before our trial starts, only for things to fall flat on their face when our live trial gets underway. You can call that bad luck, sod’s law, or the reviewer’s curse, but either way it happens quite a lot unfortunately.

This time however we are pleased to say the opposite happened – the Horse Network Tipster performed excellently during our trial, racking up a very healthy 215 points profit at advised prices. 

Here is the profit graph for the trial:

As you can see, pretty steady growth throughout the trial which we like to see.

That was achieved over a huge sample of over 900 bets, which is a good sign.  

The return on investment during our trial was a commendable 18%, whilst the strike rate was 15%, meaning some patience is required if following the service. 

At Betfair SP they also made a very good profit of 129 points, so all in all there is a lot to like about the service. 

With the recommended betting bank more than doubling during the trial and very solid profits each month we are more than happy to award the Horse Network Tipster a PASSED rating.  


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The tips are normally sent out the evening before racing at around 8-9pm UK time. With an average of 10 bets per day there is quite a bit of work involved in following the service and you should allow at least half an hour each day for placing the bets (unless you are using Betfair SP which will obviously be a lot quicker). 

Availability of prices: You do need to try and take the prices the evening the tips are sent out as they tend to drop quite a bit by race time the next day.   

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 15%, so this is clearly a service for the patient gambler as there will be some losing streaks and drawdowns along the way, but during our trial it was certainly worth it. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point bank is recommended for following the service which we think is about right given the staking and strike rate. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are pretty reasonable at £1.99 for the first 15 days then £27 per month.



The Horse Network Tipster is a high-volume service for betting on UK and Irish racing and it achieved excellent results during our three month trial with 215 points profit at advised prices or 129 points profit at Betfair SP.

So we have no hesitation in awarding it a PASSED rating and let’s hope they can keep those kind of results up over the long run. 






Horse Network Tipster – Results Update

28th June 2019

The Horse Network Tipster continues to deliver the goods with some excellent results achieved over the last month. They have delivered another 63 points profit at advised prices since our last update.

That puts them 117 points up at advised prices for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Encouragingly the Betfair SP results have held up very well so far, with another 33 points profit made since our last update and 116 points profit made for our trial overall.

So there has only been one point difference so far between the BSP results and advised price results and that’s over the course of more than 450 bets, which is a substantial sample size. 

If this continues then it looks like Betting Gods will have uncovered not just another top class tipster but one who is profitable at BSP as well. 






Horse Network Tipster – Results Update

31st May 2019

Our trial of the Horse Network Tipster has got off to a flying start, with a profit of 54 points made at advised price so far after one month.

You can view full results here.

The Betfair SP results have been something of a revelation too, with a stunning profit of 83 points made, significantly outpacing the results at advised prices thus far.

That is very unusual so we will have to keep an eye on whether it continues for the remainder of the trial but it would be quite a coup if it does. 

So far so good then for the Horse Network Tipster.





Horse Network Tipster

1st May 2019

Today we are starting a new trial of a very exciting-looking tipster called the Horse Network Tipster. 

This is a tipster who has been proofing to the Betting Gods for a full year and in that time have amassed some very decent results indeed.

To £10 per point they have made over £4,200 profit over the last year, which works out at a very nice £329 per month profit on average. 

Using a 200-point bank that would be over 200% bank growth, which is excellent stuff. 

It is a service that targets high-priced winners rather than strong favourites and has landed some nice touches at 22/1, 18/1, 16/1 and many more such prices.

It’s good to see a service that’s been proofed for a full year as that gives a bit more confidence that it’s the real deal rather than just someone who’s had a lucky run.

As ever though it remains to be seen how the service performs under the spotlight of a live trial here on the site so let’s wait to see how things go before getting carried away.

So we’ll commence a trial today and hopefully have some positive news to report here soon.

In the meantime there are some excellent early bird offers if you are thinking of joining up, with 3 months access being offered for just £29 and 6 months access for just £49. 

You can check the offers and the service out for yourself here.








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