What is a Canadian Bet?

Continuing with our series removing the mystery from betting terms that may put potential punters off getting involved in gambling, we look at the Canadian bet.

So what is a Canadian bet? If nothing springs to mind it is not likely to be something that you would consider placing.

How do you place a Canadian bet?

A Canadian bet is also known as a Super Yankee – allegedly because an American won a fortune with one – and is very similar to the lucky 31 bet.

Here is how a Canadian Bet is comprised:

  • 1 five-fold accumulator
  • 5 four-folds
  • 10 trebles
  • 10 doubles

It is made up of 26 bets across five selections, with the first bet being a five-fold accumulator with all five picks matched together for the highest odds of any of these bets.

This is followed up by five different four-folds, with one result removed from each wager here. These still offer decent odds, improve your chances of winning by reducing the number of picks.  

The rest of a Canadian bet consists of ten trebles, which involves every permutation of the five selections matched up in threes, and ten doubles. In fact, the only difference between a Canadian bet and a lucky 31 is that the latter also includes five singles on each of the selections.

What do you need to win a Canadian bet?

If all the outcomes were evens, and we will say they are for to make this easier to follow, then you would need four of the five selections to come true in order to make a profit, and if all five are correct predictions you will see the best return by far.

The trick with a Canadian bet is to make selections that you believe are as close as you can get to a sure thing – do not worry about the odds, worry about the outcome. A minimum of two selections must come in in order to gain a return, but aim for three.

Of course, in reality it is not so simplistic and so if you are looking to see what kinds of returns you can get by placing a Canadian bet, it is best to use a betting calculator as the odds will likely all be different and thus difficult to calculate in your head. Betting calculators are available on most bookmakers’ websites, and through some independent websites.

Who places Canadian bets?

Place a Canadian bet if you are bored with making simple multiple bets and want to move on to something more complex. The Canadian bet is ideal in this scenario because it gives you the chance to string a lot of multiple bets together.

Canadian bets are popular with horse racing fans, as they gives them a lot of coverage and also the potential to have all of the selections as each way, so they can in effect place 52 different bets and still get a return if their choices do not finish first.

So there we have it, another betting term broken down to make it is easier to understand, and broaden the variety of bets you are able to place.


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