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What is a Double Chance Bet?

A double chance bet is a bet in which you bet on two outcomes in a football match.

For instance a football match could end in a win for the home team, a win for the away team, or a draw. With a double chance bet you can bet that the outcome will be one of the following scenarios:

  1. A home win or a draw;
  2. An away win or a draw; or
  3. That either of the teams will win and the match won’t end as a draw.

Thus you are hedging your bets.

So, if you place a double chance bet on Chelsea either beating Manchester United or drawing the game, you will win if either of these happen. You will lose your bet only if United win the match. Similarly if you bet on United or a draw you will lose only if United lose. If you are convinced that the match won’t end in a draw, you could place a double chance bet on either United or Chelsea to win.

Odds on double chance bets

As you might anticipate, the odds offered on double chance bets are usually low, significantly shorter than placing a bet on either of the win or draw options individually. As far as the bookmaker is concerned, your prospects of winning are considerably higher than if you selected either a win or a draw, consequently shorter odds are offered.


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Let’s look at an example, a snapshot from a recent betting market, this time Stoke at home versus Crystal Palace. A bookmaker might offer the following odds:

  • Stoke and Draw 2/9
  • Crystal Palace and Draw 8/11
  • Stoke and Crystal Palace 2/7

Compare these with win and draw odds for the same match:

  • Stoke to win 21/20
  • Draw 23/10
  • Crystal palace to win 27/10

So, by hedging your bet on Stoke winning by betting on ‘Stoke and Draw’ you are reducing the odds from almost evens to odds on of 2/9. Also, by hedging your bets on Stoke winning you are reducing the odds from almost 3/1 to 2/7 on.

Why would you place a double chance bet?

Wayne RooneyPerhaps you simply can’t decide whether you think your selected team will win or draw, so you choose a double chance bet to reflect this opinion. A possible scenario is when your selected team is playing away to a weaker side. For instance say Tottenham is playing away to West Brom.  If it was a home game then you would probably bet on Tottenham to win, but if West Brom has been playing particularly well at home, then you might be concerned that home side advantage could sway the result, not enough to cause Tottenham to lose, but with the risk of the game ending in a draw. In this case a double chance bet on Tottenham to win or draw would be attractive as it takes account of the actual situation.

Conversely, if you support West Brom in the same game at home against Tottenham, you might hope that West Brom will win and even believe that, given all that home team support, their chances of doing so are high, but you also have a nagging doubt that they could draw. Again a sensible approach to this situation is to make a double chance bet on a West Brom win or draw.


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Another reason could be that you have a cautious attitude to betting and you are quite happy to sacrifice higher odds for an increased chance of winning. Again that is a totally valid strategy and a sensible way of hedging your bets.


Understanding double chance bets provides you with another useful betting strategy to hedge your bets. While you may use it to increase your chances of winning, the price to pay is the shorter odds offered. However, double chance bets have their place and can be a useful arrow in your betting quiver.


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