Draw No Bet Explained

Draw no bet is probably a term you’ve seen on bookmakers’ websites or heard people talk about, but what exactly does it mean? And is it a good bet to place?

We’ll have a look at these questions and a possible strategy for betting on draw no bet below.


What does “Draw No Bet” mean?

Draw No Bet (often shortened to DNB) means that if the team you have bet on draw the game, then you will get your money back. If they win the match, you will win your bet.

Here is the bet explained in table form:


Team Wins Match Team Draws Match Team Loses Match
Win bet Money back – break even Lose bet


So the bet is very much as the name suggests – if the match finishes in a draw it is essentially a void bet: you get your money back and can move on to the next match.

It can be thought of as a slightly hedged bet, where you think a team will probably win a game, but have a tendency to draw a few as well so want to cover that angle.

The odds will be considerably lower than if you had just bet on a team to win, but that is the price you pay for covering two eventualities.


Getting the Best Odds on Draw No Bet

We recommend using the exchanges for placing your DNB selections as they will normally have the best odds. Sometimes it can be worth checking an odds comparison site like Oddschecker as well just to be sure you can’t get better odds at the bookies though. This is particularly the case if it’s a match in an obscure league or a cup game where there isn’t much liquidity on the exchanges.

In general though and certainly for the big games, the exchanges will tend to offer the best odds. The Betfair exchange is normally the most liquid and covers the greatest number of matches, although Smarkets is catching up in terms of liquidity and is worth checking when placing your bets, particularly on the bigger leagues.



Barcelona are playing Real Madrid in the Super Cup. It’s always a close game between the two big rivals, but this time it’s Real who have been in better form recently and are therefore the favourites.

Real Madrid’s odds to win the game are 2.04 (or slightly above evens in fractional odds).

But if you back them at Draw No Bet, their odds are 1.51


Here is what would happen if you bet £100 on Real Madrid “Draw No Bet” at odds of 1.51.

  • Real Madrid win: +51
  • Real Madrid draw: £0 (money back)
  • Real Madrid lose: -£100


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There are alternatives to draw no bet which have a similar effect but mean constructing the bet differently.

1. Manually place Draw No Bet using the match odds

First up you can manually create a draw no bet wager using the standard match odds.

This might be if your bookie is not offering DNB for some reason. Or perhaps you want to see if there is better value using the match odds on the exchanges rather than using the bookies.

You can do this by betting a certain amount on the win and then enough on the draw so that you get your money back if it finishes in a draw. 

To work out how much to wager on each part, you divide your stake by the odds of the draw. Here is an example taking the above match between Barcelona and Real Madrid again. 

The draw is priced at 3.9

  • Take your stake (for our example here we will use 100)
  • Divide it by the odds of the draw (3.9)
  • That gives you £25.64
  • Place £25.64 on the draw
  • Place the remainder of your stake (£74.36) on Real Madrid to win
  • You will now have manually created a “Draw No Bet” selection



2.  Use the Asian Handicap

Or alternatively you can use the Asian Handicap option of 0 – e.g. back “Real Madrid 0” in the Asian Handicap market at 1.48. This achieves the same thing as the “draw no bet”.


Draw No Bet Strategy

A potential strategy for betting on draw no bet is to look for instances where teams draw a good deal of games but don’t tend to lose many. This gives you some insurance rather than just backing them to win the match and then ending up disappointed if they draw it.

Here is an example you can see from the soccerstats website. Union Berlin in the 2020/21 season were a good side and lost a relatively small number of games over the season. However, they had a propensity to draw a lot of games too:

As you can see they only lost 8 games all season, which was  good record. However, they drew 14, so if you had been backing them to win matches you would have had quite a lot of frustration with the number of drawn matches.

By backing draw no bet though you would have covered the eventuality of them drawing and got your stake back on 14 occasions.

The trend was even more pronounced at home, where they only lost once all season but drew 8 matches, so backing Union Berlin DNB when at home would have been the optimal strategy.

If you can find teams like this, they can be ideal for draw no bet opportunities.



Draw no bet provides a safer option of betting on football matches where you think there is a reasonable chance of a draw.  It can be particularly useful in low-scoring leagues like Greece and France where there are lots of draws. 

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