Firefan Review

In recent years everyone has become aware of the “disrupters.”

You had Uber, the big disrupter in the world of taxis.

Airbnb has shaken up the hotel industry.

And the likes of Spotify – and before that Napster – changed the game in music.

Now there is a new app coming very soon that threatens to completely shake up the fantasy sports – and maybe even betting – world.

The app is called Firefan and you can download it here. 

The company who have developed the app are pulling out all the stops to make it a massive global success.

Firefan has been designed by Mark Mongie, previously head of EA Sports and the brains behind the hugely successful series of “Madden” NFL games.

And apparently the developers have spent over $30 million building the app and already have over a million people from 200 countries signed up to download it, very impressive figures indeed for a pre-launch.

How Does it Work?

So what is all about exactly?

Well, Firefan allows you to make predictions – both before a game and in-running – on sports events and then depending on how well you do, you can win prizes.

Basically, before the game you get the chance to predict a number of things such as the match winner and the score.

Then once the game is in-play, it offers you up the chance to predict all sorts of things, such as who will score next, whether there will be a penalty, if someone will get sent off, in addition to who will win the game.

You get points at the end of the game depending on how well you do, which can be converted into tokens. 

These tokens can then be exchanged for real life stuff. Anything from hats, t-shirts and electronics, to tickets to your favourite sports games, airline tickets, hotel stays, holidays etc… All for free!

You can earn tokens either through in-app purchases, by watching adverts, or by sharing the app on social media.

The more you play, the more tokens you can build up and the better your chances of winning some prizes.

Predictions win Prizes

So in essence, Firefan could be described as a mixture between fantasy sports and betting.

Yes, you are not playing with real money as such.

But you are making predictions about sports events and you can win prizes, so it should be fun and rewarding to be involved with. 

The other advantage of this approach is that it means the app can be used in places where gambling is not legal, like the United States.

So it opens up a huge market for the app and millions of users who cannot access more traditional betting apps like Bet 365 and Ladbrokes. 

Plus Firefan is designed to be a very social tool, so you can set up games against your friends, colleagues, neighbours and so on and see how you fare against them.

And you can connect with and chat to sports stars and celebs as well. They already have people like Evander Holyfield signed up. 

So it’s meant to have more of a fun element to it, rather than just being about pure predicting.

Only time will tell if this does become the global sensation some are expecting, but judging by the pre-launch registrations, the signs are very good.

How to get Involved

By pre-registering (which takes about 30 seconds) you will be given a bunch of free tokens right from the start and will also have the opportunity to earn a load more by sharing the app with your friends.

To download the app, just click here. 

There are absolutely no obligations with this. It’s free and should be a lot of fun.

Here’s to the next of the disrupters!


Review Update

We will be conducting a thorough review of Firefan when it is up and running and there are some different sports on it to test.

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