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Play FREE World Cup Fantasy Game – Over £30,000 in Prizes!

The 2022 World Cup kicks off on Sunday and whilst it feels a bit strange to be having a world cup in the middle of winter, there is plenty to get stuck into during the tournament. 

One of the best opportunities we’ve seen is from fantasy football platform Sorare, which we previously ran a review of here.

They are offering over £30,000 of prizes for the World Cup, including a kick-about with Zinedine Zidane!

Basically Sorare are running a special FREE competition during the World Cup – which they are calling the “Global Cup.”

To play this game you have a budget of 100 points to select 8 players for your squad.

Sign up FREE here for a chance to win

Every Matchday, you will field 5 players from your squad to compete in Sorare’s Global Cup.

That includes: 

  • One Goalkeeper
  • One Defender
  • One Midfielder
  • One Forward
  • One “extra” outfielder (Defender, Midfielder or Forward)

Before each knock-out round except for the final, you can collect 4 new players for your squad.

Each Matchday, your team’s performance will help you win amazing rewards including special edition cards, signed jerseys, and VIP football experiences.

Here is a video tutorial explaining in a nutshell how the competition will work:

You can sign up to the FREE Fantasy World Cup game here. 

List of Prizes

As we say, there are some incredible prizes on offer for this free-to-play game. Here is a rundown of the main prizes.


Overall Leaderboard

The overall leaderboard tracks performance over the whole of the World Cup, so points are accumulated each matchday to determine the overall positions.

  • 1st-5th – “Zidane experience.” The top five will each win a ticket to play a five-a-side match against footballing legend Zinedine Zidane!
  • 6th-10th – two VIP tickets each to a football match, all expenses paid.
  • Top 10 – Those finishing in the top 10 also receive a share of 17 Ethereum. At current rates that is approximately £18,000. 
  • 11th – 100th – a signed football shirt.

Weekly Rewards

​There are also rewards for each matchday, so you can win prizes for hitting good scores each week: 

  • 100,000 National Team Cards – highly collectible national team player cards.
  • 5,000 Limited Cards – You can use, trade or sell these. They could be worth anything from £1 to £1,500 each.
  • 6 Ethereum – across the top 3 managers from that week, which at current rates is worth over £6,000. 

Beat the Game

Each week, the top 10 managers who beat Sorare’s in-house score, will be drawn to win signed football shirts and other prizes.


Scoring System

Sorare’s scoring system doesn’t just include goals, assists and clean sheets like some other fantasy football games. It also tracks a range of 48 different stats, with everything from completed passes, to tackles, interceptions, aerial duals and more being scored. 

You can see the full scoring system explained here


Don’t Miss Out!

So this should be a really fun, exciting way to follow the World Cup and have a chance to win some fantastic prizes, all for FREE! 

You can sign up to play the Global Cup fantasy game here. 




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