Football Edge – New Review

We are starting a new trial today of a football service called Football Edge

It is based on a betting algorithm that identifies value in the football markets and then posts bets to members accordingly. 

They went live with the system in 2019 and the results reported on their website since then look very impressive: 

  • 2019: +£1,969
  • 2020: +£3,656
  • 2021: +£3,224
  • 2022: +£3,935
  • 2023: +£2,044

         Total: +£14,827

Each of those yearly totals is from a starting bank of £2,500 at the beginning of the year, which is reset at the end of the year. 

They say they have achieved over 120% return on investment (ROI) each year, although technically what they mean is 120% return on capital (ROC) rather than return on investment ROI.

The staking is based on the Kelly Criterion and is calculated for you on the website based on your starting bank. 

Looking at the results, some of the stakes are very hefty, with stakes at some point getting up over £350 per bet.

Most of the bets are on heavy favourites so in theory the strike rate should be high and losing streaks short, but those are still pretty big stakes. A few losses in a row could impact the bank quite considerably.

Bets are from across the European leagues and are mainly in the match odds and Asian handicap markets. Results are recorded from Betfair, which is good so hopefully it should be possible to match their official results (or close to them anyway). 

This is an intriguing service with very encouraging results so we are keen to see how it performs under live trial conditions. 

We will get things going today and will report back soon on how they are getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Football Edge for yourself here. 





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