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Football Index – Final Review

It’s very nearly three years since we started our review of football trading platform Football Index and it’s been quite a journey for them in that time. 

Just as a quick recap – Football Index is a “football stockmarket” where you can buy and sell shares (i.e. futures) in famous footballers. 

The price of the players is based on demand for them – the more people that want to buy a player, the more the price will go up. The the price is based purely on what someone is willing to pay.  You can also receive dividends based on various factors including media buzz, performance and in-play goals/assists etc.  

Football Index now boast over 500,000 users, are the shirt sponsors of both QPR and Nottingham Forest, are expanding rapidly and have some traders with portfolios valued at over £200,000.

To say it’s been a roaring success would probably be something of an understatement…and credit to the creators of Football Index for coming up with a genuinely novel and clever idea. It’s one of those ideas where you wonder – “why didn’t I think of that?”

So it’s been a great success for them, but what about the platform from the users’ point of view? 

Well from our point of view it’s also been a runaway success. We have made a profit of £2892 (not including dividends)  from an initial deposit of £1370 and as mentioned in our review updates below, it’s probably been the easiest money we’ve ever made!

You can see our portfolio here.

We barely touched our portfolio in three years (as you can see from some of the players in our portfolio who are on the brink of retirement!) and just let the money roll in and the values increase. As we say, our portfolio above doesn’t include dividends but they add up to thousands of pounds of profit on top.  

For those who have been more active, reinvested dividends, made the most of media-hyped players etc then the rewards could have been – and have been in many cases – much higher than this. 

So what about the future of Football Index? 

Well the insane growth we have seen over the last three years since we started this review appears to have slowed down, or plateaued somewhat, which was to be expected. Values could not have gone on increasing in the way they were, or people would have stopped trading. And the dividends would then not have been so good on a percentage/yield basis either.

So we have seen a degree of consolidation recently and that is a good thing. 

However, Football Index have just made some big increases to the dividends, effectively doubling them and adding new types (in-play dividends) which should fuel the growth of the platform again and frankly make some of the players exceptionally good value once more. 

So from a personal perspective we are going back in again with further funds and are really excited about the future of Football Index.

We also wanted to give a shout out to a really top notch advice service called Football Index Trader which we have only recently started using but wish we had discovered earlier! It’s got a wealth of useful advice and info, from how to approach your investing/trading on the platform, to “scouting” of players, value ratings and much more. It’s a great resource to have if you are planning to make a serious go of Football Index and we are already benefiting from its info.  

Anyway, we think it’s time to wrap up our review of Football Index and to award both the platform itself and our own results (even if we say so ourselves!) a PASSED rating. 

We hope Football Index is around for many years to come as it’s a great concept, a lot of fun and for us it’s been really profitable. We wouldn’t be surprised if they build versions of it for other sports like American football and golf as it could work very well in other arenas too. 

It does rely on enough traders being on the platform for it to work and be sustainable but with a base of over 500,000 users it seems like they have that established now and should be able to kick on from here. How big it gets and how much the values and dividends grow over the next few years only time will tell, but we for one hope it continues to grow…and so does our portfolio. 






Football Index – Live Trial Update

17th December 2019

It’s been a real boom time for our Football Index portfolio since our last update in the Summer. Since then our portfolio has grown by another £511.

That means we are now £2,706 up since starting in November 2017. 

You can see our live portfolio here.

This genuinely has been the easiest money we have ever made. We haven’t even touched our portfolio for months and it just continues to grow.

Not surprisingly given the success of Football Index we are starting to see some copycats emerge on the market, but from what we have seen so far it will be tough to break into FI’s market dominance. We’ll see how the competitors develop but for the meantime will just sit back and look forward to seeing our portfolio grow!





Football Index – Live Trial Update

9th July 2019

Our Football Index portfolio continues its unstoppable rise, adding another £38 profit since our last update back in April.  

That means we are now £2,195 up since starting out in November 2017.

You can see our live portfolio here.

Now you might think with it being the off-season not much would be happening with the Football Index, but in fact it is a very busy time with the transfer window underway and lots of signings being made triggering activity on the market as well as dividends for those in the news. 

The likes of Neymar and Pogba are obviously grabbing a lot of the headlines at the moment and hence doing well in the “buzz,” which awards dividends based on news coverage.

And of course we are only a month away from the new season kicking off so a good time to get your portfolio in order and all ready for the action to begin once again. 






Football Index – Live Trial Update

30th April 2019

The unstoppable rise of our Football Index Portfolio continues, with another £283 profit added since our last update a couple of months ago. 

That means our portfolio has now grown £2,157 since we signed up 18 months ago.

You can see our live portfolio here.

That is quite astonishing growth to have achieved and doesn’t even include dividends! Needless to say this is one of the best investments we have ever made and we can’t quite believe how easy it has been to make money when you consider how difficult normal betting is. If you haven’t joined up yet you have seriously been missing out!

Just a note to say that they recently undertook a share split, which basically meant you got 3x the number of shares in your current players, but their values were divided by 3.

The reason for doing that is because the players’ values were increasing so much people couldn’t afford to buy shares in the top players anymore, so by reducing the cost of one share it allows more people to become involved, but for existing shareholders their values remain the same.

Anyway, with the season drawing to an end soon it won’t be long before the summer transfer window opens and it will be bumper activity time on the Index.






Football Index – Live Trial Update

19th February 2019

Our Football Index portfolio continues to go from strength to strength, growing another £342 since our last update in December.

That means we are now £1875 up overall, which is quite amazing for so little work. 

You can see our live portfolio here.

We have seen advertising for Football Index on TV and at football grounds recently, which can only be good for growing the market and bringing in more investors. 

How high can Football Index go? Well it’s a “how long is a piece of string question” really, although player values could potentially be slightly constrained by the level of dividend payouts which may struggle to keep pace with the rise in values as a percentage. 

However, people might be happy to accept low dividend payments if player values keep increasing, so it remains to be seen how it all pans out. 

For the time being though the market continues to grow and those who got in at the earliest stages are now reporting monster profits of £100,000+. Happy days. 





Football Index – Live Trial Update

13th December 2018

Our Football Index Portfolio continues to perform superbly, racking up a stunning profit of £478 since our last update at the end of August.

That means we are now £1533 up overall, which is fantastic stuff. This is turning out to be one of the best investments we have ever made. 

You can see our live portfolio here.

Just a reminder that Football Index is a football stockmarket where you can buy and sell futures (like shares) in footballers and make a profit if their value increases. 

Although we have done very well with our portfolio, it is worth mentioning that the market as a whole is up 46-fold since its inception, so the overall gains of the market have been outstanding. We imagine most people who have been invested over the last year would be in profit – and we can see from Twitter that some people are in huge profit. 





Football Index – Live Trial Update

28th August 2018

Our Football Index portfolio has been absolutely flying over the last few months, with another £471 increase in value made since our last update.

That means we are now £1,055 up overall. 

You can see our live portfolio here.

Just a reminder that Football Index is a football stockmarket where you can buy and sell futures (like shares) in footballers and make a profit if their value increases. 

The World Cup saw some big increases in the values of the top players – as you would expect – with lots of media coverage and goals for players like Mbappe, Neymar and Pogba. 

The market overall has increased massively too though, with the “Footie” (the value of the top 200 players combined) having grown more than 30-fold since the inception of Football Index.





Football Index – Live Trial Update

15th April 2018

It’s been a while since we did an update on our Football Index Portfolio so high time for a summary on how things have been going.

Well the good news is that things have been going very well. Our portfolio has increased in value by £454 since our last update and is now £584 up overall.

You can see our live portfolio here.

The really big gainers have been Mo Salah, who has been performing phenomenally this season and is now worth £9.45 per share, up from £2.18 when we bought him, as well as Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi. 

So in essence it’s the biggest names in the game who have increased most in value and it’s probably those who should be targeted when selecting players. Certainly if you can predict who will be the next big star you could be on to really big things. 





Football Index – Live Trial Update

12th December 2017

It’s not been quite such serene progress for our Football Index portfolio since our last update a few weeks ago.

There has been good news and bad news to be honest.

The good news is that we have continued to collect some very nice dividends, having received another £24.25 in dividends since our last update, meaning we have made £63.39 in dividends overall.

The bad news though is that our portfolio has fallen in value by £42 since our last update, although is still up by over £129 overall.

You can see our live portfolio here.

The story has been that a lot of the big names have been falling in value and that has hit our portfolio as we had loaded up on them originally.

Players like Messi, Kane, Morata, Insigne and Dybala have all fallen in value over the last few weeks.

On the one hand it would seem strange for these players to have fallen in value given that they are some of the best players on the planet and have hardly been struggling for form.

However, what has been happening is two complementary large shifts on the Football Index platform that have greatly changed its dynamics.

Firstly, hundreds of new players being added to the Index since the start of November. These players often had very low valuations to start with, so people were snapping them up at bargain prices, probably selling some of their holdings in the big names to do so.

Secondly – and related to that – the introduction of the new performance dividends has meant that dividends are much more widely spread across a large number of players rather than just going to the big names, as they were when there were just media-related dividends.

Given this change in dynamics, it can pay to pick up players at cheap prices who perform consistently well in the performance dividends.

We have therefore started to diversify our portfolio towards some of these players, picking up the likes of Iago Aspas, Daniel Parejo, Naby Keita and Timo Werner at low prices.

We will continue this process and look to pick up more of the lower-priced players going forward, which also offers the potential for faster growth.

At the same time, we don’t want to ignore the players who have done very well for us in terms of dividends – guys called Ronaldo, Salah, Pogba and Neymar so will be looking to add more futures in them as well.

Hopefully with this approach we should continue to receive juicy dividends whilst growing our portfolio at the same time.








Football Index – Live Trial Update

17th November 2017

We have some big updates for you this week on our live Football Index portfolio.

Last time we said we wanted to turn this into a £1,000 into £10,000 Challenge – i.e. to try and grow our investment 10-fold over two years.

However, having thought about it, investing £1,000 just isn’t enough for us!

We believe this is such an awesome platform and the potential here is so great that we want to significantly up our investment.

Having crunched some numbers, we think it might actually be possible to make a full-time living from Football Index with enough money invested and the right strategy.

So we are going to aim to invest considerably more in this over the coming months. Ultimately we would like to get to £10,000 invested and stick with the original target to grow that 10-fold, which would mean turning it into £100,000.

Then for example if we can achieve dividend returns of 0.1% per day (which we have been more than managing so far), that would equate to £100 per day tax-free, a pretty comfortable passive income.

It sounds very ambitious, but as we said below, we think it is achievable based on past figures if you reinvest dividends, spread your risk across a diverse portfolio, invest for the long-term and there is stable growth in the Football Index platform generally.

So anyway, that is the plan going forward and we will gradually be adding more funds here in the coming months as we release funds from other investments. 


Portfolio Update

In terms of the portfolio itself, it’s been a fantastic week for us. Our portfolio is £171.20 in profit at the current time and we have collected £39.14 in dividends in total.

You can see our live portfolio here.

That represents £70 profit over the last week in the portfolio and £13 in dividends, so very healthy returns indeed for the week.

We have also invested an additional £500 in our portfolio, taking the total invested to just over £1,500. 

The big gainers for us this week have been Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar who have seen big growth in their values as well as landing quite a few dividend wins, as rumors of transfers swirl around both of them.

We have upped our stake in both of them, as well as adding considerably more futures in Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele, who we think are big stars of the future.

So all in all we are delighted in progress here and long may it continue.








Football Index – Live Trial Update

9th November 2017

We are one week into our trial of running our own live Football Index portfolio and we are going to turn this into a challenge with a specific target.

It is now going to be the “£1,000 to £10,000 Challenge” – so basically we are going to try to turn £1,000 into £10,000 over the course of two years by trading on the Football Index.

You can view a full summary of our live Challenge and our approach to it in the video below:

As we say in the video, although it sounds like a very ambitious target, we believe this is very achievable if you take into account the previous overall gains of the Index and add in the newly enhanced dividends, which we will be reinvesting as we accrue them.

So we have taken our investment in the Football Index from £500 to £1,000 over the last week and now have a solid base to start from to shoot for the stars.

You can see our live portfolio here.

We have improved the portfolio to include dividends received by day, which you can see in the second tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet (named “dividends”), as well as the total dividends each player in our portfolio has received, which you can see on the main spreadsheet page.

In terms of the progress of the portfolio over the last week, we have received some nice regular dividends almost daily, which as we say is a key aim of ours.

Plus have seen good rises in a number of our players – most notably Mo Salah (up from £1.87 to £2.37 per future) Harry Winks (up from £1.20 to £1.62 per future) and Kylian Mbappe (up from £3.42 to £3.77 per future).

So a nice solid start to our Challenge and we are already over £100 up, although most of that is due to gains in Paulo Dybala who we bought a few months ago for £1.74 and is now worth £5.16.

We will aim to update this page each week with progress on our Football Index portfolio and any additions made to it.







Football Index – Live Trial

2nd November 2017

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Football Index is a football stockmarket where you can buy and sell shares in famous footballers like you would shares in a company.

It’s an ingenuous idea and one of those things you ask yourself “damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

Anyway, credit to the people who did think of it and have got it up and running.

We have done a detailed look at how it works on this page, but basically here is a short summary:

  • – You buy “futures” (shares) in footballers based on whether you think their price is likely to go up or down
  • – The price of the players is based on demand for them – the more people that want to buy a player, the more the price will go up. The players do not get points for performance like in fantasy football, the price is based purely on what someone is willing to pay
  • – There are players from all over world football – so you can buy shares in Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar, Kane and all your other favourite players
  • – You can receive dividends based on two factors – the “Daily Buzz,” which is the player who gets the most media coverage over a 24 hour period; and performance dividends based on Opta stats – so the best defender, midfielder, forward and overall performer receive a dividend.
  • – You can start playing for just a £10 deposit and buy shares for under £1.

So that’s a basic summary.

What we are going to do is run our own LIVE portfolio and see how it gets on.

You can see our portfolio here.

The good news is that we had a little go at this earlier in the year and bought 22 futures in Paulo Dybala at £1.57 and he is now priced at £5.30 per future, so we are well up there, plus we have received a few dividends from him.

Annoyingly though we also sold futures in Kylian Mbappe at £2.89 and he is now worth £3.40, so we missed out there. 

Overall though we have invested £500 in Football Index and our current balance is £618.47, so we are  £118.47 in profit which is a nice start.

We made a load of new purchases yesterday and fortunately they did very well, particularly Dele Alli with 2 goals and Salah also scoring, who both earned dividends as well seeing their prices increase.

The idea will be to see how portfolio gets on over the course of a year and how much we can grow it.

We will update things here regularly on how our trial of Football Index is getting on.







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    Hi a bit cheeky i know but could you maybe put the date of the investments so i could possible follow along. I will have missed out on a few but the newer ones some members could jump on board

    • Dan
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      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your interest. All of the investments were made some time ago, i.e. over a year ago, so we are following a “buy and hold” strategy rather than trading as fees are quite high for trading.

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