Global Soccer Goals – Final Review

Here are the final results of our three month trial of Global Soccer Goals:


Profit/loss: -51 pts
Strike rate: 48%
Bank growth: -15%
Cost: £69.97
ROI: -14%
Average number of bets:  4 per day


You can view full results here.


Full Review

We’ve come to the end of our three month trial of Global Soccer Goals and unfortunately the trial has ended in a 50 point loss.

The system is based on backing set selections if a match satisfies certain criteria. It can be used across all leagues around the world and during the Summer.

I chose to use it on the seven main European leagues of England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Portugal. If you had used different or additional leagues then obviously you would have achieved different results to me.

I am always sceptical that a blanket approach like this can work across any league and team. Essentially the system is saying that the bookies are systematically pricing certain types of matches wrongly, day in, day out across all leagues around the world. Surely if that was the case then the market would just adjust?

I could see a system like this potentially working if you focused on certain terms who have a particular way of playing, although even then I would wonder if the market has that covered as well.

But certainly such a broad approach as this doesn’t seem to take account of the fact that a team like Barcelona, for instance, plays a very different way from a team like Juventus and therefore has different kinds of results.

I would need to see a good few seasons worth of statistics to convince me that the bookies were systematically pricing up these kinds of matches wrongly. Unless that is produced and on the basis of the trial’s results, I remain sceptical that this system can work long-term.

Ease of use: Usually takes around 5 minutes a day for find selections and another few minutes to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Good, prices are widely available and Betfair can also be used to place the bets.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 48%, which is a bit below the 56% stated in the system ebook.

Advised Betting Bank: A 50 point bank per league is advised, which should be more than ample to cover losing runs. I operated the system across 7 leagues so had a 350 point bank, which was never in danger of being lost.

Cost: The system is available for a one-off payment of £69.97.


Unfortunately Global Soccer Goals has failed to live up to expectations during our trial and with a 51 point loss has to go into the failed category. 

You can get Global Soccer Goals here


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