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Goal Line Bet Explained

The goal line bet is a simple and popular way of betting on a match and most online sites include it in their options nowadays. Essentially, it means you can gamble on the number of goals that are likely to be scored in a football match without having to decide who wins or loses.

It’s also known as over and under or totals betting and can be applied to practically any sport. For example, the number of runs scored in a cricket match or a golfer achieving over or under par.

You are not betting on the result of a match like Manchester United against Liverpool but the number of goals that are likely to be scored in total. The standard for most betting companies is under or over 2.5 goals which might seem a little odd – after all, there’s no chance of someone scoring half a goal. Basically, what you are betting on here is that the match will either produce 2 goals or less or 3 goals or more.

Setting the goal line bet at this level for bookmakers is not purely a mathematical exercise – it’s where they can offer decent odds that people are likely to bet on as well as achieve a good return for their business.


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While the majority of betting companies work on a goal line bet of 2.5, there are other options if you look around.

A goal line bet of 0.5 means you are betting on there being no goals or one or more. 1.5 means you’re looking for either just one goal or more than two. You can even get over under bets up to 3.5. The odds will change depending on which option you choose.

More people than not tend to bet on over goals rather than under but there seems to be no benefit or strategic reason for doing this. All of these are termed half ball bets but you can now also find full ball bets such as above or below 2 or 3. There’s a difference here because many betters will choose the exact number of goals scored. In this case, most betting companies use this as an opportunity to return the money to their punters as an added marketing benefit.

If you have a bet on a West Ham vs Sunderland game and bet over 3.0, then there are a number of probable outcomes. If the score ends at 2 all, for example, you win, if it’s 1-1 then you lose and if it’s 2-1 you get your wager back. This is quite psychologically appealing for some betters because of the additional chance to break even.

The more complicated option is quarter ball betting. This might be something like 2.75 over or under and you may well get slightly better odds than with other goal line bets. This also gives you the option to get a refund which can make it a more popular choice.

If you’re thinking of trying your hand at goal line betting, then you might like to take a closer look at the statistics relating to it.

  Just over half of premier league games end over 2.5 and the number of goals seems to have increased in recent years.

  Indeed, a third of games end with more goals than 3.5, though if the game is between teams in the top six this is less likely, possibly because there is a lot more at stake.

  While the premier league is pretty high scoring, the same can’t be said for other countries – head to France and the number of matches having 2.5 or more drops to under 45%.


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