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Ladbrokes Goal Crazy – Explained

Ladbrokes offer a wide range of football coupons where they welcome you to make specific types of bets on multiple teams. The games are pre-selected by Ladbrokes. One of the more popular of these coupons is Goal Crazy. Essentially this provides the opportunity to place multiple bets and accumulators on whether or not both teams will score.

The coupon lists the games selected by Ladbrokes in the left hand column and includes useful information such as when the match is scheduled to be played and time of kick off. The next two columns are simply headed Yes and No, with the coupon header being “Will Both Teams Score?”, so it is clear what you are betting on. The coupon includes around 80 different matches from various UK other national leagues listed alphabetically so it’s easy to find any particular match.

The odds are given in each tick box in each column. For instance the odds in the Yes box might be 5/4 and the odds in the No box might be 8/13. It is up to you to consider whether either of these is a good bet, and tick the appropriate box. If you change your mind, then simply click on the box again and the selection will be removed. Your selected bet is shown in the far right hand column where you can add your stake and click a box to indicate whether or not you want to include the selection in the multiples option.


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You can select as many bets as you wish and as you do so you will see the various multiple bet options that are available to you in the far right hand column assuming that you have ticked the various “include in multiples” boxes. So, if you have made two selections, your multiples option will offer you the chance to make a doubles bet along with the odds offered on that bet. Similarly, if you make three selections you will be offered doubles x 3; trebles x 1; Trixie x 4; and a patent x 7. As you further increase your selections you will see accumulator options such as Heinz x 57, lucky 63, goliath x 247 and so forth.

FC BarcelonaBetting on Goal Crazy is very different from betting on which team will win. You simply have to consider whether or not you think both teams will score at least one goal of whether they won’t. If you bet No and one team scores but the other doesn’t, then you will still win your bet. But if you bet Yes, then with the same result you will lose the bet. Clearly your selections should be based on previous form in terms of goal scoring ability.


What is really fun with the Goal crazy coupon is the chance to play around easily with a wide range of accumulators. While all the standard accumulators are included, it is easy to bet on many of the more sophisticated options like those already mentioned. As each accumulator is described on the coupon you can see exactly what you are betting on. For instance if you make eight selections you will be given the chance to bet on a Goliath which is described as 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds and an eightfold accumulator.

Ladbrokes Goal Crazy is an easy and fun way to bet. It is intuitive and you will never lose track of exactly what you are doing. The chance to easily select multiples really enhances the entertainment while giving you rapid access to potentially lucrative bets. Just be careful not to bet more than you can afford, it can get a little tempting to do so.


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