What Makes a Great Sports Betting Website?


If you speak to different punters, each will have their favourite sportsbook. Even if they regularly use several bookmakers to place their bets, most bettors have a go-to site where they feel most at home. But what is it that draws one punter to one bookmaker and one to another?

Look & Feel

One of the major deciding factors in choosing a favourite website is the look and feel. While this has little impact on the actual functionality and range of services on offer, it is still important. People like things that are pleasing to their eye, although this is very subjective and varies from person to person. Online sports betting sites spend a lot of time and money developing websites that keep visitors on the page. As well as looking great, they also have to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users can soon leave a page if they can’t find what they are looking for intuitively.


Like a well-drilled Premier League team, a good sports betting website also needs to perform. That means fast loading times, a smooth interface and no crashing. Any bettor wants to be sure that they can place a bet in an instant without getting an error message that could make them miss out on an in-play opportunity. Many sites use specialist sportsbook software that serves many platforms but has bespoke features for each brand, while others use their own in-house systems.


A site that looks and performs well must also deliver on choice. If you only bet on major sporting events and popular options such as the UEFA Champions League or the EFL Championship football markets, you may not even notice what else is on offer. But if you like to bet on more specialist sports, events and markets, you will notice that your choice will be narrowed significantly.

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One thing every seasoned bettor looks for is value. No matter how great a website looks and how well it performs, the shrewdest bettors will always seek out the best odds to maximise their returns and minimise losses, even if it means switching from their usual site of choice.  Finding good value is the cornerstone of any good betting strategy.


Having said that, if a website has a bad reputation for safety, security or customer service, most sensible bettors will go with a trusted brand, even if it means getting slightly reduced odds. Any bettor wants to be sure that their money and information is safe, and that any issues they have will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

The holy grail for any bettor is finding a sportsbook that can fulfil all their requirements but the reality is that most punters will need to sign up to more than one account to get the best overall wagering experience. That’s why it’s good to read the latest reviews and draw a shortlist of bookies that tick as many boxes as possible.




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