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Half Time – Full Time Bet – Explained

With a Half Time/Full Time Bet (also referred to as “HT/FT”) you must decide what you think the match situation will be at both half time and full time.

That means you have to predict who will be winning at half-time and you must also predict the final result of the game in terms of a draw, home win or away win.

This makes for an interesting betting market, and in recent times, its popularity has seen a significant increase.

Essentially, it involves placing a dual wager, where you are predicting two separate outcomes together. 

It’s important to note that for the bet to be considered a success, both of your predictions must be accurate; any error in either one will result in the loss of your bet.

To clarify the above, possible half time/full time bets are:

  • Home/Home
  • Home/Draw
  • Home/Away
  • Draw/Home
  • Draw /Draw
  • Draw /Away
  • Away/Home
  • Away /Draw
  • Away /Away

Although half time/full time bets are a widely favored football betting strategy, they can also be applied to various other sports with a two-part structure, such as rugby, American football, and basketball.

In sports that are divided into a different number of segments, the regulations tend to vary, and not all bookmakers offer support for these kinds of bets.

Take ice hockey, for example, where the game is divided into three periods, allowing for the option of placing triple bets on a single match.


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The primary benefit of half time / full time bets lies in the elevated odds associated with this dual outcome.

Typically, the most favorable odds are found in bets that anticipate one team leading at half time and the other team securing victory at full time.

It’s relatively easy to come across odds ranging from 20/1 to 30/1, and in many cases, even more remarkable odds in the range of 40/1 to 100/1 are readily available.

Occasionally, you may even encounter odds of 200/1 or higher being offered.


Example of a Half-Time/Full-Time Bet

Okay let’s take a look at an example of a half-time/full-time bet. 

This concerns the match between Chelsea and Arsenal in the Premier League. 

This market from Betfair shows all the different HT/FT permutations for the match.

Quite simply, the first part is the result at half-time and the second part is the result at full-time.

So betting “Draw/Chelsea” means you think the match will be drawing at half-time and Chelsea will go on to win the match at full-time. 

That can be backed at a current price of 8.6.

The most likely outcome is currently seen as Arsenal winning both at half-time and full-time – the “Arsenal/Arsenal” option at the bottom at a price of 3.95.

That the lowest price is nearly 3/1 demonstrates that this is a difficult market to predict correctly. 

In the end the result was Chelsea/Draw, which was available at odds of 17 before the match.


How to Bet on the Half-Time/Full-Time Market

When thinking about the Half-Time/Full-Time market, it is worth looking at some stats to aid in your betting strategies. 

Most of the time, the odds for the HT/FT market are derived from the match odds. 

So if a team is strongly fancied in the match odds, they will be fancied in the HT/FT market as well.

However, looking at some stats to understand teams and matches in more detail can give us an edge over other bettors.

Here you can see from the Premier League half-time table (from website for example that Brighton had a very high number of games drawing at half-time, with 20 such matches over the course of the season.

Brighton were a strong side that season, finishing sixth and converting a lot of those half-time draws into wins. 

The odds of a Draw/Win result can be quite high – usually above 5.0 and often above 7.0 – so these would have been value trades on Brighton that season.

It can also be worth paying attention to a team’s playing style. Some teams tend to start slowly and be quite defensive, before opening up in the second half and becoming more attacking. Those teams can be good for the Draw/Win bet.

Other sides tend to hit the ground running and go on the attack early. Jurgen Klopp’s early Liverpool sides were a classic example of this, starting games very strongly in the first 20 minutes and trying to blow teams away. 

They would have been good win/win bets on the HT/FT market.

The key to this market then is to look at stats and identify sides’ playing styles to get a sense of how a game is likely to unfold, which may not be reflected in the odds as they tend to be built out of the match odds.


When to choose half time full time bets

If you’re looking to place exciting football bets with very high odds but low statistical probability of success, your choice would be games with significant disparities.

Typically, you’d bet on the underdog trailing in the first half and then winning in the second half. In such cases, you might find odds as high as 200/1 or even more.

While this type of bet can be thrilling, it’s unlikely to be the foundation of a sound football betting strategy.

For more realistic bets that offer better odds than simple match outcomes, your preference should be for one-sided games.

Take, for instance, a match like Chelsea versus Sunderland. Betting solely on Chelsea to win would probably yield odds no better than around 1/7, which is a rather unimpressive return.

However, if you opt for a half-time full-time bet with Chelsea leading at both the half and full-time, you could secure odds of 4/7 or even higher.

If you believe it might end in a draw/win, the odds could range between 2/1 and 3/1.

As you can see, this style of betting is highly adaptable and is definitely something worth considering as you develop your betting strategy.

It’s straightforward, offers a great deal of excitement, and has the potential for significant earnings.


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Conclusion – the HT/FT Betting Markets

The Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT) betting market is an intriguing and popular approach to sports betting, particularly in football.

This strategy requires predicting both the half-time and full-time outcomes of a match, offering a wide range of possibilities for bettors.

With options like “Home/Home,” “Draw/Away,” and “Away/Draw,” it presents a dual wagering opportunity that can yield substantial returns.

One of the primary advantages of HT/FT betting is the enticing odds associated with it.

Bettors can find odds ranging from 20/1 to 100/1 or even higher, especially when anticipating a team to lead at halftime and secure victory at full time. These odds, while challenging to predict correctly, offer the potential for significant earnings.

To make informed HT/FT bets, it’s essential to consider team statistics and playing styles. Some teams tend to draw at halftime but win in the end, making “Draw/Win” bets valuable. Others start aggressively, making “Win/Win” bets appealing. The key is identifying these trends, which may not always align with the match odds.

As you develop your betting strategy, consider incorporating this approach, but remember that it should complement a broader strategy that considers various betting options and factors to increase your chances of success.




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