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Half Time – Full Time Bet – Explained

With a Half Time / Full Time Bet you must decide what you think will the match situation at the half time point, for instance will the home team be ahead on goals, with the away team be in the lead, or will it be a tie. You must also predict the final result of the game in terms of a draw, home win or away win.

This can often be a particularly interesting betting strategy and in recent years it has grown substantially in popularity. Effectively it is a double bet in which your profit and stake for the first leg of the bet, the half time result, is staked on the second leg, the final result. Of course, for the bet to be successful you must get both your predictions right; if either is wrong then your bet loses.

To clarify the above, possible half time / full time bets are:

  • Home/Home
  • Home/Draw
  • Home/Away
  • Draw/Home
  • Draw /Draw
  • Draw /Away
  • Away/Home
  • Away /Draw
  • Away /Away

While half time / full time bets is a particularly popular football betting strategy, it can be used in most sports that are divided into two sectors, for instance rugby, American football, and basketball. For sports that are split into a different number of sectors, the rules are somewhat different and are not supported by all bookmakers. For instance, in ice hockey the match is divided into three sectors providing the possibility of placing triple bets on a single game.


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The main advantage of half time / full time bets is the high odds associated with the double. Generally the best odds available are on bets that predict one side leading at half time plus the other side winning the match at full time. It isn’t at all difficult to find odds of between 20/1 and 30/1 and you can often find much higher odds of between 40/1 and 100/1 and odds of 200/1 and higher occasionally are offered.

When to choose half time full time bets

Wayne RooneyIf you want to place some fun football bets at exceptionally high odds but with a small statistical chance of winning, then clearly you will opt for games that are particularly unequal and typically bet on the underdog to be behind in the first half and win the game in the second half. This is where it is possible to find odds as high as 200/1 or even higher. While this is a fun bet, it is unlikely to form the basis of your football betting strategy.

If you want to make realistic bets on predictable outcomes that will provide you with better odds than betting simply on the outcome, then you should choose one sided games.

A typical example is Chelsea versus Sunderland. If you were to simply bet on Chelsea to win, you would be unlikely to find odds better than around 1/7; a particularly poor return. But if you chose a half time full time bet with Chelsea also winning at half time as well as winning the match, you should be able to get odds of 4/7 or even better. If you thought that it would be draw / win, you could stretch those odds to maybe between 2/1 and 3/1.

As you can see, this kind of betting is highly flexible and something you should certainly consider while developing your betting strategy. It is easy to understand, it provides a great deal of entertainment, and it can be highly lucrative.


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