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Match Result and Both Teams to Score Bet Explained

The match result and both teams to score football betting market (sometimes called Win & BTTS) has gained popularity over recent years with punters being attracted by the high odds and the potential to achieve substantial profits. Essentially the bet is equivalent to an accumulator, so you can leverage the odds in two markets in a single bet. 

The bet itself is exactly what it says on the tin. To win both teams must score at least one goal, and your chosen home or away team must win. A score draw will not win the bet. So, let’s take a look at how this kind of bet can deliver attractive odds.

Consider for example the League 1 game Bradford versus Millwall. Taking a snap shot of the betting markets, typical odds on both teams scoring might be 30/29 or alternatively you could lay the bet, in other words bet that both teams won’t score, with odds of around 5/6. Essentially the odds are evens.


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Now look at the odds offered on the match result market for the same game. Typical odds are 24/13 on a Bradford win, 7/4 on Millwall, and 9/4 on a draw.

Typical odds offered on match result and both teams to score for the same Bradford versus Millwall game are 11/2 on a Bradford win, 11/2 on Millwall, and 39/10 on a draw.

Bradford City v Millwall in League One

Bradford City v Millwall in League One.

Thus, by betting on match result and both teams to score, you have leverage the odds of 24/13 on Bradford to 11/2, a massive improvement. Naturally you are increasing your risk of losing the bet, but you are also increasing your potential winnings enormously.

Let’s see how this works out in terms of cash. You intend to stake £2.00 on the match. You decide to bet £1.00 on Bradford winning and £1.00 on both teams to score. Your friend, a fellow Bradford supporter, also thinks that Bradford will win and both teams will score, but rather than placing individual bets, he decides to place a single match result and both teams to score bet. The table shows potential results. The figures have been rounded to make it easier to compare.


Your profit or loss:

Both teams score                        Win £1.00

Both teams don’t score             Lose £1.00

Bradford wins                             Win £2.00

Bradford loses                            Lose £1.00

The game is a draw                   Lose £1.00

So, if you achieve your desired results, that is a Bradford win and both teams score, you win £3.00. As you get your stake back you walk away with £5.00. However, if Bradford wins yet both teams don’t score you walk away with £3.00, and if Bradford doesn’t win yet both teams score, you walk away with £2.00, in other words you break even.


Your friend’s profit and loss

Bradford win and both teams score        Win £5.50

Any other result                                           Lose £2.00

Your friend will either win £5.50, walking away with a total of £7.00, or he will lose £2.00. He doesn’t enjoy the same hedge as you do, so if half is prediction is correct and the other half is incorrect, he loses. But, by increasing his risk of a loss he does stand to win significantly more.


Should you choose a match result and both teams to score bet?

As you can see from our example, it all depends on your attitude to risk. If you are happy to increase your risk level, then this is an exciting betting market, but if you want to play safe you might be better sticking to simple bets. However, many football betters prefer a little more risk in order to enjoy higher profits.


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