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Irish Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing Suspended

Well the inevitable has happened…yes Irish horse racing has been suspended until (at least) 19th April and UK greyhound has been suspended for the time being. 

Given the current situation around Covid-19 it is no surprise this action has been taken and it was only a matter of time really. Clearly public health must come first and given the government’s announcements regarding gatherings etc it would not really be feasible to hold sporting events in such circumstances. The priority is on slowing the spread of the virus and every industry and sector has to do their bit. 

It is really anyone’s guess when these and other sporting events might get going again, but it looks unlikely we will see action recommence on 19th April in Ireland – or anywhere else for that matter. It leaves very little to bet on in the meantime and understandably people have much greater worries at the moment. 

There have been reports however from bookmakers of much greater online casino activity as people look for other forms of betting activity away from sport. If you are tempted to go down that route we would recommend using a matched betting service like Profit Maximiser or Profit Accumulator to take advantage of offers and bonuses rather than just risking funds outright without any edge or bonus. 

During this hiatus we will be bringing all our reviews up to date and starting to look at some non-sports services, whilst at the same time looking at how you can avoid falling victim to any coronavirus-related scams. 

Otherwise it’s only left for us to say we hope you and your family are staying well and safe in these difficult times. 





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