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UK Racing Suspended Until End of April

Well the inevitable has finally happened – yes the BHA have today confirmed that British racing will be called off until the end of April.

They had been holding race meetings this week behind closed doors but it seems the risks of still having staff, jockeys, trainers etc all coming together and not being able to guarantee emergency services would be in attendance at the meetings have meant even holding racing behind closed doors is not an option.  

Irish racing is still due to go ahead behind closed doors but it seems unlikely that will continue to be the case for much longer.

So we will have to wait until 1st May for any more British racing action, but to be honest we think it would be quite a surprise if they did recommence at the start of May. It’s difficult to speculate at this stage but given governments are talking about keeping things locked down for at least a few months, it might be more plausible to look at a restart later in the summer. 

Anyway, no-one knows at this stage so we just have to accept the inevitable and put up with no racing for a while. And of course no football, golf, tennis, cricket or pretty much any other sport either! Obviously this is a very serious situation and people’s health comes first so everyone has to manage as best they can, but if there is a long suspension of sports then it would put a lot of people’s livelihoods at stake. It’s a very tough situation all round. 

The suspension of UK racing was followed this afternoon by the cancellation by UEFA of Euro 2020, which is now scheduled to be held in 2021. This makes sense and gives the authorities a chance to finish the domestic leagues.

With just nine games left to play for most clubs in the Premier League for example, if they played two games a week (one midweek and one at weekends) they could get the season finished in just over a month, so June/July is a possible option for this. Once again though it’s a question of wait and see…

For Honest Betting Reviews during this hiatus it gives us a chance to get all our reviews up to date and to take a look at non-sports related systems, so watch this space for more news on those. 

In the meantime we can only wish you and your loved ones well during these tough times.  





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