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Sunday 22nd 11.00 Rugby England vs Tonga

The Rugby World Cup has just got under way and it’s a great opportunity to make some profit. Even if you don’t like/watch or know anything about Rugby this will be something you have never seen before. Phil the team’s Head Rugby Trader took over £100,000.00 from the bookies in under 12 months. He uses his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the game to beat the markets and find value, he somehow predicts what is going to happen long before the bookies react and that is how he finds the value. I wouldn’t hesitate to say he is the best Rugby Trader I have ever seen.

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Thursday 26th 19.30 Football Torino vs AC Milan

Kevin the Head Football Trader is the author and publisher of many unique trading strategies. He has been trading since the Betfair Exchange was launched and in that time has blown more banks than he cares to mention. He has been through the pain it takes to learn to trade and is now without doubt in the top 1% of traders in the UK.

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These Webinars are totally FREE and open to anyone – hope to see you there!





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