Laysonthefootball – Final Review

We are going to wrap up this review as there have been no tips since 2nd October so it looks like this service has been discontinued. 

The tips had been getting less frequent, although we were still getting some sales emails from them – which is never a good sign!

The service wasn’t going great guns anyway, sitting 4 points down for our trial. 

So it’s another one in the FAILED/DEFUNCT pile unfortunately. Seem to have been quite a lot of them lately…but thankfully there have been some good ones too to balance it out.

Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say!  






Laysonthefootball – Results Update

9th October 2021

Laysonthefootball has gone very quiet lately, with just four bets issued since our last update. There has been no change in their overall position, with a break-even return posted over the last month.

That means they are still 4 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

If things don’t pick up soon we will probably wrap up this review shortly as they seem to have lost interest in tipping but are still sending out spam emails about other betting services.  





Laysonthefootball – Results Update

7th September 2021

It’s been a better time for Laysonthefootball lately, with a profit of 7 points made since our last update.

However, they are still 4 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

There have been some slightly strange goings-on at the service recently. They had been sending an e-mail each day to provide the tips or report that there were no bets.

Then there was a period of no emails for a while, but they said “Sometimes I don’t send out an e-mail, but the page is still updated daily with the bet.” 

It would have been preferable to let members know beforehand they might not be sending out emails but could be updating the tips page, but anyway we won’t dwell on that and hopefully things will settle down now into a more stable routine. 





Laysonthefootball – Results Update

6th August 2021

It’s not been a great start to our trial of Laysonthefootball, with a loss of 11 points made so far after three weeks. 

You can view full results here.

We have attempted to record the available odds where we can, and there have been some quite big price fluctuations from the advised odds. That’s not unusual of course, as the odds can fluctuate quite a bit on the football markets in the hours before kick off. 

Just a reminder that this is a simple tipping service with one or two lays bets per day on the footy. The main markets used are match odds and over/under goals.

In any event, as we say not the best start here but it’s still very early days and plenty of time to get back on track. 




Laysonthefootball – New Review

16th July 2021

We are starting a new trial today of a football betting service called Laysonthefootball.

This is a service that lays in a variety of soccer markets on Betfair including match odds, first half goals, over/under 2.5 goals, half time result and more. 

It claims to have made £1038 profit in two months from 71 bets using £25 lay stakes. 

There isn’t much information about what the strategy is or how they go about finding the bets, but there are some screenshots from Betfair of their bets which show the results. 

Of course these things aren’t always genuine and it’s a small sample size so we shouldn’t be getting carried away. 

The sales page talks about previously being a “mug punter” whereas now they are acting like a bookmaker by placing lay bets.

That’s all pretty obvious to regular bettors but for those new to betting it provides some background to how lay betting works.

In any event, it looks interesting enough to test out so we will set up a review and report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Laysonthefootball for yourself here.




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