League of Legends Worlds 2023 Predictions: Potential Winners

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With the end of the Knockout Stage, the Worlds 2023 League of Legends championship can finally, truly begin.

We have a total of eight teams who have fought hard and secured their place in the competition. A few of the teams were able to get early spots in the competition thanks to their heavy endorsements.

Others have had to fight hard from the very beginning. Every battle has led them to this. The real competition is about to get underway, so we have decided to look at these teams more closely.

Which one has the true potential to be the next League of Legends World Champion?

Upcoming Schedule

We can tell you the upcoming Worlds schedule so you know what to expect these weeks. The first match-up will be in just a few days. 

Matchups Date
Quarterfinals November 2nd – 5th 
Semifinals November 11th – 12th 
Grand Final  November 19th 

This year’s League of Legends Worlds Championship will be held in South Korea. This will also be the 13th edition of the annual Riots tournament.

The tournament has undergone significant changes these past years to accommodate new game modes. In light of the pandemic, recent safety precautions and procedures have also been implemented. 


Quaterfinal Predictions

Let us first start off with the general feel of the quarterfinal matches. These will be the upcoming fights for the eight teams competing: 

  • GEN vs BLG – Gen.G and BilliBilli Gaming have both shown to be strong contenders. Both have proven just how tough they can get in the thick of it. So long as they stay consistent, the predictions go towards GEN. They have a more dominant approach that could overwhelm BLG.
  • NRG vs WBG – NRG, so far, have the best possibility out of the two. Both teams have struggled in the early stages of the competition. NRG has the best chance of showing us something new, which could earn them a win and a place in the semi-finals.
  • JDA vs KT – JD have proven their strength time and time again. KT has succeeded expectations so far, but JDA has proven to be the best of the two. It’s only a matter of time before they demolish KT in their match.
  • LNG vs T1 – This match-up could be the most unpredictable yet. Both teams have had an amazing career. However, T1 has shown to improve themselves in every match constantly. Every opponent they have faced has been tough. If anyone has a better chance, it would be T1.

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Team Info

Now that we’ve looked at the upcoming matches, here is some general info on teams you will be seeing duking it out in the realms of Runeterra. 

JD Gaming

This team has become a fan-favourite in the current Worlds 2023 tournament. This team has made accomplishments faster than any other team in the contest. Their achievements have certainly earned them a place here.

After securing many titles and three clean matches, it makes sense their popularity has grown. Their consistency and ability to remain dominant in the field is not only what makes them winners but an unstoppable force. 

LNG Esports

LNG has had some easy matches in the early stages. They have been able to fight pretty well, all things considered. Their matches against Fnatic and Cloud9 have been able to showcase their skills regardless of difficulty.

What people are most excited about is their match against JDG. If there is any team that can stand a chance against the unstoppable JD Gaming, it will be LNG. If they can succeed in giving them a run for their money, they will have already surpassed expectations. 

Weibo Gaming

If there was any team that is the opposite of consistency, it would be Weibo Gaming. Sometimes they can be untouchable.

An impressive opponent that can take on any possibility. Other times, they can perform so badly that any rising team could take them on. This can make them unpredictable, so it may prove risky to bet on them. 

Bilibili Gaming

BLG were strong contenders early on. However, they seem to be slipping in their recent matches. Their evolution seems to be going backwards, making more mistakes as the games continue. They could prove to be an equal match for the likes of T1, but if these mistakes continue, it’s not looking good. 


GEN are nothing short of competence. Every member of the team is always up to par with the strongest players out there. Besides being impressive, there is nothing else to really say. They perform well, have sold strategies, and that’s it. If they can keep it up all the way to the finals, they may finally have something interesting in their history. 


T1 has always been an unpredictable powerhouse. Back in the spring contest, they finished second. During the MSI, they finished third. Every contest brings them so close yet so far. It will be up to them to push themselves even further to take home the championship. Their victory can only be secured if they can surpass what they were initially capable of. Let us hope they don’t give in to desperation when push comes to shove. 

KT Rolster

KT have had a few cards against them in their rise to the top. Whilst a team like LNG have made do with a simple schedule, KT has had to face setback after setback. Even against the odds, KT has still been able to push through and prove they deserve to be here. The only way they will quit is if the game itself shuts down completely. Such perseverance is commendable and has earned them the title of a “true underdog”. 


NRG is the only team from North America that has made it to the Knockout Stage. This is one team that nobody predicted would have made it this far. Every other team has underestimated them, and it’s always been their undoing. What makes them more impressive is that most of the team are amateur players. If they can succeed where others have fallen, this will make them the most praised Western team in League of Legends history.

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Place Your Bets

Now that you have looked at each team, it’s time to place your bets. You can sign up for an online sports booking site to view the Knockout Stage matches coming in the next few weeks. You can choose to make bets just before the match or days in advance. Be sure to look at the ever-changing odds as the matches progresses. We have many unpredictable teams competing this year. Some of them may not only surprise you but offer rewards you never expected.





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