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Live NFL Trading – Get Your Free Trial

Superbowl LV kicks off in the early hours of tomorrow morning with reigning champions the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Houston Texans. 

We have a professional trader lined up to provide live in-play trades throughout the NFL Season and he is offering a completely FREE 7-day trial, no payment details required.

This is a trader we proofed previously and in just 10 matches he made over £1,000 profit. Here are his results from our previous proofing period:-

Date Game Profit/Loss Total
16th Dec Patriots vs Steelers £250.00 250
22nd Dec Washington Redskins vs Tennessee Titans £107.13 357.13
23rd Dec New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers £247.84 604.97
30th Dec Chicago vs Minnesota £186.00 790.97
5th Jan Texans vs Colts -£120.00 670.97
5th Jan Dallas vs Seahawks £42.00 712.97
6th Jan Bears vs Eagles £90.00 802.97
20th Jan Rams vs Saints £80.00 882.97
20th Jan New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs £207.69 1090.66
3rd Feb Superbowl -£85 1005.66

That was in just 10 matches so you can imagine the kind of profits that could be made across a whole season.

We were highly impressed by the trader’s exceptional knowledge of NFL and their in-play trading skills and we have to say we are super-excited about this new season and we will be following this with our own money. 

The in-play trades will be provided by the Telegram app (which in case you haven’t used it before is a lot like Whatsapp). The trader posts a screenshot of the trade he has just taken, normally together with a short commentary. 

You then just copy what he has done – you don’t even need to know anything about NFL – we certainly don’t but still made a great profit from following the trades last time! 

There will also be pre-match tips to add to the mix and hopefully generate some additional profits. 

As we say there’s a completely FREE trial for the first 7 days – no payment details required.

So you can check out the service, see what it’s all about and the potential of it.

If you are interested please just pop us an e-mail at saying you are interested in the Live NFL Trading and we will provide sign-up details. 




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